Apple TV Entertainment System

Brandon Holland, the Canadian dude that gave us the wireless keyboard hack, is determined to get the most out of his Apple TV. So he turned it into an in-car entertainment system, complete with a custom GPS plugin that he wrote himself.

His email wrote:

I just recently finished putting an Apple TV into my car which is a 1990 Eagle Talon nicknamed “The Zapper” (Watch Futurama). The component output of the Apple TV is converted to composite using SVideo.com’s Component to RCA convertor. The output of the convertor is then displayed on my in-Dash 7-inch LCD. The audio is plugged into the aux of my deck. The Apple TV and video convertor are both run off of my 300-watt invertor hidden beneath the dash. The screen and the Apple TV are powered on and off using switches. I also wrote a GPS plugin for the Apple TV called Road Trip. It uses my USB GPS device to display its current location on a map. I am hoping to have the plugin online very soon. All of the media content on the Apple TV gets synchronized to my iTunes via wifi as soon as I park my car in the drive way! Everything works great!

Thanks, Brandon. Now, don’t you be watching any shows while driving, you hear?