In the past day or so the new iPad, or the iPad 3, has been jailbroken multiple times using numerous exploits… yet according to MuscleNerd the new 1080p Apple TV 3 is not going to be as easy. The famous iOS hacker tweeted that “Apple’s least expensive iOS device (new AppleTV3,1) will likely be the most secure of the bunch”. That’s mainly because geohot’s limera1n bootrom exploit, used to jailbreak Apple TV 2, doesn’t apply to ATV3.

For those of you who remember the “Great Jailbreak Depression of 2011”, you will also recall that it seemed like our iPad 2 would never be unchained from Apples, ever controlling, grip. Eventually patience, and the never ending work by our developer community, led us to the glorious 5.0 jailbreak! This will be the case with the Apple TV 3, but like the iPad 2, this may take a while.

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That said, this news has not come as a great surprise to me and it shouldn’t shock you either. Similar moves were taken by Boxee when releasing the Boxee Box. When these companies officially begin partnering with Content Providers their software must become more “secure”. Granted, Apple has had partners for a LONG TIME, but I take all of this as a good sign of what’s to come. I mean, have you seen the article about their new remote?

That said… hack on MuscleNerd… HACK ON!

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umOuch (Andrew Brasher)

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