Confirmed: Apple TV 3 jailbreak is in the works (updated)

by tomek on August 13, 2012

Apple TV 3 jailbreak

Remember last week when pod2g tweeted that neither he nor anyone he knows of was working on the Apple TV 3 jailbreak? We asked you to cool down and to never lose a hope since we knew there were people working on this. The confirmation that the work is ongoing on this particular jailbreak came from 9to5Mac, as they have learned that „a jailbreak for the third-generation Apple TV is indeed in the works from someone with close knowledge of the project“:

There are just a handful people working on the jailbreak, and while it’s not yet complete, at least one method to jailbreaking is currently being chased in hopes of big results.

Additinally, they got a comment from FireCore’s James Abeler who confirmed the news:

There is a group of very bright and talented individuals working on a lead that could result in a usable jailbreak for the 3rd gen Apple TV. While there is no telling how long this process could take, we remain optimistic that a jailbreak for this device will be available in the future. For the record, no one at FireCore is involved in the jailbreak discovery process.

Abeler also said that FireCore is already working on Seas0nPass and aTV Flash for the Apple TV 3 and they will be ready to release it when the jailbreak is out.

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Update: State of the Apple TV 3 Jailbreak

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  • Mushusini

    Thank you guys 

  • Th


  • Samerc

    YESSSSSSSSSS finally

  • Redrodan


  • sweet just as i had given up 

  • Ls


  • Marcjan_cruz91

    When is the released date for the jailbreak?i can’t wait to jailbreak my appletv 3….

  • Mr

    YEAH! !

  • Tsimpson79

    Great, hope this is released soon so those on ebay can stop reaping the benefits and work of others by selling their atv2 in excess of $250!!!

  • gramz

    thanks great news tired of playing for stupid netflix fuck i souldve never sould my apple tv 2 lol

  • gramz

    heres a tip buy it from apple store den jailbreak it lol idoits how u goin sell it 240 on ebay

  • Ozzman39

    Were do i donate for there efforts? lol thanks guys

  • Chairasec

    Very happy to hear, cannot wait !!

  • Jonboy26

    Whilst an ATV3 jailbreak would be awesome, I dont think we will see it until iOS 6 is released.

  • Daloukas1

     THANK YOUUUUU!!!!!!!

  • Nycmaster

    how much would jailbroken ATV3 cost? if they selling for 250 second gen and 150 first gen???

  • Adam Krem

    The only idiot is you since apple isn’t selling 2nd gen apple tvs anymore.

  • chindizzle

    sounds like a bunch of bs to me.  Firecore says people are working on it but no one at firecore is involved with it.  Pod2g says no one is working on it which means no one on the dev team is working on it who are the smarter more familiar people.  Short of geohot returning, i dont see this device ever getting jailbroken.

  • Loonylu

     Jailbroken ATV2s were selling in the $150 range before the 3rd gen came out.

  • Xa

    Exactly, i do not believe anyone is specifically working on it. They are just speculating it to sell firecore atv to atv3 users i think.

  • albertkinng

    I HOPE THIS IS REAL! I want to be able to open my ATV box as soon as this come out!

  • moving on

    I’ve been around the block in areas like this and all I can say is: I’ll believe it when I see it. Otherwise, nothing to see move along and grab an android set top player. The market is changing and Apple TV luster isn’t has shiny as it was once before.

  • Nezza1978

    While the news of a jb being in the works is promising I will believe it when I see it. Although tbh I’m getting sick of airplay being a pain in the A**e!

  • Gedrin

    i want to believe 😉

  • jimthing

    I’d expect a wait until (at the very least) **after** iOS 6 is released, as if an ATV Apple app store is forthcoming, JBing may be largely unnecessary.
    That’s if the rules are similar to the portable iOS Apple app store which has allowed some third-parties to release their own apps, hence no need for JBing.
    We’ll see though… kind-of ‘believe it when I see it’ territory here. ;-|

  • Guest

    Assuming the next version of iOS for the ATV has a lot more features, will it open up the chances of finding a vulnerability for a ATV3 jailbreak?

  • Brad

    Assuming the next version of iOS for the ATV has a lot more features, will it open up the chances of finding a vulnerability for a ATV3 jailbreak?

  • When do you jailbreak?! «Apple Tv 3»
    Been a long time chests jailbreak 🙁

    When when when … I hope that will be issued jailbreak

  • elrdzblr

    Lets hope the jailbreak is available soon bc and Apple device without a jailbreak its not an Apple device……

  • RJLH

    Sorry people but this alll a lie, this asshole is just getting everyones hopes!!

  • angel13

    I may be confused but I thought the biggest benefit of jail breaking an apple tv was to be able to sign up for and watch hulu plus on a tv instead of a computer and avoid ridiculously high cable prices. Since hulu plus has been readily available on my apple tv 3 since the beginning of august (I just saw), what is the benefit of jail breaking it now? This question is an honest question so I’m just looking for honest, straight-forward answers, not snobby bs please…

  • Holly

    I am a absolute newbe in Apple and jailbreaking. Just a short Question and sorry for the dump question.

    When I am right, the ATV3 Jailbreak Issue is, that ATV3 has no Browser as Entrypoint for Jailbreaking.
    So my idea is…
    Is it possible to modify an iOS for ATV3 (offline) and add an entrypoint like a browser?
    Or directly a modified jailbreaked iOS?
    If it works, the next step can be to build an Update Server like Apple´s in your local LAN with Ip Adresses or DNS Names from Apples Update Server and send from there the modified iOS with needed Entry Point.

    Is this possible?

  • RAMB

    I installed XBMC on my jb iphone 4, now I am trying to airplay on APTV3… only sound is coming from tv but video doesn’t show up..any idea?

  • AppleTV


  • nikegolf9

    the biggest advantage to having a jailbroken appletv is navi-x. In my opinion

  • Y ???

    Bs… No one is trying to work on apple tv3.
    What a BS !!!

  • Wit detector


  • Wit detector

    Not having to go though Pietunes etc.
    NAS storage multiple file format support and a decent range of extras the main purpose of which is not to increase Apples revenue stream.

  • canned

    Firecore is waiting to sell a lot with the jailbreak……
    Why the hell are not they involved on the jailbreak group??
    Jailbreak it boys….. we will earn a lot of money later
    Good luck boys
    We are with yours
    Firecore go to hell !!!

  • TiredOfWaiting

    This is a ton of BS full of crap!!!!!

  • Damian

    HERE IS THE TUTORIAL: via @youtube

  • pittlaker

    I’m waitiong for the apps on the ATV3

  • yehey!!!

  • Feniks

    you need to put it in mirror mode, however crap screen size. If you have a Mac, upgrade to latest OSX, install XBMC on it and airplay it to ATV ( 2 or 3 doesn’t matter ) you get the full image, sound and you can install local subtitles as you are using the same device to just screenshare over airplay, so you don’t loose the subtitles as when you do as you use normal stream ( unless you use the XMBC subtitle plugins of course )

  • apple TV

    apple should release the exploid for jailbreak, if they do, apple tv 3 will sell like crazy!! i am sure that bunch of people are not buying the apple Tv3 because no jailbreak! of course apple can release it anonymously, right?

  • Sounds like a good news for Apple..

  • and after that? how much it would be then?

  • Invivo

    I remember promises of Duke Nukem’s new version was being worked on for 10 years before anything ever came out. Does this sound familiar?

  • stryct9

    Plex and XBMC are the reasons to jailbreak.

  • billybob

    Nobody at firecore is involved because they doht do jailbreaks. They always rely on sone griup to jailbreak it first

  • It is nice to hear this news..Apple TV jailbreak, wow!

  • We’re totally happy for this information. Thanks

  • DEV3VR
  • Adam Phillips

    well its a month later and there isnt shit….. Hmmmm

  • AllBull

    Why the fuck would we donate to them, they havent got a clue how to jailbreak atv, just giving everyone false hope!

  • Tie

    Where do I donate? These people are geniuses!

  • bharatw

    iOS 6 is set to release on Sept 19 hence the Apple TV jailbreak may be coming soon…

  • stas

    the only reason why they dont want to admit they are working on the project because apple has a sector in wich they follow up in the jailbreak format, stopping people from jail breaking new devices allowing their capital to grow and for us to spend money on their products fair and square

  • irina

    Жду когда выйдет джелил для нового apple TV. Читал про него на, после выхода джейла – нужно барть!

  • Doof

    Atv 3 jailbreak will be out next friday!!!

  • bob

    information source?

  • Covachi

    No jailbreak from now and future

  • Guest

    Is it true??? Please reply.

  • Seb

    Is that true???

  • golfman

    its all lies… there will never be a APTV3 hack

  • mhs


  • rammer

    APTV3 JB is false and it will never happen, thats from a trusted source.. peace out

  • Iceman

    Apparently not.

  • Nick

    ^ Retard.
    Apple sells atv at a low price (when compared with equivalent nettops) in attempt to gain profit from itune movies and tv-show rental, who would use those when you can install xbmc on there with free stream?

  • Nick

    ^ Retard.
    Apple sells atv at a low price (when compared with equivalent nettops) in attempt to gain profit from itune movies and tv-show rental, who would use those when you can install xbmc on there with free stream?

  • trulsw

    I go Android 😀 Pivos Xios is heading my way!

  • tomwilson

    it’s been almost a year. yeah by the time atv3 jailbreak come out we’ll have apple tv 5 with local streaming available 😀

  • Shashank shankar

    Any update on jail break

  • Cuche

    By the time there is a jailbrake available for the atv3 there will be an atv4, sounds like a lot of bs for me!

  • Random eGal

    Fucking Bullshit. There WILL NEVER, EVER be a jailbreak for the ATV3, because Apple has won the battle and there is nobody that has born so far with the knowledge to do it.
    Jailbreakers = Phail.

  • Martin


    Could this be true what I read on this site:

    “The Chip Jailbreak team had earlier announced that technicians are
    working full time now to develop the software compatible for Apple Tv 3
    jailbreak that is already available for customers in beta version and
    untethered jailbreak version is expected next week”.

  • switchblade

    Cool – I just got my apple tv 3 gen in the mail yesterday and can’t wait to run Plex on it

  • NumNum

    In the works my ass.

  • after 4 months of waiting, yesss…its coming…ah oh ah oh..coming…

  • Sarujan10

    When will jailbreak for Apple tv 3 come?

  • Leslie Sampilo

    i think all jailbreak devices r out? we’re the only one (atv3) behined. we believe that u guys solve this anytime now. im donating after…..

  • paranoid

    been a year, where is the jailbreak for atv people

  • Blake Adam

    Why doesn’t apple just stop being pussies and make the apple tv 3 what we want it to be. Its not their biggest money maker for fuck sakes its 100 bucks… cheaper than a magic mouse. They make money in the content from iTunes and affiliates. Just give us the ability to stream what the fuck we want to the damn thing. If I could just stream my family movies H264 etc id be happy. It kills me to convert everything especially when it takes 4 hours to convert a full HD movie.

  • Becky Rich

    I think people should use alternative method instead of Jailbreaking or unblocking their Apple TV and it is also discouraged by Apple too. I use PlayerXtreme for casting my screens to watch movies and video on the big screen through its chrome cast and Airplay features. It also provides 1080p backup along with Dolby Digital and True HD support. It also enhances the audio 3times without compromising the quality. Give it a shot!

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