State of the Apple TV 3 Jailbreak

by tomek on November 27, 2012

Apple TV 3 jailbreak status

The Apple TV 3 jailbreak isn’t out yet, but FireCore, the maker of Seas0nPass jailbreaking tool for Apple TV, has just shared some info on the status of this jailbreak:

As you may recall we were very optimistic about the ATV3 when it originally launched back in March, and while this optimism remains unchanged it’s clear things have not progressed as quickly as anyone would have liked. The biggest hurdle that has yet to be overcome is also the most essential – the jailbreak. While we tend to think of ourselves as pretty resourceful, the security related expertise that is required in order to release a jailbreak for iOS based devices like the ATV is just not in our wheelhouse, and we’re simply left to encourage the capable few as best we can. No one is more anxious than us to get the ATV3 opened up to 3rd party apps, but due to the reasons mentioned above we’re not able to provide any kind of release timeline right now.

Back in August we reported that there was a group of “very bright and talented individuals” working on “a lead that could result in a usable jailbreak for the 3rd gen Apple TV”.

At JailbreakCon 2012, nitoTV announced that there has been some progress made with the injection vector, but no further specifics were offered an no further details have been shared since then.

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  • BREAKING NEWS: We have no progress…

  • a

    its not gonna be happen.

  • Time to start hoarding your AppleTV 1 & 2…

  • madman

    Ditched the ATV3 for a roku XS….. couldn’t wait any longer.

  • Screw the Apple TV! Someone start a Kickstarter project!

  • Jake

    This is clever I guarantee an AppleTV 4th Gen will come out and Jailbroken within weeks, unless its something new and meets needs of users.

    I think Apple know what there doing, people who Jailbreak find ways of doing it because Apple lets them. This time round they have made a AppleTV which can not be Jailbroken, slowing down sales, 3rd Party Apps etc I dont know why but im guessing this is all planned for something else.

  • It’s called Roku, i just ditched my Apple TV 2 for Roku and loving it. Never going back.

  • Coward

    Can you “airplay” to the Roku?
    Moreover, can you say, browse and watch a library via XBMC on a Mac, on the Roku?

  • na

    The biggest loser is .. drum .. TADA .. Apple TV Itself. People starts to look at android alternatives and all Apple had to do is allow Appstore Apps and external HHD.

    Maybe apple thought that people would buy ipads so they could use AT3 while sitting in their sofas. Maybe while that works in the states, in Europe it doesn’t.

    AT3 in Europe lacks content, cost 1,5x times more (same with all Apple products).

    Can’t see any reason not buying an slim xbox360 hacked and XMBC:ed for almost same money as AT3. And I’m an AT3 owner 🙁

  • Samuel J


  • Steve

    According to Roku you cannot… do you mean rooting it and doing more work? link?

  • fuck this website

    more linkbait bullshit titles

  • leave it in corner and still waiting! Hey mate say you can do it in this Greeting season!

  • Agreed Steve, Roku is not the solution. The new box from boxee isn’t either, they have removed all network streaming capabilities. The best solution imo would simply be an ATV with an App store that is backwards compatible with iPad apps. There are so many great TV watching apps on there already, and many more could follow specifically designed for TV.

    Someone needs to step up and create a box/platform that the industry as a whole will adopt – like a Bluray player but for Internet/network media.

    Or… Kickstarter project?!

  • kiet1451

    I had 2 roku HD and I gave one while keep a dusting one in the corner.

  • fl0PPsy

    I completely agree with what NA said. No jailbreak for the ATV3 has just made me move on to an Android device and I’m actually glad I did because things are just so much easier.

  • leooo

    do you guys think this is true?

  • Peter Dekker

    Raspberry Pi with xbmc works ok, it lacks real computing power though.
    There are a lot of android mini-computers these days that are more suitable for a xbmc based media center, and cost around $100.

  • peter

    As it turns out there is a hack available since december 2012, not a jailbreak but a nice hack by the Chinese, it works 100%. English explanation here

  • peter dekker

    Hey my comment got deleted! There is a hack (no jailbreak but a hack) available since december 2012, it is originally a Chinese hack for streaming Chinese channels but can be altered. English explanation here

  • Becky Rich

    Jailbreak or unblocking might not be a solution and it is also discouraged by Apple too. So, I use PlayerXtreme for casting my screens to watch movies and video on the big screen through its chrome cast and Airplay features. It also provides 1080p backup along with Dolby Digital and True HD support. It also enhances the audio 3times without compromising the quality. Try it.

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