Google PlayMusic AirPlay

doubleTwist has released a new tweak that adds AirPlay support for Google Play Music. A hack named AirPlay for Android makes use of the API in Android 4.1 which adds support for streaming devices. It is available right now on Google Play as an app, MagicPlay: AirPlay for Android for $2.99. Though publicized as a way to stream Google Play Music from Android to Apple TV, they’ve clarified that this hack will work with any music app that supports Google Chrome Casting.

In order to get AirPlay feature for your Android, you can follow this official guide:

1. Install the doubleTwist AirPlay for Android package
2. Launch the Google Play Music app and tap the Cast (streaming) button
3. Grant root access when prompted (this patches the plugin whitelist)
4. Force stop the Google Play Music app and relaunch it
5. AirPlay devices on your WiFi network should now appear when tapping Cast

AirPlay for Android

Android has a built-in white list feature, which regularly checks for streaming devices and disconnects anything other than Nexus Q and Sonos, for which the API was initially designed. So you might have to restart the app now and then to shake Apple TV off this list. But if you’re already rooted, this caveat is automatically patched by the tweak and things are bright as ever.


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