Apple TV software update 5.1 (iOS 6) released for Apple TV 2 and Apple TV 3

by tomek on September 24, 2012

Apple TV software update 5.1 (iOS 6)

Apple has just updated the second and third-generation Apple TV software to version 5.1 (build 10A406e). The biggest changes include support for Shared Photo Streams, the ability to switch between iTunes accounts and to send audio content from Apple TV to AirPlay-enabled speakers and devices. Apple TV 2 jailbreakers: as always – stay away from this update for now if you don’t want to lose your jailbreak.

Apple TV hacker and developer nitoTV tweeted that he doesn’t recommend updating to 5.1:

If you own an Apple TV 3, you’re obviously not going to lose any jailbreak updating to 5.1, however the upcoming Apple TV 3 jailbreak may only support 5.0 (5.0.1, 5.0.2) firmware.

If you still think like updating to 5.1, here are the direct download links:

And here is the full list of new features in Apple TV 5.1:

  • Shared Photo Streams — Accept invitations for Shared Photo Streams, browse photos and comments, and receive notifications of new content.
  • AirPlay — Send audio content from Apple TV to AirPlay-enabled speakers and devices (including AirPort Express and other Apple TVs). Also includes the ability to require an onscreen code to use AirPlay with your Apple TV.
  • iTunes account switching — Save multiple iTunes accounts and switch quickly between them.
  • Trailers — Search movie trailers. In the United States, see show times for local theaters.
  • Screen savers — New Cascade, Shrinking Tiles, and Sliding Panels screen savers.
  • Main menu— Reorder icons on the second page by holding down the select button on the remote.
  • Subtitles — SDH support for the deaf and hard-of-hearing as well as improvements to viewing and selecting subtitles.
  • Network configuration — Support for setting up advanced network options using configuration profiles.
  • Stability and performance — Includes general performance and stability improvements.

[image: iLounge]

  • Juan

    No Youtube channel, no party.

  • There’s always been youtube

  • Darren Blackley

    You should also mention the updated Wi-Fi Configuration that now allows Education and Business with enterprise class security to use Apple TV

    Apple TV: How to install a configuration profile

  • Eric Walker

    Where is the app store already?

  • Phil

    Also they FINALLY removed the black matte box from the subtitles.

  • is there a way to downgrade?

  • Pedro Taquelim

    Yeah! I did send an email to Apple and directly to Tim Cook complaining about this. Finally they have “fix” it!

  • Would of been nice if the screen saver issue was fixed..still showing a limited amount of photos in the folder.

  • Yes use itunes 10.6 apple is still signing 5.0.2 just download that firmware and use shift and click restore will downgrade from 5.1 did it yesterday but had to use 10.7 itunes to jailbreak with seas0npass

  • thodge84

    THANK YOU!!!
    To be specific, it’s itunes 10.6.3 that will still sign the 5.0.2 ipsw. I downloaded it, tried it on the 10.6 itunes and apple wouldn’t sign it. Downloaded 10.6.3 and tried to restore it and it worked perfectly!
    5.1 –> 5.0.2 via itunes 10.6.3 shift+restore

  • TB…

    So how do I load 5.02 on my ATV-2? I am totally lost…please help!!

  • How do I downgrade my iTunes 10.7 to 10.6.3… It wont let me install 10.6.3 because there is a newer version on iTunes on my comp GAHH let me know plz and thanks 😀

  • If I update the iOS to 5.1 will I lose my XBMC install? If so, how do I back it up so I can re-install it again?
    It’s so hard to wade through the pages of info online to find an answer to this. Thanks!

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