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Last night, Eddy Cue and Jimmy Iovine were interviewed at the Code Conference post the announcement of Beats acquisition by Apple. Among a million other things, Apple TV popped up in between and Cue had more than a few words to say.

He said he feels that the current television experience “sucks” and even went on to compare it to the VCRs of the 90s, reminding us of the “When I go into my living room and turn on the TV, I feel like I have gone backwards in time by 20 to 30 years” comment made by Tim Cook in 2012.

Cue doesn’t seem to be satisfied with the current video-on-demand setup either, because signing into a cable provider account to access content is just “not ideal”.

Apple exec talked about the 20 million sales of Apple TV so far and said that this billion-dollar business will get bigger this year.

And although he feels the television market is still complicated

TV is hard. There is no standards, either locally in the US, in some regions, certainly globally. There are lots of right issues down to rights issues. It’s a complicated landscape.

he said that Apple TV “will continue to evolve” as the company continues to “improve the experience.”

Cue also hinted that Apple has “the best product pipeline in 25 years” coming up later this year and we expect the new Apple TV will obviously be on of the new products Apple will introduce by the end of the year.

Reading Cue’s words alongside with the rumors of a September-October launch of the next Apple TV, we can expect some revolutionary changes to the set top-box soon. If speculations are to believed, the overhaul will include a completely redesigned easy-to-use interface, an iOS 7 based firmware, separate App Store, an SDK for third party channels, support for games and MFi controllers.

And the undue delay in the release of Apple TV 4 also points to some huge incoming changes.

AirParrot for Apple TV

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