As Apple TV users, we are always excited to hear rumours on Apple’s own television set. The latest one is the open letter which Carl Icahn sent today to Apple, where he predicts the company to release an Ultra HDTV next year. However, The Wall Street Journal confirmed hours later that Apple has no plans to enter the television market anytime soon.

WSJ says that Apple had been working on a television set for nearly a decade. The HDTV market was very competitive and hence, they were looking for a real “breakthrough” feature that would set them apart and convince users to switch. And as it seems, they never found any.

They tried adding a front camera to the television helping with FaceTime and video calling. They also experimented with different types of displays, but none were compelling enough.

As such, Apple dropped its TV project a year ago. They didn’t dissolve the team working on it but just reallotted them to work on other devices, probably the Apple TV 4. Apple plans to reform the team and continue its television plans as soon as the company comes up with that breakthrough feature.

So for the time being, Apple is focused solely on its next set-top box for media consumption, which is expected to be announced next month at WWDC 2015.

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