Major League Soccer and Disney Junior boosts Apple TV content

by Dan on September 27, 2013

mls-apple-tvApple is on a role with their updates and allowing third parties to hook into their Apple TV device: back in June the company added HBO GOWatchESPN and Sky News apps, last month Vevo TV, Disney Channels, Smithsonian and Weather Channel showed up on our little black devices, next it was Amazon with their update to watch Amazon Video on the Apple TV, and then the big 6.0 firmware update offering iTunes Radio, iTunes Music Store and AirPlay from iCloud. Yesterday Apple added yet more content with Major League Soccer and Disney Junior channels appearing now on Apple TV home screen.

The MLS app allows users who are fans of American Soccer (football for us, Brits) to watch the Major League Soccer right from their Apple TV, whilst the Disney Junior app offers up several shows for the little ones.

MLS “Channels” section includes free on-demand video highlights, analysis, fantasy soccer advice, and player profiles as well as full episodes of MLS 36 and MLS Insider. Users can watch videos created by their favorite clubs within the “Clubs” section. The latest league standings are also available.

With an MLS LIVE subscription, you’ll have access to live streaming and archived versions of regular season matches (local and national blackout rules apply). Subscriptions start at only $14.99/month. You can purchase online or within MLS on Apple TV.

Apple is not only increasing the function of Apple TV by adding these apps, but is also appealing to two different markets. It is keeping the sports fans and kids happy all on one device, without having to pay a cable subscription. These accompany the other Disney apps which Apple released last month, showing the partnership with Disney is really starting to show on the Apple TV.


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  • geezer

    I’m in the UK and have updated to version 6.0 but I’m not seeing the MLS channel, even after a reboot. Is it US only?

  • blancodisco

    I pretty sure you DO need a cable subscription from one of the available providers in order to authenticate Disney (3) and ESPN channel

  • Eminem’s Fan

    If you have At&t U-verse internet (you don’t to subscribe for TV channels) then you don’t need cable or tv subscription (its only work for ESPN btw), just go to espn app on apple tv and sign in as At&t U-verse or whatever you’re using. Good Luck!

  • blancodisco

    AT&T U-verse subscribers is far and a few between depending what is offered where you live. Irregardless, the Disney and ESPN Channels Apps on AppleTV force you to select one of the listed MSO providers and enter in your respective login info. If your MSO is not in the list, say like an RCN, you are unable to view those new channels.

    MLS I’m pretty sure is US market specific.

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