New Apple TV 4 concept: Apple TV touch with completely redesigned, wirelessly rechargeable touch-based remote

by Roshan on March 18, 2014

Apple TV 4 concept with touch-based remote

While the internet was churning out regular rumors on the Apple TV 4, Curved was busy re-imagining how the same would look like. And according to them, though the set-top box as such has achieved an aesthetically pleasing look, the remote would be the major highlight of the next Apple TV.

Completely redesigned as a touch device, the new remote might be wirelessly rechargeable via Apple TV. It would sport the same dimensions as the current one except in thickness and would show icons and menus directly on the remote. This is in accordance with the new update to the Remote app for iOS.



A new golden Apple TV model would be available in addition to the classic charcoal black one, with matching remotes. The box features the same diamond cut edges as the latest iOS devices and would be thinner than the 3rd gen models.


Curved continues their wishes:

A higher resolution becomes necessary for 4 K-videos and will be possible thanks to an HDMI 2.0 port. The new Apple TV touch should also be much faster thanks to the A7-chip, already used in iPhone 5s and iPad Air.

Other technical details: New WLAN technology EEE 802.11ac, Bluetooth, DVD Audio, SADC, Dolby Digital Plus, True HD and dts-HD, 32 channel audio, 1536 kHz sample rate. 





As it looks like, everybody is pretty excited about the next Apple TV. From what we’ve heard, it is expected to come out anytime before the end of April with a revamped firmware with support for games, third party channels and with its own Apple TV App Store.

You can follow the rest of our coverage on Apple TV 4 here.

So what are your wishes for the next Apple TV?

Source Curved
  • F P

    Can you jailbreak it?

  • myninja

    Jailbreak what?! The current Apple TV or the concept Apple TV?

  • jmo mls

    What’s the point of having a different color unit? This is not a phone that you are going to be whipping out and trying to impress anyone with.
    Same question for the remote. What’s the point of that fancy expensive remote? Most Apple TV users, I would venture to guess, already own an iPhone or iPad, which can be used to control the Apple TV. There’s no way you could display meaningful information on a remote with the same dimensions as the current model.
    The only thing you’ll accomplish with all this fooferall is to drive the price up to 300 dollars.

  • jimjamurface

    Who cares, this is a concept, not an actual product. I think the designer did am amazing job. Are you saying that this doesn’t look awesome? Do you even have an Apple TV? Who says I want to impress anyone with my phone? Let alone my Apple TV? If thats how shallow you are, maybe you should buy this to impress people.

  • jmo mls

    As a concept, it’s a waste of time. Who cares how it looks? It’s going to sit on a shelf or bracket and no one is going to be staring at it.
    Yes, I own an Apple TV. And a Mac. And an iPad. And an iPad mini. The Apple TV as it is works fine. No one needs a choice of colors and a pretty metal ring around the edge. No one needs a touchscreen remote. No one needs to pay three times as much for the next gen Apple TV, either.
    Do you have anything of substance to actually add to this conversation? Probably not.

  • Aaron Cohick

    APPLE TV TOUCH: I love Apple Products almost never have a problem. 90% of the time iPad Air 2, IPhone 6, Apple TV 3rd Run perfect. I would love a Gold 1. I often get asked about it. When people see photos sliding up & down my Tv. or seeing me facebooking on my None 55′ Smart tv Or seeing me play my iPad app on the tv. “How the hell you doing That” I get asked. I say Apple TV its Amazing. I would love a digital touch remote. Sometimes I’d just like a remote. That can switch between HD & SD. Cause I buy shows Like “Mom”, Walking Dead, American horror story, Only watch that in SD. $1.00 more Tv show no way. I think it should be ¢ rentals. Insteading Ahows I’ll watch once. HBO Now is Amazing. Watching ” Game of Thrones” @ 9pm Sunday on demand. While cable viewer can’t pause, rewind, or watch when they want. They have wait 8 hrs or whenever like Hulu.

    Can’t wait for New Apple TV Touch. & streaming TV Service. “iTvNow” Said to Include 30 Favored channels, Like CW,ABC,CBS,FOX,AMC,FX,COMDEY CENTRAL, DISNEY XD, TBS, Many other Stations. All Done like HBO now…. So That’s my Opinon on it. I think to many ppl get caught up with rude comments over their Personal Opinons! Keep enjoying apple. I think “APPLE TV TOUCH” will go from $99 to $150-$200. A8-A10 Chip. Hope remote Has Apple Pay. Since App Store coming to Apple TV Supposably.

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