Rolocule is a developer team who have been showing a lot of Apple TV love. They brought a couple of games to iOS which are playable exclusively with an Apple TV, essentially turning your iPhone into a controller and the TV into the game arena. This not only resulted in a new genre of games as Motion Gaming but also added a health and exercise component to gaming.

It’s Black Friday and that means these AirPlay exclusive games are on sale!

The first one is Motion Tennis which lets you use your your iPhone as a tennis racket while your TV becomes the court. It received high praises in our review for its uniqueness and is now available for just a buck (regular $4.99).

Read our full review and get Motion Tennis from the App Store.

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Later came Dance Party, which brings something unheard of in the App Store. A dance game similar to what Wii and other consoles often considered their stronghold. Dance Party blew us away on our hands-on. The game stays at the usual price of Free but the in-app purchases to unlock different songs have been hugely discounted.

Read our full review and get Dance Party from the AppStore.

Looking a bit laterally, other games from Rolocule (not AirPlay exclusive) like Super Badminton are also on sale now. Check them out here.

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