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Thanks to JP Morgan analyst Mark Moskowitz, our dreams of a 2012 release of the famed Apple TV set have been dashed. The team over at AppleInsider has obtained a “note to investors” where Mr. Moskowitz is quoted saying that the firm’s research “does not indicate any looming TV-related product launch.” Moskowitz also goes on to explain that the current conditions of the economy simply are not favorable for Apple to release this long awaited device.

In this note, Moskowitz, delivers many reasons as to why the firm feels now is not the time for the Apple television, among these reasons he is noted saying:

We are not sure that the Apple premium could prevail in the TV market, unless there is a radical change of the user interface, integration of the TV programming and data content, and use of gestures of voice control.

On a positive note, it was expressed that Apple does seem to be the company who could find success in turning the TV industry on its heels. Moskowitz wrote:

We believe Apple can design a smarter set top box to manage all components behind the end user’s TV experience, as well as eliminate the oft-cumbersome user interface provided by the cable and satellite operators.

Finally, though it is not really Apple TV news, there was a mentioning of the possibility or the release of an Apple run mobile payment platform. This platform was mentioned only as iPay, but it may be worth Google’ing.

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