New Apple TV model to be released in October

by Dan on September 12, 2013

Apple TV 4

According to TechCrunch’s MG Siegler, Apple is working on a new version of the Apple TV. We’ve heard this news before, but recent developments put the arrival of the new Apple TV as soon as next month.

Siegler says that the launch could occur in October, which would tie in nicely with when the next generation of iPads are expected to land. The prospect of launching these two products simultaneously is possible since previously we’ve seen the iPad and Apple TV launched at the same event, and if rumours are anything to go by, it seems we’ll be seeing the same thing this year.


9to5Mac reports:

It is unclear what the form-factor of this new device is. We’ve independently heard of Apple working on both a full-fledged TV set and a revamped set-top-box that is similar in form-factor to the current model. But no matter the hardware design, we have been consistently hearing from our sources that Apple is thoroughly testing Xbox Kinect-like motion sensors for future TV-related products. When Apple plans to release motion-controlled TVs, however, is uncertain.

Motion technology is something that is increasingly finding its place in the living room, especially with the Xbox One, but it seems unlikely Apple will venture into this area with the next generation Apple TV hardware. However, improved video output quality could very well be of main focus for the next version of Apple TV. More specifically the inclusion of 4k video, since this is the direction the industry is heading.

Despite there being little content available for 4K TVs, Apple could use its own hardware to utilise 4k before any other media hardware company and claim the market.

We’ve already heard Apple is planning on releasing additional AirPlay functionality next week alongside iOS 7, so the rumoured new hardware being introduced next month could be used to compliment this new function, possibly with 4k support.

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Source 9to5Mac
  • NeoTechni

    Has aTV4 been hacked yet? Mine’s still a useless brick without XBMC

  • Martin

    Do you mean ATV3? If so, it works great with Plex Media Server via PlexConnect. No need to jailbreak it for XBMC.

  • NeoTechni

    I really don’t know which one it is. Whichever one wasn’t hacked for the longest time.

    “No need to jailbreak it for XBMC.”

    So XBMC can go on it without hacking? Cause I want that, not plex.

  • NeoTechni
  • Martin

    Works with Windows, too.

  • Martin

    No, I meant no need for XBMC if you have Plex. I actually run both XBMC and Plex. Plex for the Apple TV, XBMC for my laptop.

    Plex Media Server is convenient because you can access and your media in a web browser, on an iPhone/iPad, Android phone, Roku, Synology, and a bunch of other devices.

  • NeoTechni

    There doesnt appear to be a fix to apple’s recent plex-block for windows though

  • NeoTechni

    Luckily mine doesnt have that block yet (it would be nice if plexconnect blocked the update) but the trailers app tells me it’s unavailable…

  • Martin

    Actually there is. It’s a little tricky but not overly so.

    Instructions (Mac and PC):

    Forum thread for PlexConnect hack on Windows:

    PlexConnect Wiki:

    Plex homepage

  • Martin

    I believe the PlexConnect devs added a block to prevent further updates from Apple that could disable PlexConnect.

  • NeoTechni

    Nope. I *just* downloaded PlexConnect and it still asked me to update. Though trailers wont work.

  • Martin

    Did you apply the self-signed certification hack? That’s required now. The update that Apple pushed that disabled the old PlexConnect was a silent update. They switched from http to https, hence the need for the self-signed certificate.

    Also, I believe you need to have at least version 5.1 or 5.2 installed on the ATV2/3.

  • NeoTechni

    I did… Still unavailable

  • Martin

    Hmm. You’ve installed Plex Media Server and you’ve changed the DNS on the ATV to point to the Plex Media Server and you’ve edited the Settings.cfg in Plex Connect and PlexConnect is running on the same computer as the Plex Media Server and it’s still not working? Then you’ll have to ask for assistance in the Plex forum.

  • NeoTechni

    I have, waiting for the reply. Otherwise, thank you for pointing me in the direction

    It’ll show my library, but once I click a file I get the unavailable message :/ All that work for nothing

  • Martin

    Try updating your ATV’s software to the latest version.

  • — J —

    You know XBMC is more than just a media center for your digital content, right?

    Also, Plex is awful. The need to have a computer running for it to work is obnoxious.

    Apple Time Capsule connected to Jailbroken AppleTV via AFP for the win.

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