How to jailbreak Apple TV 4.4.4 using Seas0nPass – untethered (tutorial)

by tomek on January 3, 2012

Two weeks after iOS hacker and Chronic Dev-Team member Pod2g announced an untethered jailbreak for Apple TV 2 running 4.4.3 (and 4.4.4), FireCore made this jailbreak publicly available by releasing an updated version of Seas0nPass that supports an untethered jailbreak of the latest 4.4.4 (iOS 5.0.1) Apple TV software. Obviously, the new Seas0nPass uses Pod2g’s exploit.

All the most popular Apple TV 2 plugins, like NitoTV,  XBMC,  Plex (0.9.0 beta versions only), Remote HD,  Media Player,  Overflow, Couch Surfer,, Rowmote, RSS Feeds and Weather are already supported on 4.4.4.

Here is a step by step tutorial on how to jailbreak Apple TV 4.4.4 untethered using Seas0nPass:

Note: If you’re already running a tethered version of 4.4.4 you will need to re-jailbreak using Seas0nPass to take advantage of the new untethered version.

Pre-launch checklist

  1. Download and install the latest version of iTunes (check for updates through Software Update located in Apple menu).
  2. Download Seas0nPass for Mac [10.6 or later] or Windows [XP or later].
  3. A micro USB cable will be required to complete the jailbreak.
  4. Disconnect any iPods, iPhones, and iPads from your computer.


Step 1: Unzip the ‘’ file and launch Seas0nPass.

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Step 2: Select the ‘Create IPSW’ button to start the jailbreak process.

Step 3: The latest Apple TV software will be downloaded and used to create a custom ‘jailbroken’ software file.

Step 4:When prompted, connect your Apple TV using a micro-USB cable (leave power disconnected).

Once the light on the front of the AppleTV begins to flash rapidly, point the remote at the AppleTV and hold both the MENU and PLAY/PAUSE buttons for 7 seven seconds.

Note: This step will require the silver (aluminum) AppleTV remote that was included with the ATV2. The older, white (plastic) remotes will not work.

Step 5: iTunes will open automatically and start the restore process.

Step 6: iTunes will confirm the restore when complete – your Apple TV is now jailbroken. Please proceed to the ‘tethered boot’ section below.

Note: To confirm the jailbreak was successful a (temporary) red FC logo will appear in the lower right corner of the screen – as shown below.


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  • xpigx

    Did you mean to include’
    Please proceed to the ‘tethered boot’ section below.’ in this post? 

  • Happymansf

    At what point do we connect the power to the Apple TV?

  • Cjohnsmith

    Awesome! Do I have reinstall everything else, like aTV Flash, XBMC, and all it’s plugins? Basically, start from zero?

  • Tarik Laasri

    Always have power connected

  • Atkind

    should itunes be left open during this process?  when i plug in the usb, it doesn’t flash unless my itunes is open.

  • Flexxo227

    “Process failed with reason: Filesystem patches failed!”  WTF?

  • Guest

    When i connect the apple tv the windows do not recognize it. Nothing happens anymore. Any ideas?  

  • Happymansf

    I keep getting cannot restore error 1611 from itunes.  My [email protected]:disqus  is currently bricked. Anyone have any advice?

  • Happymansf

    I keep getting cannot restore error 1611 from itunes.  My ATV2 is currently bricked. Anyone have any advice?

  • Guest

    Bad microusb cable! Changed it and all worked fine.

  • Happymansf

    Changed my microusb cable too. Worked like a charm!

  • Skootz

    yep, this is a total restore 🙁 but you get a ton of new features!

  • Skootz

    wrong. no power, just usb. you only connect power when you all done with the jailbreak, and are hooking up to the tv

  • Skootz

    what do you mean by ‘flash’? do you mean making the ipsw, or restoring the atv in itunes with the hacked ipsw file? itunes should be closed when you make the ipsw with seasonpass, but you need itunes in order to actually restore and jailbreak the atv. my computer opened and closed itunes automatically, but if yours doesn’t, you should just keep it closed until the actual restore.

  • Mvanstaveren

    My ATV2 is now bricked, it keeps flashing.
    I followed all the instructions, itunes popup up, restored something, itunes told me to disconnect it, season pass said everything was succesfull, and now I can not do anything with my shiny box of joy anymore… fuck

  • Mvanstaveren

    ignore my previous post, my HDMI cable was not connected properly, thats why it kept flashing because I had not set my country and such.
    This flash works!

  • Riddle

    I’m having a strange problem, a friend of mine gave me an ATV that he previously Jb with 4.4.4 tethered.
    he asked me to make him an untehtered because he wasn’t able to do it..

    the problem is that itunes doesn’t recognize it (in any pc i’vre tried) “unknown USB device”. Connecting it to a TV shows the request for a tethered boot BUT, when i try to do that seasonpass tells that “this” 4.4.4 jb is untethered.

    there’s no way to put it into DFU, i’ve tried several times in different ways (power cord in/out).
    led is blinking not at the fastest ratio but it blinks.

    i suppose that he tried to jb the existing jb without passing from itunes for a reset.

    can you please help me to find a solution to this problem?

  • Anonymous

    I spent an hour trying to get into DFU mode before I plugged the power cable in just to get the aTV in DFU. Once the Seas0nPass window went to the next indicator

  • Costelloetony

    I have the fc logo in the corner but how do i get XBMC on it, can anyone help thanks

  • Prees5000

    I get to the part where it asks for device to enter DFU mode but then pressing buttons doesn’t have any effect. Anyone know what I should try next?

  • Cdoyle31

    Same problem here. I also tried holding down option while hitting restore on iTunes and choosing the ipsw manually, but it didn’t seem to jailbreak it.

  • Cdoyle31

    And now it worked. I unplugged it, plugged it back in, and WAITED until the device began flashing rapidly before holding down the buttons on the remote. Amazing what happens when you read instructions! 🙂 best of luck

  • HarbourMyView

    so i followed all the steps and it was a success. I have it plugged in to my TV, now what? how do I experience the goodness of it being jailbroken? 

  • HarbourMyView

    When I go to the movies section of iTunes it still tells me rent for $5.99? I thought everything was suppose to be free?

  • PJ20TEN

    Can someone explain to me the purpose of jailbreaking apple tv? Right now my main source of media entertainment comes from watching blu-ray movies on my PS3 via external hard drive. What can i do with (jailbroken) apple tv? Will it open a realm of glorious entertainment beyond my wildest dreams, or is it simply a way to stream youtube etc from my computer to my tv?

  • PJ20TEN

    And i should mention that i live in Canada.

  • Steven Mcintyre11

    When running Seasonpass on my home computer it errors when iTunes tries to run the update.  Brought it into the office this morning and when running Seasonpass it dowloads the firmware and then the program closes.  Is anyone able to give some advice?

  • SunDalf

    I did it again and again, with and without power cable, it doesn’t matter I always get an error 1604 message from itunes :-(((

  • Dchap

    Help Me Please:

    I downloaded the seas0npass file, unzip but when trying to raunch the seas0npass I get the following error:
    To run this application, you first must install one of the following versions of the .net framework: v4.0.30319
    contact your application publisher

    What is wrong? How do I resolve this error? Thanks

  • jC

    How do I install Remote HD with this new update?

  • Pablo Quezada
  • Pablo Quezada

    After jailbreaking its available in advanced settings.

  • Terry_corby

    I agree,, so I’ve jail broken my apple tv what now??????

  • Bubba

    restore your appletv to factory settings using ITUNES and then start the process over again.

  • Bubba

    restore your appletv to factory defaults in ITUNES first, and then run this whole process again.  That is how I resolved the error.

  • Dchap

    The word of the day is PATIENCE. Thanks to everyone for their help, I am please to say I have a jailbroken atv. I did have to use the power cord after several failed tries. I tried changing the usb cord but I figured out it wasn’t the cord it was my box not being recognize by my computer as added hardware even though I heard the sound for new hardware. Right after I plugged in the power cord and push the buttons on the remote I finally enter DFU mode. One fail so I decided to reboot computer and use power cord. It worked.

    I plugged box to tv then got ready to add Atv Flash. This was quicker and less stressful. Everything went as plan but XMBC is not working proper. I keep getting a error inside XMBC in the lower right corner about script error. Hopefully, Firecore will have a few answers for me. If anyone else has experience this error, I would appreicate your time.

  • Information is exciting. Sound make it well and attractive. The application support to full of device and make it better in uses.

  • Cside

    just picked one up i could Not resist! one question i have, are the plugins like Icefilms XBMC ECT. with the IPSW? or would one direct me to the tutorial to do so….thanks

  • Asd

    You download them after

  • Asd

    Jailbreaking allows you to add software not approved by apple. Install nitotv and xbmc. After, get some xbmc plugins.

  • Gigiri

    Jailbreaking the ATV has been a long tedious process for me. I usually get the most weird issues with tech and this has been no exception. 2 days ago I got to JB the atv finally!!!, installed XBMC then I went ahead today to install nito TV… for this i needed to ssh (via filezilla) the install directory to the ATV and chose the applications directory in the ATV… for some reason transferring this archive vanished all the other directories in there which includes the original interface, xbmc EVERYTHING! its a brick now so back to square one… now i need to cross my fingers i don’t get the 1600 error like i did many times to get up to this point. Be careful when you ssh stuff into the ATV because you can loose easily.

  • Prees5000

    Anyone have ideas?
    I’ve been continuing to try getting past the DFU stage with no success – on a mac. Atv light will flash, more rapidly when I hold down the buttons, but doesn’t move on to the restore step. iTunes doesn’t recognize the device at all – nothing happens to open iTunes automatically and nothing happens when I open it manually. Have tried with the power plugged in and not plugged in. Have tried two different usb cables.
    Any other thoughts would be appreciated.

  • Dylan8674

    Yes, i found i had to connect the power cord to get this to work too.

  • Hi Cside…  I did this a couple of nights ago ->

    I installed the Eden version.  Some things work some are broken so you may/may not want to wait depending on what your watching goals are.  I do not know if rolling back to prior version will work or not.  Good Luck.  GH

  • Script errors are due to something called mega…py being wrong in the beta according to my digging on this subject a couple of days ago.  If you find the right file and swap it out its supposed to work.  I couldnt locate the named file anywhere so I am punting for a week to see if this firms up in the meantime. cheers GH

  • Erickt55

    there is a reason why Apple doesn’t add these features yet.  it plain doesn’t work 100%.

    Your have your Apple TV jailbroken, and you have friends over and you are so ecstatic to share the goodness of it been jailbroken and they say what can you do… well you can stream things watch this…. and they wait wait wait and then yeah here it is cool ha.. ok and you play the slide show for last fm. and first song comes out fine and there like I have to get this, and then the next song it takes years to load the images.. next the browser wow ha. you say, and show them you can see flash and websites in the slowest form possible, its like having an old pc hook up dial up. then you proceed to show them your movie collection and once again the images take decades to show up. then you proceed to show xmbc and your in the middle of everything and you just remembered and update is ready and what happens it bricks your Apple TV completely. and one of your friends with a Windows pc says, thats it. and you where just going to watch a movie and they are forced to wait for you or they say we’ll just see it some other time.. boom dagger in your happy heart of jaibraking it. but you say it work’s I just have to have the time and patience for it to work for me.. you’ll see. come back guys…

    trust me when I say this, sooner or sooner you will not jaibrake it anymore and enjoy your apple tv the way it works… 

  • Oilers76

    Just curious, If I do the jailbreak will XBMC, Plex etc be installed or do I have to do that after the jailbreak?

  • Dendy

    doesn’t work.. when i’m asked to hold on MENU+PLAY/PAUSE my device goes never to DFU mode .. i have silver remote .. i connect it to usb, wait until it starts flash rapidly, then i press both buttons on remote.. i wait 10 sec .. 20 sec.. nothing … seasonpass still displays ‘waiting for device to enter DFU mode”

  • Dendy

    ok weird.. i tried this and it works 🙂 

    i pressed menu+pause/play >IMMEDIATELY< after i connected apple tv to usb .. i holded it until it starts flash rapidly.. then i releassed buttons and after few seconds is presset them again – and it goes very quickly (after 2-3 sec) to DFU mode … weird 🙂

  • Anosdublin

    check your host file if there is apple entry and comment it out and try again

  • SunDalf

    Thanks for your response. But there is no apple entry in the hosts file.

  • SunDalf

    If I do that, I get the error 1603 🙁
    I re-install windows 7 and .net Framework 4.0.303… than seasonpass. But its the same.

  • Juniper

    Is anyone else having issues creating the restore ispw…..i click create ISPW and it just sits on Downloading Apple TV2, for ages….i’ve had one up on screen for around 4 hours now, yet the progress bar is still only at about 25%! (everything else is running fine in terms of download speeds etc, its just seasonpass!)
    How long should it take to for the prompt to connect the apple tv to come up on screen?

    Any ideas guys?

  • Bulletproofcupid

    I am also getting the ‘Script error’ down in right hand corner, nothing works on xbmc at all at the moment!!

  • ivin

    i use it mostly for streaming movies and tv shows either from my computer or the internet. if you install xbmc and add the plugin icefilms, you can pretty much say goodbye to cable or satellite. and enjoy the commercial free episodes. that are updated daily. 

  • Morbjerg

    Is this Jailbreak also good for the Atv1?

  • Foolishfreeheel

    same problem here? This is my second jailbreak. After my girlfriend completed the latest apple tv update….any thoughts

    thank you

  • Wouter Budding

    Yup, thanx for the info. Indeed I jailbreaked my atv2 twice unsuccessfully. Both errors 1602 and 1603. After I first installed the normal iOS on the atv2 and THEN jailbreaked it, it worked like a charm!!

  • Foolishfreeheel

    Right! Turns out I was using a mini-usb cable. which is different than a micro usb cable!!

  • Anonymous

    Listen, when you get these errors, it still works (or at least it did for me). I got 1602, thought I’d plug it in the TV just to see what happened, and everything works great.

  • Gonna Break It!!!

    I need help! I`m on the verge of smashing this thing! I`ve completed this thing step by step over 10 times and Apple TV (No FC) keeps appearing (thus not jailbroken). I get no errors so I have no idea what`s going wrong!

  • Dubb Z

    hey, I jailbroke my apple tv and installed nitoTV and XBMC but I can’t figure out how to get content on them. I also want to install a few other things but I don’t understand what SFTP means and how to access it on my apple tv. Can someone point me in the right direction? I want icefilms, hulu, etc, I have the zip file but can’t figure out what to do from there. Thanks

  • Ckajohn

    Hello All, I just got the ATV 2 for xmas and trying to jailbreak. I am on 4.4.4. running OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. in step 4, i connected the micro usb, but my ATV2 light does not have blinking lights at all. It only blinks 2 times right when I connect the usb then stops. 

  • Timvanbeers

    For the ones with problems entering DFU, you need to restore the aTv first through iTunes with a 4.4.4 ipsw (download from internet), after that, click shift (or alt) + Create custom ipsw in seas0npass. at that point connect your aTv to your pc. and follow the steps. In Mac it failed, but in Windows this worked for me 🙂

  • I performed this successfully with two Apple TV units, both running 4.4.4. The instructions were correct, but I did have one issue that was easily corrected:

    When I first plugged my units into my Mac via USB (but without AC power), they never got to the “rapid flashing” stage. They just flashed slowly a few times and did nothing. They didn’t respond to the remote buttons, either.

    I had to unplug the USB cable and then plug it back in, after which they blinked slowly for a few seconds, and then started flashing rapidly. At that point Seas0npass proceeded to upload the hack, and DFU proceeded properly.

    This happened on both of my units, so it might happen to others. HTH!

  • Michel

    The above instructions were good for me and everything seemed to be fine. But when I connect the apple TV to my TV, i see the apple logo in 720p and after a while a I get a blue screen. The LED on the Aplle TV is on.

    Does anyone know what the problem is?

  • Cory

    Heres how this went for me…  1) i left the power cord in, which im sure didnt help.  2) seasonpass found DFU then asked if i wanted to restore in itunes 3) i click yes, then itunes found my appletv and said it needed to download an update  4) it started downloading the update and i figured i must have done something wrong… cuz why would itunes be downloading something?  So i canceled it.   I have restarted my computer, restored appletv from general settings thru my tv, and repeatedly tried the steps and i cant get itunes to recognize appletv…    Any ideas guys?

  • Ville

    I have atv2 running on 4.3 and jailbroken. Do I need to update the software or just follow these steps and it will update the os automatically?

  • FreeWorld

    Hey I followed all the steps and itunes opens up and then it says restoring something or another, then I get  pop up from itunes stating “The Apple TV “Apple TV” could not be restored. An unknown error occured (1604).  How do I get this to work???

  • immature

    i had updated to 4.4.4 through my tv and tried to jailbreak it after.  everything was fine until close to the end where it said that my atv was not eligible for requested build.  is there still a way to jailbreak my atv or will i have to wait for the next jailbreak?

  • YamYam

    I’m expecting my first ATV2 today so do I jailbreak according to the iOS it comes shipped with or is this one backwards compatible?

    As the tutorial says “The latest Apple TV software will be downloaded”, I’m guessing/hoping it will upgrade the iOS at the same time though I’d appreciate some confirmation. Thanks.

  • Chrisbicker

    I got my apple tv into dfu mode and seas0npass did its magic, and opened iTunes etc. but then iTunes said it was unable to verify the new software….

    What should I do now?

  • Jsimunich

    wondering if you figured it out as I am in the same spot now.

  • frustrated

    I have completed all steps, exactly as written both by firecore website and a few others that wrote their own tutorials, and although i occasionally had issues i get them solved and end up with an apple tv 2 4.4.4 that has the red “FC” logo in the bottom right which by the instructions says clearly that if u have the red FC logo its jailbroken so i try to SSH into it both with a MAC and a windows 7 computer and neither will connect, it usually says it times out while looking for it, everything i read says that means its not jailbroken yet the other posts says it is, but regardless that is the brick wall ive been at for over a week now. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated

  • Kollen93

    I have exactly the same issue. I’ve tried for several hours with different methods. Still receive this 1604 error. Might be something wrong with the cable “isolation” according to apple support.

  • Ok, got it working, the FC is in the corner and all is good in the world… except one thing. everything is the same as it was with the exception of the FC in the corner. what now? where do I actually get the plugins and how do I install them? I dont know why, but I was working on the assumption that it would be like redsnow on my iphone, where I opened an app to do assorted installs directly on the device. please help, the whole reason I wanted this is so I dont have to convert 2 tbs of movies and TV shows to stream to my bedroom. thank you.

  • Koala5

    I had the same problem and pluged in the power cord  and it worked

  • Mr_nico_1977

    best advice I’d give here is to search the internet for “nito apple tv 2 install tutorial” there are plenty on you tube. Requires a bit of work but not too difficult to follow if you do it word for word. Once that is installed it will appear as an additional menu item on your jailbroken atv, one of the options will be to install packages and under this option there will be an XBMC install option which is easier than doing it manually! There are some other cool apps in there too plus you can set the apple TV fix to prevent it updating automatically (which can cause it to crash when in XBMC)

    Once XBMC is running you can download plugins from XBMC gui and even though it comes with a limited amount of skins (not many tested yet) I downloaded a few others that I prefer to use and FTP’d them manually and most worked perfectly… 

    good luck!

  • Mr_nico_1977

    Jailbroken is simply unlocked to allow additional apps to be installed. There are limited apps at the moment but still enough to improve the ATV totally! sounds like you really could do with XBMC, but first search the web/ youtube for tutorial to install Nito onto apple tv 2. Once thats installed its internal menu allows the automated install of XBMC. Once XBMC is installed enjoy happy streaming from a nas or pc for almost any media type (MKV, xvid, mp4 etc) and in 1080p!

    also note: the nito has the option to prevent the apple tv from auto updating… I recomend this as it stopped it from crashing XBMC when it checked.

  • CC

    Perfect, No issues.  Thanks

  • Mx_rider777

    When seas0nPass tells me to connect micro usb and press and hold the menu and play button at the same time for seven seconds….. i do and nothing happens.
    my mac does’t seem to recognize my ATV2 HELP PLEASE!!!

  • ZeroGeez

    When running SeasonPass for A-TV 4.4.4 on my MacBookAir with Lion, I can only get to the step when it says it is ‘patching ramdisk’ and it will go no further.  I have tried several times and have let it run up to an hour or so, but it still won’t progress past that point.  I have also tried pointing SeasonPass to the (downloaded) ISPW file for A-TV 4.4.4 and I have tried letting SeasonPass download the file by itself.  Neither method made any progress.  I can’t even get to the point where so many others are having problems….Anybody with suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

  • Andreas

    I didn’t understand that either.

  • james

    I am getting a blank screen when I hook my ATV back to the TV after a successful jailbreak.  Itunes said it was successfully restored but when I hook up to the TV I get no video.  The light on the ATV is solid.  Any ideas?

  • Scurvy Pirate

    you are on crack

  • mve

    I had the same problem, and after a couple hours discovered I had LittleSnitch running, which was blocking my access to the restore. I quit out of that and all was well.

  • Rh 1970

    This simply does not work on my Mac. I have everything up to date but SeasonPass won’t even run. I unzip it and just get a big no entry sign on it. I double click and it says I can’t run it on this version of OS X. Any ideas?

  • I’m getting The Apple TV “Apple TV” could not be restored. an unknown error occurred (9).  In Itunes. any ideas?


    II have a problem, after i have done everything and gonna take it on the tv it doest come up… its just stuck at black screen on tv but still blinking on ATV. i try to boot tethered it but it tells me this ATV is untethered so it does not need it, but i though it did cuz how should it get on then?

  • Gregf

    HELP! I cant get it to DFU Mode. I plug it in when it says to plug it in and it still doesnt work! I hold the buttons for 7, 10, 20 seconds NOTHING. I am running on a MAC OS X and i cant get it to blink fast so I can go into DFU mode. HELP

  • michael r

    Eventhough it says only connect USB, you have to connect USB and POWER CABLE right, then it flashes 10 times slowly, and 10 times again, and then it becomes solid white. Then I pressed menu+play and it goes into DFU mode and season pass is doing that it is supposed to. iTunes opens, and finds the update file and restores something, but ends up with a failure. Sometimes Season pass says it worked okay (but when i connect ATV to my tv theres no logo), sometimes season pass says it didn’t work, but i don’t know what to do. I think it has something to do with iTunes, but i can’t figure it out, i have the latest itunes.

  • Mitchman333

    After successful SeasonPass 4.4.4 jailbreak, I no longer can use Airplay from itunes or ipad.  Both worked prior to Season Pass install.  Just curious if that was affecting other folks?

  • AppleGeek

     Incorrect Skootz. I had to keep my power connected in order for the jailbreak to work.  Some work without, others need it plugged in.

  • Pwnagetool

    if you need the apple firmware you can get it

  • mikeru22

    worked for me on Mac while having the power cable connected to ATV2. Also, make sure you are patient while iTunes does it’s thing, I unplugged it prematurely and it didn’t work the first time. Even though the iTunes Restore “failed” on what seemed to be the second restoration in iTunes, my jailbreak was still successful. Good luck!

  • Leynet_2000

    Didn’t see the FC on the right lower corner of appletv but saw itunes restore script successful. Does that mean it’s jailbroken? Trying to install plex but kept getting connection refused on port 22.

  • chieftaco

    was a pain to get installed but finally got it to work.. bought a brand new apple tv, unboxed and plugged into pc, followed guide, but iTunes would not flash the custom firmware created by seas0npass to the apple tv.. tried for hours, different ways, with and without power cord.. iTunes would flash retail 4.4.4 firmware fine, but would not flash custom firmware. Not sure if this mattered, but initially tried version (latest) of iTunes.. got pissed off after a few hours of dicking with it, uninstalled and installed previous version of iTunes.. Was on 64bit windows 7 ultimate pc, core i7, 24Gb ram, massive beast of a desktop.. still wouldnt work no matter how much or how I tried.. As a last result I went to the PC in my living room, windows 7 home premium 64bit, core i5, 8Gb ram, which is set up for guest use and hardly has any usb devices.. installed iTunes, ran it and accepted license agreement, ran seas0npass, generated custom ipsw, plugged in apple tv 2 via usb only to front of pc usb port, held down buttons to enter dfu mode, and seas0npass detected, opened iTunes, and flashed jailbroken custom ipsw perfectly on first attempt.. hope this helps someone..

  • bbberi

    nope, i guess there is no general rule here. for my first atv2 it worked without, for my new one i had to connect power (did not come to the “flash rapidly” without it).

  • Justin

    I just jailbroke my appleTV 2 (4.4.4) with iTunes the latest one. The first time it didn’t work and it froze and an error came up. Make sure that the appleTV is in DFU mode, I believe that was my biggest problem. After you’ve launched seas0npass and it asks for you to connect your appletv to the computer, connect it only by USB. If there are no lights flashing then you must unplug it. After unplugging from the computer, connect to power outlet only. Take the appletv remote and hold down the MENU and DOWN arrow button for 7 seconds (this is important), until the appletv starts to blink really fast. Let go of the buttons and the appletv should reset its self by now. Now unplug the appletv from the outlet(remove the cable from appletv too) and connect it to the computer with the USB. the appletv should be flashing fairly quickly now. Now you can hold the MENU and the PLAY button down for 7 seconds and let season pass finish its work. hopefully this helps you guys out!

  • Nadeem

    Today, I bought Apple TV2 and try to jailbreak, I connect with my nikon camera min usb cable, but light on device doesn’t work as power cable is not connected.
    And itune doesn’t detect apple tv, I checked the cable by connecting camera and it is working fine. 
    Please, advise

  • swingman

    where can i download seasonpass? i cant seem to find a website that has seasonpass? please help

  • Anonymous

    I bought my Apple TV 2 yesterday, upgraded it from 4.3 to 4.4, restored it to manufacture defaults, and then followed these instructions. Initially, it took 20 minutes for Seasonpass to run, and I first got error 1600 and later 1602 after iTunes tried to restore the jailbroken IPSW file to my Apple TV.

    Rebooting my computer didn’t help, so I played around with connecting power plugging in the USB cable, and putting the device into DFU mode.
    what finally worked was this ( I made several changes at once, any one of them could have been the fix, entries with a * are items I did for the first time, others items I’d tried before by themselves and didn’t work)

    Commented out the “” entry in my Windowssystem32driversetchosts file
    Turned off Windows Firewall
    Turned off Peerblocker
    *Turned off Microsoft Security Essentials
    Close iTunes and Seasonpass.
    Plug in power then plug USB cable
    Hold down menu and play/pause for 7 seconds to enter DFU mode.
    Start up Seasonpass and just let it go until iTunes says the device has been restored.

    After this, I reset power , plugged in HDMI , and it had the FC logo in the bottom.

    So far I’ve installed XBMC and stream movies from my PC to the ATV2. I connected my Home Share and can  play from my iTunes collection as well. Airplay works, too.

    Just thought I would share my experience.


  • Guest

    needed power cable in the whole time..otherwise kept getting error (2005), thought it was antivirus software as got a warning about that, but trying on a differnt PC with no antivirus and was still getting that same error till i plugged the power cable in.

  • Christopher Allaire

    I just had the same problem, and also had an old Windows system that running Win 7 starter for when i need to trouble shoot clients systems that are being finicky with my mac.  It worked completely  the way you said it did.  Whats also weird about this is about 2 months ago I was trying to re-Jailbreak my 2 iPhone 4’s and my iPad when they released the 5.0.1 Jailbreak for A4 Processors.  I Had the exact same thing happen with all of them!  Nothing would work trying to restore them on iTunes to the new 5.0.1 software on my Mac.  I was trying so I could re-jailbreak them.  I then would try on my Win 7 system and it would work perfectly restoring all them.  Then I could either re-jailbreak them on the Win 7 system, or I tried one on the Mac system and the re-jailbreak also worked and I was able to recover my backed up image to the devices.

  • Ericaj213453

    Man I just bought a jailbroken apple tv 2 from it has all addons already on it and it works great.

  • Jawsont

    So – I bought 2 refurbs and 1 went straight into DFU without any problems whatsoever as per the Seas0nspass instructions (USB cable, no power). After getting it all set up I restarted Seas0nspass let the package do its thing and prompt me for DFU and had no luck whatsoever. Repeatedly. I must have tried 10million combinations of what people posted. I figured it might have something to do with drivers, so I wiped the Apple Mobile Device driver from my box thinking that might be it. No joy. In the end, after reading some posts here, I tried plugging in power cable to my ATV2 box as well as the USB cable and it went into DFU NO PROBLEM. So, there you go, for some devices you need the power cable plugged in, for others not. I still think it has something to do with drivers, but I’ll be damned if I could figure out what.

  • Jawsont

    Sorry – to clarify – #1 went through smoothly entered DFU and was jailbroken successfully with no problems. It was only afterwards when I tried jailbreaking #2 that I had problems getting into DFU until I plugged the power cable in.

  • host

    Thanks. Same 1604 issue was due to McAfee running. Stopped McAfee and it worked.

  • Mark_joery

    successfully jailbreak i just put the chord outlet  and use the remote after that 
    i open the appletv even it said in my computer error 1602 then thats it you jail break it 

  • Guest

    Thanks, I had the same problem, your post really saved me lots of time.

  • Guest

    Thanks a lot!!!! Saved me a lot of hassle!!!

  • Tommystenzel

    I am at the point where it says restoring in i tunes please wait but it has been going for 30 minutes now.  How long does this take?

  • Narcheska

    I’m new to Mac, Apple TV etc, but happily found the instructions easy to follow. Itunes displayed the 1600 error, then a 14 error. I read all comments but nothing helped so I started from beginning and realised that I had downloaded SeasonPass1 and not SeasonPass2. Installed seamlessly with SeasonPass2. Thanks for great tutorial.

  • Danielc

    Question: Will this work now that there is an updated ios out ???

  • gnailo

    i’ve done all the steps correctly and itunes accepted the ipws… but then appear a pop up who says: this device is not eligible for the request built.. do someone have this problem?? thanks in advance..

  • Badspad

    I get Msg (This apple tv not eligable for this version) can anybody help

  • Badspad

    I get Msg (This apple tv not eligable for this version) can anybody help

  • Badspad

    I have the 4.4.4 software on my apple tv2g now and itunes 10.5.33.

  • Gimme

    5.0 4099 firmware is out and SeasonPass does not work?

  • ScottM

    I also am trying to “upgrade” from tethered 4.4.4 to untethered and getting the same “not eligible” error message..  

  • Aaronsapple

    I’m experiencing the exact same issue.  I’m using a macbook pro, 10.6, updated all software, and still, Seas0nPass is taking forever downloading the 4.4.4 restore ipsw.

    After clicking on “Create IPSW”, it looks like Seas0nPass is searching for the ipsw, but a progress bar never does materialize and it just says Downloading AppleTV2,1_4.4.4_9A406a_Restore.ipsw…

    I can cancel it, but that is all and the prompt to plug in my apple tv 2 has never shown up.

    Ideas?  Thanks.

  • Omartmu

     I got also the “not eligible” error message

  • Omartmu

     same thing here

  • Omartmu


  • Nick

    hi all, CHECK YOUR USB CABLE if you get atv into DFU and mac does not recognise!!! took me an evening to figure this out…replace it with another, mine just worked as soon as!

  • dixy

    getting error 3194 all the time. i changed the hosts file several times but it didn’t help. what to do?

  • juansilva

    According to there will be a jailbreak for the new 5.1 ios in the next week or two, any comments?

  • kenyan

    Works to the point that iTunes opens up and then i get an error message saying that my restore is not eligible on this build. Any suggestions?

  • Adam

    Just got myself a Apple TV 2 (came with firmware 5) and I can’t seem to get past the “Create IPSW” button on Seasonspass.  I keep getting the message “This AppleTv is not eligible for this version”. 

    Can anyone help??

  • armando

    i get the same thing but mine is 4.4.4 Hellp!

  • armando

    when i click create Ipsw is goes straight to connect apple tv 2 Help also tried greenpoison but didnt work, my apple tv is 4.4.4

  • FM

     Same here tooooo 🙁

  • Anonymous

    Apple TV Firmware Download
      is where i normally get my apple tv stuff

  • Apthat

    just got my apple tv 3 and waiting for jailbreak. as i was searching
    i found this guy’s ad can someone please conform if it is true. 

  • a2k

    I’ve tried doing this, but keep getting an error saying This AppleTV is not eligible for this version. What can I do?

  • a2k

    I am new to Jailbreaking. I have an appleTV 2 (4.4.4) and the latest version of iTunes (10.6). I  installed seas0npass on my pc laptop running windows 7. When I launch seas0npass, it doesn’t do steps #2 and #3. Instead, I get a window that says Waiting for device … Please connect the Apple TV via USB to continue. When I connect the appleTV, it says Checking blobs on Cydia servers … then I get another window that says This AppleTV is not eligible for this version. What can I do to jailbreak my appleTV for XBMC?

  • Markaskew

    a2k did you do it? Mines still saying the same and nothing seems to work

  • a2k

    Markaskew, I was able to do it, but I don’t have the info here with me. I’ll post it tomorrow when I’m back on my home system.

  • a2k

    Markaskew … here is the link. You have to follow in instructions exactly or it won’t work. Trust me! When i followed the instructions exactly I was able to do it and then I was able to talk someone through it over the phone and it worked perfect.

    Let me know if you have any questions 🙂

  • a2k
  • Vladimir Hristov


    Would this work with the 6.1 OS Build Version?


  • Vladimir Hristov

     Sorry, I made a mistake, it is not the 6.1 OS, but the 5.1 one …

  • Tron

    Hey Everyone.  

    So it seems apple has stopped signing 4.4.4.  Therefore when iTunes tries to restore at the end of your jailbreak you get the error message “The Apple TV “____” could not be restored.  An unknown error occurred(3194).” So what do we do now for a jailbreak?  I haven’t upgraded to 5.0 as it seems it will still be a bit before Nito and season pass gift us again.  And I still want to Jailbreak and get nito for 4.4.4.

    Suggestions?  Tutorial suggestions?

  • Tron

    I feel like we’re in limbo right now.  Right between 4.4.4 which apple stopped signing and 5.0 which a jailbreak hasn’t been released yet.  I don’t think there is any software right now that will jailbreak it for us.  I’m thinking we can do it manually with SSH but I’ve only had experience with SSHing iphones.  I’d definitely need a tutorial to follow if this was the case (which files to replace etc). 

    Hopefully someone can get back to us shortly. 

  • Tron
  • Tron
  • Hasan

    Hi there
    i do everything to Jailbreak my aptv2 but i am getting error this device not eligible message so anyone have any idea what is problem. By the way Thanks for everyone to helping for who need help.

  • nex

    while breaking my atv2 I was getting errors on my laptop using windows i kept getting a error 1600,and also a blue screen with a pic of a usb cord when connected .Thought i bricked but went downstairs plugged it into a mac and it restored so what i’m trying to say if it will not restore  try another pc ,mac etc a friends if you have not got 2 get iTunes to restore it is not bricked with a messed up break try again i say. 

  • Jimsmonte80

    Just received a new refurbished appleTV2 from apple. Ran seasonpass untethered 4.4.4, and after a reboot, I have a picture of the iTunes logo and a mini usb cord. Which I had to run the “boot tethered” option for the appletv2 to boot. So if this version of seasonpass does not require a tether, then why do I need to connect and run it? This apple TV came with 4.4.4 installed. I tried restoring my appleTV in Itunes which then brought it to version 5.0 (which looks different then the original appleTV 4.4.4). I reran the seasonpass 4.4.4, which came back with the same results requiring a tether to boot up. I ran the tether option in seasonpass, connected the appleTV. I have a “bubble” icon which is labeled “FC” and I have SSH capability……so what is the issue here? How is this jailbroken with the looks of 5.0 and why must I use a tether to boot up?

  • Bourbs1

    How do you restore without updating your Apple TV, it’s not letting me!


    This is a howto to get your device tethered jailbroken. Not untethered. Stop lying in your headlines you amateur tard-site.

  • Dan

    How come when I connect my atv back to my tv it tells me to connect it back to iTunes

  • Aaaaaaadfdfadfafd

    hey everyone im having an issue with my jailbreaking everytime its suppose to restore it says its not compatible ( windows ) help me!!!!!!!!

  • xikogold

    hi.. i boutgth a new apple tv 2 5.0 and when i plug only the micro usb the apple tv dont show any ligth. whats the problem the same micro usb cable works on my old apple tv 2 4.4.4

  • Adrian

    the jailbreak is tethered, not untethered

  • Taloularolencheque

    I accidently rebooted my jailbroken apple 1 and lost XMBC/ Icefilms. I assumed this meant my apple was tethered and tried the above with no error messages, however after reattaching the HDMI before the light finished flashing and nothing. The light is still flashing. I am a complete novice obviously and would like to know how to find out what specifications my apple might have or need. 🙁 Any help much appreciated.

  • loader5555


  • Brettfayers1

    @ Loader5555 – I had the same after running the Untethered version. I plugged ATV back in to the TV and got the ‘connect to itunes logo on my TV.
    I unplugged it again and took my laptop to the ATV unit and connected the USB and Power lead – NO HDMI lead.
    Then run the TETHERED SeasonPass Version even though it says for version 443 and mine was 444. –


    Bretttf – England

  • perdolis

    WTF…. just got Apple TV2 with 4.4.4, done JB as described… now I got 5.0.1 and can only Boot tethered!!! Otherwise – connect to iTunes screen. And I didn’t save blobs, since how the hell would I know that it’s going to upgrade to 5.0 without asking anything, no warnings, no nothing…. automatical freaking JB… so disapointed now… 

  • LJC1


    Just tried to jailbreak mine.  Followed all the instructions and when I plug into the tv I get the connect to itunes logo.. Please help


  • JackSpears

     I am getting exactly the same issue. I will update if I find any solution.

  • 111

    I Believe ATV2 is without and ATV3 needs to be connected to power.

  • JackSpears

     It’s a tethered boot, so when connecting the ATV2 (with IOS 5) the laptop’s USB needs to be connected too. Then choose ‘Boot’ option of SeasonPass. Once booted, the USB can be removed and ATV2 should show the Menu. It worked for me.

  • Cool95

     hey on a mac go to /private/etc/hosts file and where it says but a # to make it look like this #
    restart itunes and then re do it should be done

    this stops the firmware from contacting apple and just does it automatically with out needing a certificate

  • Michael

    I have an atv on 4.4.4 and followed the instruction exactly. After doing the whole process itune says that it my atv has been restored to factory. After unplugging it and plug it into my tv it just shows the “plug into itune logo” I dont know what i did wrong. Please help

  • Chris O’Connor

    I follow those instructions for my AppleTV2 – and SeasonPass says it’s not valid for this device. Was there an “older” version of SeasonPass (4.4.4) that works ?? I can’t find it anywhere…

  • N Taylor

    I keep getting a message saying it doesn’t read my apple tv but its plugged in with the micro usb….should it be plugged into the power cord also bc I tried that too…..not sure what to do

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