Evasi0n iOS 6.x untethered jailbreak for Apple TV 2 released (updated)

by tomek on February 4, 2013

UPDATE: Although it has been confirmed by @MuscleNerd that evasi0n would support Apple TV 2, it seems that it doesn’t. Based on earlier news from evad3rs team, we believed their jailbreak was compatible with Apple TV 2 when publishing the below post just a few minutes after evasi0n went live. We are very sorry for causing confusion. We now have to wait for Seas0nPass to be updated with iOS 6.x support for Apple TV 2. We believe it won’t take long.

UPDATE 2: How to jailbreak Apple TV 2 5.2 (iOS 6.1) using Seas0nPass (untethered; Mac & Windows)

Evad3rs, a group of four top iOS hackers (@pod2g, @musclenerd, @pimskeks and @planetbeing) has just released a long-awaited evasi0n jailbreak for all iDevices running iOS 6.0 through 6.1, that include Apple TV 2 running software version 5.1, 5.1.1 or the latest 5.2. This is an untethered jailbreak, meaning you will be able to reboot your Apple TV without attaching it to a computer. Evasi0n jailbreak doesn’t support Apple TV 3 (however, there is some hope that it will in the future).

Here are the direct download links:

Official mirrors.


  • 5 minutes of your time
  • A computer running Windows (XP minimum), Mac OS X (10.5 minimum) or Linux (x86 / x86_64)
  • An Apple TV 2 running iOS 6.0 through 6.1 (Apple TV firmware 5.1 through 5.2)
  • A micro USB cable to connect ATV to the computer

Apple TV 2 running iOS 5.x (atv software version 5.0.2 and earlier) can be jailbroken using Seas0npass.

  • David

    Already maxed on the download for windows :(

  • David

    Or I should say page view is exceeded for the site

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=658461710 facebook-658461710

    Awesome, awesome. So happy this finally happened!

  • http://www.facebook.com/snelsonc S Nelson Charette

    If everything is working fine now on my Apple TV 2 running ios 5., do I really need to upgrade to ios 6 and jailbreak it? Do I get any new features?

  • http://twitter.com/SeacoastBevLab Brian

    Bluetooth keyboard support. Which would be key with XBMC

  • Michal

    I would really love to see the guide guys :-)

    Jailbreaking iPhone 5 was a piece of cake, however Apple TV2 is stuck on “unlock your device and tap the new “jailbreak” icon”. Connected it to TV and found no such icon :-) Are you sure Apple TV 2 is supported?

  • joe

    Evasi0n does not appear to work on Apple TV 2. Did anyone get this working?

  • Michal

    Actually I previously did not disconnect the iPhone 5 so I got that jailbreak to run twice on it. Anyway connecting Apple TV2 – doing restore – and then trying to run the jailbreak – NOT working… unless there`s a trick to it I cannot find anywhere…

  • Erik

    Won’t work with AppleTV, claims that it’s the wrong iOS version. Too bad though.

  • http://twitter.com/baruchin Barusch Benitez

    Just wait for Firecore. They surely will use the exploit working with Evasion and compile it to Seasonpass. I think it’s a matter of hours

  • K_in_VN

    This post is clearly in error. The read me included in the Mac .dmg download does not include ATV2 or 3 in the list of supported devices.

    Most people with jailbroken ATV2 are using the packages that Firecore installs, so I go with being patient and waiting for their blessing on an official ATV2 JB for iOS 6.0-6.1.

    Or if the command line is your bleeding edge friend, you’re probably half way to BT Keyboard support in XMBC already.

  • ATVUser

    There is an unofficial BT Stack for older jailbroken apple tvs.

  • az

    can send VIDEO to appletv and AUDIO to airport express. No more optical cable, no more DAC. Fantastic upgrade !

  • n0rpan

    No. “Sorry, the version of iOS of attached device is not supported evasi0n”

  • Azedine

    Apple tv2 cant be jailbroken at all Ver 5.2, I had to downgrade it. Hope they fix it .

  • dnick

    use the mirrors, i think the page view for the direct download was exceeded almost immediately

  • Michal

    Attention – I wrote to FireCore support and the response is rather promising – Hi, an updated version of Seas0nPass is currently in the works and will be available soon.
    Please keep an eye on our site for updates.
    Good on you guys!!!

  • Ted

    Means nothing could be tweaking ATV2 jailbreak to work with season pass, this means nothing for ATV3.

  • barry

    Um means those of us with ATV2 will have a jailbreak for 6.1 so it does mean something

  • s.nassim

    Atv 2nd gen with ios 5.2,the jailbreak not supported!!!

  • Ted

    ATV2 jailbreak has been about for ages, so ios6 and been jailbroken big deal, the focus is on ATV3, there will be a new model coming out soon with some spec/design update, I can tell you know its to support somthing apple is launching and will only work on ATV3+, people buying ATV2 for £150+ are crazy once the jailbreak comes out for ATV3 and new features your ATV2s will become the paper weight.

  • barry

    When’s the ATV3 jailbreak coming? Seems they’re still a ways off. Perhaps by the time the ATV3 jailbreak comes out, your ATV3 will be a “paper weight” as well.

  • Ted

    It wont be long……ATV3 is at the baby stage its a stepping stone to a bigger idea, ATV3 will only get better well for another year untill ATV4 but ATV2 will not be supported in the next mass update or if it is will not have full features, meaning the WOW features will be missing as it will not give the best experience much like the Macbooks 2011 dont do airplay. The non jailbreak for ATV2 has been good for ATV2 users but stopped progress of ATV3+ with apps etc. All I was originally saying which you miss understood was ATV2 jailbreak is nothing new, for the jailbreak community ATV3 Jailbreak is where it is at. Jailbreaks for the the old ATV2 is nothing to get excited about its just stopping progression.

  • help…

    How do I downgrade my AppleTV 2 so that I can rejailbreak it again? I was one of the lucky ones who upgraded yesterday before announcement that would not work on AppleTV2?

  • Hassan

    When will the jailbreak be out alreadyyyyyyy!!!!!!

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