Giveaway: Win a free copy of AirParrot for Apple TV 2

by tomek on March 2, 2012

AirParrot does one simply thing – it streams your Mac’s display to your Apple TV 2 over AirPlay, in real time. Although the app is still in its early stages, it already does its job pretty well. Recently updated to version 1.2, AirParrot now features audio mirroring and external monitor support. It requires Mac OS X 10.6 or 10.7 and a second-generation Apple TV running firmware 4.4., no hacking/jailbreaking needed.

We are giving away 5 free licenses for AirParrot. So if you don’t want to wait until Mountain Lion with AirPlay Mirroring is released (this summer), join us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ to have a chance to enjoy AirPlay mirroring right now. Here are the details on how to participate in the giveaway:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  • Anonymous

    I like Toucan Sam on the cereal boxes

  • Can’t wait for mountain lion!!

  • Chrischhahn

    Wow, i was looking for that 🙂 cant wait!

  • Robertocr

    I want it!

  • Saoron

    thank you good program!!

  • Thanks!

  • This is perfect. My Mac won’t upgrade anymore, so airplay mirroring is a want of mine. :o)

  • Ron

    Honestly, captive birds scare me.  So much squawking, and I feel like at any moment they could take my eye out.

  • Johny_dogg


  • Woo!

  • pivale

    Pirate Parrots!

  • Another nice competition at appletvhacks.

  • Gordotweet

    The trial version is great but the audio volume seems low.

  • Brooksc

    can’t wait for this

  • It’s looking good 😀

  • Toby

    Thank you for this awesome giveaway! I would love to have this app!

  • Ayman S. Al-Tarrah

     can’t wait for this

  • Anonymous

    Hope I win. The app looks great

  • Anonymous

    I like to be able to AirParrot without waiting for Mountain Lion. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Alexandrine Parakeet is the same color as AirParrot (green) O;)

  • CMart

    Was looking to get this; now I hope I can just win a copy instead! 🙂

    Oh and I like parakeets, not parrots; unless it’s an AirParrot, of course 🙂

  • guest

    is there anything like this for windows?

  • Rafael

    Fruit Loops

  • Rnarciso

    Cool, great idea!

  • Simon Otto

    §up€® !!! ¡ L¡k€ ¡†

  • Empresas777


  • Zowi

    Yeah i’ll just wait for the summer. WIth the new mountain Lion OS x coming you can do this via your own macbook or iMac etc

  • Anonymous

    I just love this idea!

  • German Morales


  • Thewobot

    I don’t understand how to win but I want to.

  • Seth M

    This is awesome! ….how does it work??? lol

  • Hey whaddya know, I like Mindanao Racket-tailed Parrots too.

  • Shawn N


  • Wootail

    Awesome! I wish I could get my hands on one of these!

  • Monnie

    Oh this app sounds AMAZING.

  • Andrew Elaschuk

    try the beta… i’m having no luck streaming sound with this program tho. I’ve installed the drivers but still no luck anyone have pointers?

  • I want Parrot in my living room

  • polly

    Polly wants a cracker

  • Boey

     Mont Python’s dead Parrot- a Norwegian Blue – they prefer lying on their backs. 😛

  • Ron Falkoff

    Norwegian Blue wonderful plumage!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kareeka007

    i dont have a fav parrot 😀

  • It’s so good!!

  • fav parrot is the Parrot AR.Drone!

  • iMactouch

    Great App!

  • Reflection just got updated too. Pretty good set of apps they have going.

  • Can i have one?

  • a a


  • Aldo Medina

    I want in on this!

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