X-Mirage releases a PC version of its AirPlay receiver

by Roshan on June 13, 2014

X-Mirage Review

Thanks to popular apps like AirServer and Reflector, the limited realm of AirPlay receivers has been vastly expanded to include Macs and Windows PCs. X-Mirage is the latest player in town and it comes with in-built media controls, the ability to mirror multiple devices and to record the screen. We browsed through the features earlier, but here is a closer look into how it works with the Windows ecosystem.

X-Mirage Review

Once I had the 22 megabyte exe file downloaded, it took less than five clicks to install and get started. X-Mirage runs idle in the background while your laptop or desktop’s name starts popping up in the AirPlay menu on iPhone or iPad. Choose it, start mirroring and what you get is a very good quality and almost lagless stream. In my testings, both the visuals and the sounds were crystal clear, in sync and real-time.

I was curious about the multiple display mirroring boasted by the developers and connected three iOS devices to my windows PC. Surprisingly, I was able to get the feeds of  Table Tennis Touch, LIMBO and YouTube videos, all without any stutters. The sounds of the streams are clubbed, but irrelevant ones can be muted with the media controls.

X-Mirage Review

With just a click on the record button, I was a able to save a good quality HD video of a Fruit Ninja session. This feature will surely come in handy for app reviewers in making videos, for developers to showcase their works and for YouTubers to broadcast tutorials, fixes or gameplays.

A small but very useful feature of X-Mirage is the in-built media controls. If you’re AirPlaying a movie or music to the PC, you don’t need to reach for your plugged-in iPhone or get your iPad from the next room, just to pause the video or change tracks.

In the end, X-Mirage delivers everything they claim with proficiency and yields powerful results in terms of output quality, features and usability. If you don’t want to take my word for it, you can avail a 7 day free trial here or else get the license here for $16.


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