Apple TV software update 5.0 (9B179b) now available worldwide

by tomek on March 8, 2012

Apple Tv software update 5.0

Released yesterday along with a new, third-generation Apple’s set-top box, Apple TV software update 5.0 (9B179b) is now available worldwide for all Apple TV 2 users. The update brings new, redesigned, icon-based user interface, support for buying movies on Apple TV and playing back purchased movies from iCloud, new National Geographic photos built-in for screensaver and on-device sign up for content partners on Apple TV using your Apple ID (like Netflix).

As always, stay away from this update if you don’t want to lose your jailbreak. Although @nitotv has already been able to jailbreak and restore the new firmware and he’s working with FireCore on the new version of Seas0npass, there is a lot of work to be done until the untethered jailbreak for Apple TV 5.0 is released, so don’t expect it soon.

New 1080p Apple TV Giveaway

At the event held yesterday in San Francisco, Apple announced the new, third-generation Apple TV. It supports full 1080p video playback, comes with a simpler, redesigned, icon-based user interface and runs on Apple single-core A5 chip.

The updated Apple TV features 1080p programming including iTunes movies and TV shows, Netflix, Vimeo, photos and live sports from MLB, NBA and NHL in HD. Apple has expanded its iTunes in the Cloud functionality in iCloud, giving users the ability to access purchased movies and TV shows right from iCloud on the Apple TV

Following the new Apple TV unveiling, Netflix has announced that, starting today, users can sign-up for Netflix directly on the Apple TV and pay via an iTunes account.

The new Apple TV will be available on March 16th for $99. But if you want to get your hands on the Apple’s brand new set-top box without spending a buck, check out this this blog post where we are hosting a giveaway of the brand new 1080p Apple TV.

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  • Great

  • Houseofg

    So, once they (untethered) jailbreak 5.0 does that mean the ATV3s will be susceptible to jailbreaking at the same time, or is that a whole different ball of wax due to the updated  hardware platform?  No need to buy one of these new models until I can jailbreak it since they are useless to me without XBMC, but I’m definitely looking forward to getting one.

  • Gordon

    I accidentally upgraded to this right before I tried to jailbreak. There is no going back now is there? I already downloaded FireCore’s aTV Flash (black) and was getting ready to set it up. Can someone send me in the right direction if there’s a  chance I can downgrade back to Apple TV 2 4.4.4?
    Thanks so much!

  • Leahdokos

    I did the same thing…help would be appreciated!

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  • Steve

    Windows 8 has arrived on the Apple TV.
    Miss you Steve Jobs!

  • Lon D

    I updated my ATV2 with the version 5.0. All icons disappear on the interface except the “COMPUTERS’ and “SETTINGS” icon. Try to update using my MAC by USB still the same thing happen. I cant watch YOUTUBE and my FLICKR acct….any solution?

  • Ewan

    I did the same! So annoyed with myself. Is there any way I can put 4.4.4 back on my ATV?

  • Moral of the story folks… IF YOU JAILBREAK AN ITEM.. especially  an Apple item, DON’T DOWNLOAD ANY SOFTWARE UPDATES THE FIRST DAY THEY COME OUT.  In fact don’t update unless  a jailbreak has been updated or you don’t mind losing your modifications or possibly risk bricking your device because of something your tampering has done.

    Those of you who have might be able to downgrade your firmware using the updated SeasonOnPass tool.

  • Skyggen

    Is it possible to upgrade my atv from 4.4.2 to 4.4.4, and how do I do it? Or is the only alternative to uppgrade to 5.0 at the moment?

  • Yaister

    did anyone figure out how to jailbreak new OS5.0

  • Laurent

     same for me… any idea ?

  • Ulysses

    Does anyone know if it’s possible to DOWNGRADE the firmware of the NEW ATV3 from 5.0 to 4.4.4 so that it can be jailbroken before the new jailbreak is available? I just got my new ATV3 and can’t find any info whether or not it will work with 4.4.4 firmware. Thanks for any help!

  • Anonymous

    Apple TV Firmware Download
      is a good place for everything apple tv

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  • Black5_47

    Hello, I’m From another Country. This F**king firmware i just installed, Fucking wipe off the nice features of my apple TV all i could see now is the “Computer” and “Settings” icon. WTF is wrong with apple 🙁  

  • Blueboots

    I have the same problem, did you figure out how to fix this?

  • Ck10321

    no problem any one mess up date 5.0 atv2 still jailbreak and wacth all movies free ….
    flowing on youtube then you guy be ok..

  • david

    I have downloaded PlayerXtreme on my iOS phone and I mostly use its chrome cast feature to watch videos. It has 3x volume boost and plays all video formats, so I don’t have to download different media players to play different format videos. It has good video playback, and it also offers local area networking. It is available on both iOS and Android.

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