Apple makes incredible hardware and pulls out all the stops to showcase their latest inventions once or twice a year. Although initially not even considered for the iPhone, external development of apps for these devices has steadily grown in its influence and visibility. It should come as no surprise then that at least one lucky developer has been tapped to share the stage today and show off the potential of the new Apple TV with apps.

TechCrunch is reporting that Twitter’s live streaming application Periscope will be featured prominently on the new Apple TV. Although not confirmed, it seems likely they will get more than just a shout out or screen capture.

I would expect Apple to utilize Periscope as an example of a ‘live’ and ‘fresh’ alternative to traditional TV. It also shows off the potential of the new platform beyond just transitioning your content from the phone to the TV. Apple will want developers to really embrace the new medium and build new experiences based around group media consumption.

What could be more ‘TV’ appropriate than live streaming of video? Anyone want to place a bet on how soon Vice Media or someone else creates a live streaming news channel via Periscope that showcases the Apple TV?

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Rob Witman (@robwitman)


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