If you’re like me, you probably like to skip the trouble of an one-week wait after each episode of your favorite TV show. Instead, you let it accumulate until a fine Saturday evening, when you consume it all together. And Netflix has got great news for such TV Show buffs with Apple TVs. The popular post-play feature is finally out on their Apple TV channel.

You might be quite familiar with Netflix’s post-play feature which enables you to watch all the episodes of a show back-to-back, without any further actions from your part. This feature is already available on their website as well as the iOS apps. And with today’s update, you will be able to do the same on your Apple TV.

When an episode nears its end and the credits starts to show up, a side screen pops in with a thumbnail of the next episode, its title and a short description. A countdown on the top gives you an idea as to when the next episode will be starting automatically. We do have a couple more options at this point – either to lose patience and select Play Next Episode to jump right in. Or select More Episodes to browse the episode list of the season.

Thus with the most demanded feature of Netflix finally making it into Apple TV, its one reason more to stop watching TV shows on your tablet.

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