How to install Plex 0.10 on Apple TV 2 (tutorial)

by tomek on February 3, 2012

Plex 0.10 for Apple TV 2

We’ve been so busy lately going through all the rumors on the upcoming Apple Television that we forgot to let you know that the Plex client for Apple TV 2 has been updated to version 0.10 (and later on to version – beta 2). The new version brings some significant changes, like DirectPlay support and Full myPlex support, and supports Apple TV 4.3 and 4.4 firmware.

Highlights of the release:

  • Full myPlex Support – view your myPlex queue or Friend’s shared server.
  • Top Shelf is now configurable – You can choose which Plex Media Server, then the Section, and Recently Added or OnDeck – the posters are added to the shelf for easy selection.
  • Badges! Grid and Bookshelf view now sport badges!
  • DirectPlay Support – now works on the ATV client. Avoid transcoding! Save the Planet!
  • Directories are now loaded asynchronously. That means that you will see a nice spinner while waiting for the directory to load.
  • Memory leaks galore fixed – more stable, particularly on media playback.
  • Many annoying bug fixes – more useable. The UI is becoming more consistent, reliable and snappy!
  • Added settings for subtitle size and audio boost.
  • Fixes capability settings on AAC. The ATV only supports 2 channels AAC.
  • Fixes where you couldn’t disable DTS and AC3 support under 4.4.4.
  • Tons of fixes to the main menu where categories should show up faster and more reliably.
  • Correctly order Channel, Search and Queue in the main menu.

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The installation has also been improved. You can now use plex-atv-installer on your Linux or OSX box.

Installing using the installer:

  • Download the installer here:…/zipball/master
  • Unzip it
  • Open and enter the plex-atv-installer directory
  • update: if you have an older version installed, first run

./ remove

  • Run

./ -b beta install

to install the beta.

Note: if your Apple TV is not named ‘Apple-TV.local’ and if you have changed your login password on the atv you need to check the usage of Plex ATV Installer here:…aster/

  • Done!

Installing manually:

  • SSH into your ATV
  • Run


  • Run

dpkg -i com.plexapp.repo.beta_1.0_iphoneos-arm.deb

  • Run

apt-get update

If you have an older version installed please remove it first:
dpkg -r com.plex.client-plugin

  • Run

apt-get install com.plex.client-plugin

  • Run

killall AppleTV

  • Done!

Known issues:

  • Some high profile H264 MKV’s will not play back on ATV. There seem to be something that the transcoder does here that is not working out for the Apple TV.
  • Badges in the bookcase doesn’t work correctly.
  • The devs have seen, in some cases,  a serious issue with network connectivity disappearing from the atv. But they haven’t been able to say for certain it’s because of plex-atv, it might be the jailbreak for 4.4.4 instead.

Note: the current version is 0.10.0-720fd8d1 and it only works with Plex Media Server

[via Plex forums]

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  • Bantocks

    Is Plex better than xbmc Which I’m currently using.

    Whats the difference?

  • Jabba

    The Media server. Its awesome over all the network and iOS/android

  • Rockstjernen

    do you still have to have plex media server running on a computer on the network for streaming movies or can you stream directly from a NAS-Server without having extra computers on (just like XBMC or firecore’s media player)? 

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  • Aaron Bailey

    Anyone test the Hulu app in the US?  Does it work with Hulu Plus?

  • Napsterdude29

    it’s all about preference.  I like plex because it extends into so many other areas. I can use it on my ATV2, watch those on my iphone or ipad.  I can also use those in conjunction with SickBeard and have my movies/shows download directly to plex and plex then shows all the meta-data/movie posters immediately.  With this update, I can now watch the videos of my friends’ myplex accounts on the ATV as well.  I’ve been waiting for this one for a while now.  DI K much about XBMC but I prefer plex over it. For sure. 

  • Fred

    Just tried this out, amazing interface I absolutely love it.  Unfortunately playback leaves a LOT to be desired.  If I increase the quality to 1080p I get audio with no video playback at all.  If I gradually lower it to 720P 2.3mbps or 720p 4mbps I get grainy video with artifacts in it.  In other words bad quality.  I’m not sure if this is a problem with the hardware in the Apple TV 2 or if it’s software but it’s not acceptable in any case.  It’s a shame because the interface on this system is slick.  Oh well, back to my PS3 until someone can develop a system that works properly…. 

  • Fred

    You need a dedicated Plex media server running so you need a computer.

  • Fred

    Just to add, I’m using a hardwired connection, NOT wireless so the network should be able to keep up.

  • emilsk

    Ive tried to install plex on my atv in many different ways now and the it all seem to work except that  the signal between my atv and my TV stops when booting up the atv. the apple logo appears on the screen but the i loose the signal. 

    Am i the only one with this problem and is there any one who knows how to fix it? 

  • Jtorrio

    i had the same issue after jailbreaking.  try unplugging the hdmi cable from the appletv then unplug the power cable, then connect the hdmi then the power cable.  when you see the apple logo, click the menu button on the remote.  Not sure if it’s a sure fire way to fix it, but I did this, and it worked for me.   If all else fails, you can always restore it and start over.

  • Beatrice Blue

    The jailbreaking with Seas0nPass went perfect, but I have tried installing Plex & NitroTV many different ways without success. Everything seems to look ok in Terminal, but at the end I get “no processes were found” after entering “killall AppleTV”. I’ve tried Apple-TV, apple-tv, etc, with no luck. And I get nothing on the screen. It seems to flash on & off, once & awhile it’ll show me an Apple, just to flash off again. Someone please help!!

  •  Hey B.B, Have you found a solution to this? Having the same problem. Pressing the menu button on the Apple logo is of no use whatsoever!!  I don’t really want to go back and start again…

  • Answering my own question here!
    After ssh’ing to the ATV enter:

    apt-get remove com.plex.client-plugin
    Presto, still doesn’t shed any light on how/why the ATV wouldn’t boot up to begin with..

  • Ken Staude

    Anyone able to find a workaround for not being able to play 720p MKV/H264 videos yet? Bummed that I may have to download SD files.

  • Bodywisdom

    Hey guys – excuse my ignorance – when you say at the beginning to install on OSX box – does this mean the apple tv 2 box, or my imac? Real novice here so need guidance!

  • Based on the screenshot, then i expected to find that theme / style when Plex was installed on my ATV. Unfortuantly, it’s just the same old same old theme i strongly dislike 🙁

  • Grisk

    Source was not found

  • Anders Haaland-Øverby

    I’ve never used terminal. What does “enter the plex installer directory” mean? does this work like does e.g: cd (directory/subdir/subdir) cd.. and so on, how do i “enter” a directory?

  • Anders Haaland-Øverby

    I meant DOS, as in MS DOS not “does”

  • Pepepar

    Atv2 ios 5.0.1 (5.1.1) Plex doesnt work with mkv files as usual

  • On my server list I can only see Apple TV, I don’t see my Mac.
    How can I add channels to it if I only see Apple TV, it’s empty and I cant add anything?
    Before upgrading to 5.0.1 I was connecting to my Mas and pulling al the content from there
    I can’t know, any  ideas?

    Many thanks, 

  • Blue Man

    Just want to say that i just added plex from here and it works great. Thank you very much. Now I need to find out how to add other servers and will this work just the same out side the house????
    Thanks again,
    Blue Man

  • Stuart M

    Apple TV 2 Firmware jailbroken without seasonpass can Plex be installed?

  • Stuart M

    Apple TV 2 with 4.3 firmware jailbroken can Plex be installed

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