Today is Cyber Monday! It’s a less known cousin of Black Friday but the discounts being offered toady are sometimes even higher than those offered on fourth Friday of November. Here are the best Cyber Monday deals* for Apple TV users.

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Apple TV 3rd Generation (Current Version) – ($99 $89)


Get it for just $89!

TotalMount – APPLE TV Mounting Shelf (Newest Design) ($29.99 $16.95)

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  • Universal mounting shelf for Apple TV
  • Easy to attach – no tools necessary
  • Eliminates the need to tunnel an HDMI cable through your wall
  • Ideal for wall-mounted televisions (Requires at least 2.5 inches of clearance behind the TV in the mounting area)

Get it for just $16.95!

OLLO Shelf Mount for Apple TV ($39.99 $19.99)



Get it for just $19.99!

Jelly Comb Novel Silicone Universal Mount Holder for Apple TV ($9.99 $5.99)


  • Non toxic silicone with novel fashion design fit for your home and office application
  • Easiest mount to fix your apple TV;
  • No screw needed; stick and done; stick tv mount to flat surface and leave it for a few hours without putting on the Apple TV, this ensures the mount to stick better
  • Silicone shell provides anti-shock protection;
  • Organize and declutter your desktop (TV desk).

Get it for just $5.95!

TotalMount – Apple TV Remote Holder ($14.95 $9.19)


  • Avoid losing your Apple TV’s remote control
  • Attaches to the side or back of your TV with quality adhesive
  • Keep your Apple TV remote ready for action with our handy REMOTE HOLDER
  • Apple remote control not included

Get it for just $9.19!

Apple Remote ($49.99 $24.99)


  • Apple Remote with iPod and iPhone: If you connect your device to the Universal Dock or a compatible home stereo, powered speakers, or TV set with an IR port, the remote lets you experience your songs, slideshows and more from across the room.
  • Apple Remote with Mac: Control audio volume, play, pause, and control music and videos, or even put your Mac to sleep from anywhere in the room.
  • The Apple Remote gives you total command of your Mac’s music, photos, videos and DVDs via FrontRow—a menu-based, full-screen interface—to make accessing the digital content on your Mac simple.

Get it for just $24.99!

HDMI Cable for Apple TV -15 feet ($109.99 $5.99)


  • Connects any HDMI component to an HDMI display
  • Provides true digital video and 7 channels of audio
  • Compatible with all HDTV formats – 720p and 1080i
  • Apple TV
  • Sony PS3
  • Ideal for Plasma TV’s, LCD TV’s, HDTV, DVD Players, and Rear-Projection TV’s.Apple iPod®, iPhone®, or iPad® are registered trademarks of Apple, Inc. Products are Apple compatible and not endorsed by Apple, Inc.

Get it for just $5.99!

AmazonBasics High-Speed HDMI Cable – 6.5 Feet (2 Meters) ($7.99 $5.99)


  • HDMI A Male to A Male Cable
  • Cable allows you to share an Internet connection among multiple devices without the need for a separate Ethernet cable
  • Supports Ethernet, 3D, and Audio Return
  • Meets HDMI 1.4 specification (48 bit/px color depth) and Shielded to defend against interference
  • Length: 6.5 Feet (2.0 Meters)

Get it for just $5.99!

Yamaha AV Receiver with AirPlay ($649.95 $299.99)


  • 7.2-channel powerful surround supported in HD Audio format decoding; compatible with several audio formats such as Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio, & FLAC/WAV 192 kHz playback
  • Supports AirPlay allowing you to stream music wirelessly from iPod touch, iPhone or iPad, as well as from iTunes on Macs & PCs
  • Yamaha AV Controller App on iPhone & Android devices, enables controlling power on/off and volume, select inputs, and DSP modes etc.
  • New Virtual CINEMA DSP provides virtual 7.1-channel surround sound from only front speakers (2.1-channel), with no need for rear speakers
  • MHL provides easy, direct connection of compatible mobile phones; front panel USB port allows convenient connection of an iPod/iPhone/iPad to enable direct transmission directly to the AV receiver – results in minimal signal loss or interference

Get it for just $299.99!

Philips Fidelio Wireless Speaker with AirPlay ($199.99 $59.99)


  • Stream music with AirPlay wireless technology
  • Play and charge your iPod/iPhone/iPad simultaneously
  • Dedicated app available on the App Store for more functions

Get it for just $59.99!

Xtrememac Tango AirPlay Subwoofer ($259.99 $109.99)


  • Premium sound configuration includes two tweeters, two full range drivers, one subwoofer and one passive radiator
  • Rear USB slot charges your iPod, iPhone and iPad
  • Auxiliary line-in provides flexibility to listen to music on any device that has a headphone jack

Get it for just $109.99!

AirEnabler Adapter Kit (for Apple AirPlay) ($79.95 $49.95)

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  • Add Apple AirPlay support to any speaker system – including your car, boat, home stereo/receiver or old iPhone/iPod dock. Wirelessly stream music from your iOS device or iTunes (synchronized playback not supported).
  • Plug and Play – No configuration or computer needed. Setup AirPlay in your car in less than 5 minutes!
  • Better than Bluetooth – AirPlay is lossless (no audio compression), has better range, no pairing limitations and supports multi-users; anyone can play DJ. Will work seamlessly with your existing Bluetooth hands-free setup (music will pause for incoming/outgoing calls and resume when call ends). Compatible with 3rd party USB DACs to further enhance sound quality (for the audiophiles)
  • Automatically maintain 4G/LTE connection for GPS (Maps Turn by Turn Nav), Apps (Waze, etc), Email, Siri, iMessage and internet radio streaming such as Pandora, Spotify or iTunes Radio.
  • 3 Different Operating Modes – Standalone Mode (default mode), Wireless Client Mode, Wired Client Mode. Configurable directly from your iPhone using free telnet app and simple menu driven commands. For car use, the AirEnabler will work right out of the box in the default Standalone Mode. For home use, switch to Wireless Client Mode or Wired Client Mode to join AirEnabler to your existing home network.

Get it for just $49.95!

Logitech Bluetooth Easy-Switch Keyboard ($99.99 $79.99)



  • Logitech Easy-Switch Bluetooth technology: Press one button to instantly toggle between typing on your Mac, iPad and iPhone
  • Sharp, bright backlit keys: Type easily, even in the dark. Keys are always easy thanks to the auto-adjusting illumination.
  • Rechargeable: No battery hassles. Use the USB cable to recharge, even while you type
  • Specially designed for Mac: Compact and slim with a real aluminum finish and familiar Mac layout.
  • Type more comfortably: Unique Logitech keycap design for comfortable, whisper-quiet typing

Get it for just $79.99!

Anker Bluetooth Ultra-Slim Keyboard ($49.99 $16.99)


  • Bluetooth technology provides a cable-free & clutter-free connection. Ergonomic tilted design reduces wrist strain.
  • QWERTY layout with hot keys customized for iPad. Compatible with the iPad and all Bluetooth-enabled tablets, laptops, and computers.
  • Pencil-thin, sleek profile (0.23in thin) easily stows in a backpack, messenger bag, or case.
  • 700-hour continuous-use battery life and automatic sleep mode allow up to half a year between battery changes (requires 2 AAA batteries, not included).
  • Package includes: Anker Ultra-Slim Bluetooth Keyboard, user manual.

Get it for just $16.99!

Seiki 50-Inch 1080p LED TV ($499 $349)


  • Backlight: LED (Full Array)
  • Smart Functionality: No
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): TV without stand: 44.59” x 26.22″ x 3.60”, TV with stand: 44.59” x 28.49” x 10.11”
  • Inputs: 3 HDMI, 1 USB, 1 VGA
  • Accessories Included: Remote w/ batteries

Get it for just $349!

LG 40-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV ($1199.99 $698.91)


  • Refresh Rate: 120Hz (Native); Ultra Clarity Index: 1080 (Effective)
  • Backlight: LED (Direct)
  • Smart Functionality: Yes – Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube and more
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): TV without stand: 35.4″ x 20.8″ x 1.9″, TV with stand: 35.4″ x 22.4″ x 8.54″

Get it for just $698.91!

Samsung 55-Inch 1080p 120Hz Smart LED TV ($1399.99 $797.99)


  • This is the same product as the currently available Samsung UN55H6350
  • Prices valid from 11/23-12/1, or while supplies last

Get it for just $797.99!

LG 60-Inch 1080p 120Hz LED TV ($1299 $849)


  • Refresh Rate: 120Hz (Native); Motion Clarity Index 480 (Effective)
  • Backlight: LED (Direct)
  • Smart Functionality: No
  • Dimension (W x H x D): TV without stand: 54.1″ x 31.5″ x 2.3″, TV with stand: 54.1″ x 33.4″ x 10.7″
  • Inputs: 2 HDMI, 2 USB, 1 Component, 1 Composite (shared), 1 Digital Audio Out

Get it for just $849!

Samsung 55-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Smart LED TV ($1899.99 $997.99)


  • Refresh Rate: 240Hz (Native); Clear Motion Rate 960 (Effective)
  • Backlight: LED (Edge-Lit w/Local Dimming)
  • Smart Functionality: Yes – Voice Control and Motion Control with Camera Accessory (sold separately)
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): TV without stand: 48.2” x 27.8” x 1.3”, TV with stand: 48.2” x 29.4” x 10.5”
  • Inputs: 4 HDMI, 3 USB, 1 Component, 2 Composite
  • Accessories Included: Smart Touch Remote Control, 2 Pairs of 3D Active Glasses (SSG-5150GB)

Get it for just $997.99!

Samsung 60-Inch 240Hz 3D Smart LED TV ($2199.99 $1297.99)


  • Refresh Rate: 240Hz (Native); Clear Motion Rate 960 (Effective)
  • Backlight: LED (Edge-Lit w/Local Dimming)
  • Smart Functionality: Yes – Voice Control and Motion Control with Camera Accessory (sold separately)
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): TV without stand: 53.6” x 31.2” x 1.3”, TV with stand: 53.6” x 32.8” x 10.5”
  • Inputs: 4 HDMI, 3 USB, 1 Component, 2 Composite
  • Accessories Included: Smart Touch Remote Control, 2 Pairs of 3D Active Glasses (SSG-5150GB)

Get it for just $1297.99!

LG 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD 120Hz 3D LED TV ($4299 $2499)


  • Refresh Rate: 120Hz (Native) and 240Hz (Effective)with IPS Panel; Ultra Clarity Index: 1500 (Effective)
  • Backlight: LED (Edge-Lit)
  • Smart Functionality: Yes – WebOS, includes Magic Remote
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): TV without stand: 57.2” x 33.8″ x 2.4”, TV with stand: 57.2” x 36.0” x 11.8”
  • Inputs: 4 HDMI, 3 USB, 1 Component, 1 Composite, 1 Digital Audio Out, 1 LAN

Get if for just $2499!

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