AirWeb brings pleasurable browsing to Apple TV

by Roshan on January 23, 2014


Apple TV sure has alot of apps/channels but unfortunately a web-browser isn’t one of them. And with good reason too. Ever tried to use the browsers in so called Smart-TVs? Well I have and can assure that using the remote as a pointer for surfing is annoying and is “injurious” to your forearm. Well, now thanks to AirWeb, anyone having an AirPlay Mirroring-enabled iOS device will be able to browse smoothly on their 40-incher.

Simply put, AirWeb is an AirPlay compatible browser for your iPad and iPhone. Tap on the TV icon and your tabs just pop up on the big screen. The unique stuff actually comes after that. The screen on the iDevice gets turned into a multi-touch enabled trackpad. Pan to move the cursor, tap to click, double tap to zoom, pull from edges to go back or forward and two finger slide to scroll.


However this app is not for everyone, as it is available only to iDevices that support AirPlay Mirroring, and that would be the iPhone 4S and above, iPad 2 and above, iPad Mini both generations and the iPod touch 5th gen. iPhone 4 is also said to support the app provided a wired TV-out is taken from the phone (haven’t tested it yet). And on the other side of the connection, Apple TV 2 and above are supported.

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The app is perfect for showcasing your website or sharing your Picasa albums or just for the fun to browse on that king screen. AirWeb is normally a 2 dollar app but is currently available at a New Year offer price of 99 cents. If you’ve been looking for something like this, now seems to be the best time.

Get AirWeb from the App Store.

  • Yaman

    I just use AirPlay Mirroring and mirror my Puffin Browser to Apple TV, which also supports Flash really well after the latest update…. Not keen to pay for another browser just so I can browse on my TV 🙂

  • josep2

    Still searching for a good reason to ever browse on my T.V.

  • Bob Sutherby

    It’s a decent way to watch online streaming content not available on Netflix. The performance is choppy sometimes, but for my own part that may be due to my Internet stats: 20Mbps DL/ only 2 Mbps UL. (I still use this package because it has no data cap.)

    I haven’t yet found a way to pause website-embedded videos using AirWeb.

  • Charles Living

    Well I tried it and it was not a fluid experience compared to your smartphone iPad or a computer.
    I would recommend it only if your using it to show others a website, or a movie imbedded in a website

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