TV4 network launches on Apple TV in Sweden

by tomek on February 26, 2014

TV4 Play on Apple TV in Sweden

Major network TV4 landed on the Apple TV in Sweden yesterday, becoming the first Scandinavian content provider to launch on Apple set-top box. Apple TV users in Sweden can now access TV4 Group’s TV4 Play service that gives viewers direct access to a wide range of TV4 content including live broadcasting and on-demand content.

With ‘TV4 Play’ on Apple TV, full episodes of current TV4 Group shows are available to watch for up to 7 days after their original air date. ‘TV4 Play Premium’ subscribers in Sweden can access an extensive library of additional content with most current and previously aired episodes available for a longer time period.

The ‘TV4 Play’ experience on Apple TV also includes:

  • play queue support
  • easy access to a personalised list of favourite shows
  • a “resume play” option allowing viewers to pick up watching an episode right where they left off


Selected shows are available in HD only through ‘TV4 Play’ on Apple TV, with the number of available HD shows expected to “increase rapidly” over the coming months.

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  • Martin Nielsen

    I’m curious who will be the first to bring all the major players scandinavia. In Sweden that is SVT Play (their BBC), TV4, Viaplay and Netflix. In Denmark it’s DR NU (our BBC), TV 2 Denmark, Viaplay and Netflix. And in Norway it’s NRK TV (their BBC), TV2 Norway, Viaplay and Netflix.

    I hope that this is a hint, that Apple TV will be the first… we basically have everything available through streaming. In Denmark it’s less then 12% off all that’s watched on cable/Pay-TV, that is not available. To reach the 88% in Denmark they’ll also need to add the SBS Discovery Networks streaming service.

    TV 2 Denmark and TV2 Norway are not the same. Viaplay is the same company in all three countries, but with local content from the local channels.

  • Martin Nielsen

    I would also like to add that the app is nicely made. Compared with most other apps, it’s well though through.

  • J1ohan

    I’m to lazy to switch regions. Is there a way to have icons from more then one region active at one screen?

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