Will record 1.4 mln Apple TV sales take Apple to iTV?

by tomek on January 25, 2012

Apple has sold record 1.4 million Apple TVs during the last holiday quarter but, interestingly, the company didn’t reveal this figures in yesterday’s press release in which it proudly details record-breaking sales of iPhones, iPads and Macs. The record figures for Apple TV were revealed during the Q1 2012 earnings live call: asked about Apple’s strategy for the living room, Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, said “the Apple TV product is dealing very well,” and he gave the numbers: in the last fiscal year – ended in September 2011 – Apple sold 2.8 mln Apple TVs, and in December quarter – record 1.4 mln units.

However, Cook added that “if you dollarize it… we still classify it as a hobby,” but he also said that Apple continues to “add things to it.”

Apple’s CEO also admitted that he “couldn’t live without the Apple TV” and said:  “We continue to pull the strings to see where it takes us.”

Since the Apple TV 2 launch in September 2010, Apple has sold over 4.2 million of the set top boxes.

Apple has been long rumored to be working on an Apple TV set that, according to Gene Munster, could be introduced around WWDC 2012.

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    Apple TV is a convenient device for people who spend a lot of time at home.  I know there are still couch potatoes out there and I remember those days when our family spent our time fighting over the remote, then we got more TV’s, but we still spent nearly all of our time in front of the TV.  We started encouraging our kids to get involved in more after school activities, and my wife and I took up some hobbies, working out, meeting new people.  Between work and helping our kids with their transportation, there wasn’t a lot of time left for TV any more.  Still, we missed it, so when I heard about the Sling Adapter coming out at my employer, Dish Network, I bought one right away.  We watch TV on the go now and love it.  Not only do we watch more TV but also we are more selective and have more choices since we can record and watch anywhere we go later.  I like watching live sports on my iPhone or Galaxy Tab and my wife doesn’t complain I’m not spending time with her.

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