Various people have talked about the quality of their TVs for using with the Apple TV, and a few people have said they have had problems with certain TVs.

What we would like to do here is find out what TVs our readers are using with their Apple TV, what they think of the picture quality, whether you had any problems getting your Apple TV hooked up with it. Any details which might be relevant, so over the coming months when people ask “Will Apple TV work on my television?”, they can find the answer here.

To this end, on April 30th we will be giving away a $25 iTunes voucher to a someone who posts an informative post about using the Apple TV with a particular television; chosen at random from those who have posted here at that point (so please include a valid email address if you wish to be considered!).

If you aren’t sure where to start with purchasing an HDTV, then Amazon have a great selection and are currently offering a $50 rebate.