AirFlick Streams Non-iTunes Data to Apple TV 2 (video)

by tomek on December 21, 2010

After releasing an application called AirPlayer that allows you to stream video to your mac from your iPad using Apple’s built-in AirPlay services, TUAW’s Erica Sadun has now released AirFlick that transmits data to any Apple TV 2 outside of iTunes. According to Erica, AirFlick offers the potential of real-time transcoding of otherwise unsupported file types into Apple TV-compatible data. It also allows you to open videos located on the internet by pasting a URL and clicking the play button. Erica was able to watch a number of Internet Archive ( mp4 videos on a big screen TV by browsing that website, selecting URLs, and opening them with AirFlick.

This is how she explains how the AirFlick works:

AirFlick works by transforming your Mac into a web browser, the same way AirPlay works on your iPhone or other iOS device. For Mac-based files, AirFlick tells your Apple TV to connect to a local URL and serves the data that the Apple TV plays back. So long as those files are in a supported format such as mp4, m4v, mp3, etc, the Apple TV can read and display the file data.

Download AirFlick for Mac

[source: TUAW]

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  • matylda

    looks gr8, how about videos with subtitles? will it work? thx

  • Realistically, how many times do you have to try this to get it to work? Been trying for 10 minutes here on a few different file types and extensions…..

  • editor

    it works great for me. try to copy youtube URL – if that works it may be the problem with your WiFi or firewall settings

  • Jersey

    what about hulu? Will that video format work? Will it work through the commercials?

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  • Kct888

    Can’t discover my Apple TV 2 (wireless) and only find my iMac (wired to airport extreme) that the AirFlick is on.

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  • matylda

    it is realy great but for long movies it takes infinity of to to load .. X(

  • Plim

    Hulu is the #1 thing we want on ATV. And Pandora. Any hope for either?

  • Renz

    It’s not working for me. I can’t paste any URLs in the file path field. I am using AppleTV Black and running OS 10.5.8. Please advise.

  • Dan

    Crashes on launch. Not real promising.

  • JKB

    Geez, the author says it’s *prerelease* software on her site. Why don’t you give some credit that someone is even building this for us for free instead of griping about it. Don’t be an ungrateful lame ass.

  • Bardo

    Great program! Thanks for the efforts. Looking forward to a clean-working version; I couldn’t get it to work. Got the rotating dial clocky thing for quite a while, but no video.

  • Fuck

    You know this site would be pretty good except for all the stupid streaming commercials in the corner that you can’t turn the volume down on.

  • neo2ryu

    its not working, very bad application, craches all the time and never stream correctly.
    please Erica try to fix the bugs. thank you

  • Peterincalgary

    Thank you so much for creating this. I only seem to run into errors after trying to pause and restart the video. I have so many movies that iTunes will not play and I really don’t want to spend the time to convert them. I really can’t thank you enough, no more connecting my laptop to the TV, no more cables, wireless heaven! All run from my NAS in the basement, this is the solution that I have longed for.

    Macbook Pro 2.26 Core 2 Duo, AppleTV2, DLink DNS323

  • Caleb

    Would this work with live streaming content on websites like or

  • Ano N1

    is there also a possibility to use airflick with windows?

  • BP

    Can’t load any URL. Have tried from numerous sites……

  • Dewdana

    I am able to get it working great for photos and videos on my computer but have tried several different links (URLs) and get the ‘error loading content’ message. Can anyone suggest possible solutions to this or if you are able to get it to work could you paste a URL that definitely works just so I could test it? I have tried several including Youtube where I get a different error message when I paste the link from the browser address bar vs the link from the ‘share’ box below the video I get an ‘error retrieving you tube file information” then some links tell me that Air flick does not support You Tube videos so I am just un certain if I am trying the wrong links or what?

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