“The Apple TV 3 has successfully been jailbroken and it is untethered,” is a phrase that we have all been eagerly awaiting for the past month now. Though there is no substantial information leading to any Apple TV 3 jailbreak ETA or even the current status of the jailbreak for Apple’s latest family member. Now, even with the seeming lack of information our there, we felt it would be good to put every in one place for our reader’s convenience.

pod2g, perhaps best know for his role in the 5.0 jailbreaking of the iPad 2 and the iPhone 4S, has been hard at work with the latests series of jailbreaks for the iPad 3 and everything underneath it. Though we have received good news in the form of a video showing his iPad 3 using an untethered jailbreak, he mentioned on Twitter:

Apple TV 3 jailbreak

Apple TV 3 jailbreak

For now this leaves us to wonder does “may be out” mean there is no hope or is there still a ray of light coming?

nitoTV, perhaps best known for nitoTV for Apple TV, does not currently sound much more optimistic. Known as a bit of an Apple TV guru, I often [and others] tend to hang on every word nitoTV has to say regarding the Apple TV scene. For this very reason Twitter was a buzz the other days as he mentioned something regarding preferred jailbreaks for the Apple TV. In hopes to squash any unsubstantiated hype nitoTV tweeted:

Apple TV 3 jailbreak

Though there is no great news on Apple TV 3 jailbreak to reveal today, we will be working hard to make sure you all stay apprised of the latest information.

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umOuch (Andrew Brasher)