Apple TV 3D remote

Apple TV 3D remote

Apple TV in 3D? Well, for now that is a no but soon we will be able to remote control our Apple TV’s in the 3rd dimension. Apple has recently won 22 patents, as reported by Patently Apple, which covers everything from Electromagnetic Induction (battery extension for iOS devices) to a new 3D Apple TV remote technology that potentially includes a “wand”, a touch interface, as well as a gyroscope sensor. Patently Apple describes what this patent could mean to our living rooms:

Apple’s granted patent covers a media system may include an electronic device, a screen, and a wand. The user may interact with one or more media applications implemented on the electronic device using the wand. The wand may include any suitable components for providing instructions to the electronic device. For example, the wand may include a motion detection component providing outputs reflecting the movements of the wand to the electronic device.

To me, this seems remnant of an Apple TV Remote crossed with an iPod touch and a Wii-Mote. We will just have to wait and see.

This patent could add evidence to speculation that Apple is working on its own branded TV set.

Check out Patently Apple’s article for more details on the future 3D Apple TV remote.