Apple TV 3 Jailbreak: iBoot 0day exploit

You know the story: p0sixninja left the Chronic Dev Team after selling iBoot 0day exploit to an (ex?)Apple employee (more details here). There was a lot of speculations on whether or not the iBoot exploit could have been used to jailbreak Apple TV 3.

It was Paul Pols, a security expert, who first tweeted that iBoot 0day could be used to untethered jailbreak not only the iOS 6.0 but also the Apple TV 3:

Numerous blogs have then repeated the news making many desperate Apple TV 3 owners believe their 3rd-generation black hockey-pucks could finally be jailbroken. nitoTV, Apple TV hacker and developer, got tons of questions on the matter so he felt obliged to cleared it all up:

That didn’t stop people asking the same question so he tweeted once again:

…nothing to add.

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