Apple TV 3 jailbreak status update

by umOuch on May 13, 2012

“The Apple TV 3 has successfully been jailbroken and it is untethered,” is a phrase that we have all been eagerly awaiting for the past month now. Though there is no substantial information leading to any Apple TV 3 jailbreak ETA or even the current status of the jailbreak for Apple’s latest family member. Now, even with the seeming lack of information our there, we felt it would be good to put every in one place for our reader’s convenience.

pod2g, perhaps best know for his role in the 5.0 jailbreaking of the iPad 2 and the iPhone 4S, has been hard at work with the latests series of jailbreaks for the iPad 3 and everything underneath it. Though we have received good news in the form of a video showing his iPad 3 using an untethered jailbreak, he mentioned on Twitter:

Apple TV 3 jailbreak

Apple TV 3 jailbreak

For now this leaves us to wonder does “may be out” mean there is no hope or is there still a ray of light coming?

nitoTV, perhaps best known for nitoTV for Apple TV, does not currently sound much more optimistic. Known as a bit of an Apple TV guru, I often [and others] tend to hang on every word nitoTV has to say regarding the Apple TV scene. For this very reason Twitter was a buzz the other days as he mentioned something regarding preferred jailbreaks for the Apple TV. In hopes to squash any unsubstantiated hype nitoTV tweeted:

Apple TV 3 jailbreak

Though there is no great news on Apple TV 3 jailbreak to reveal today, we will be working hard to make sure you all stay apprised of the latest information.

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umOuch (Andrew Brasher)

  • Chuyt123

    You’re opening sentence is such a tease! I got so excited when I saw it in the search engine, and just about chucked my macbook when I read into the article. Not cool. 😉

  • Napedog

    Got me too!

  • Fritzboyle

    that first sentence was too much of a teaser. I felt let down reading the article

  • Dieselboy28

    Yeah, I wet myself, then was let down 🙁

  • Feenox

    Agreed, think it through next time.

  • JonBOY26

    Umouch you jerk! It’s not nice to go deliberately misleading your readers with first lines such as that! lol 

  • Whatever

    Learn to fucking proof-read!

  • Bob

    This post isn’t appreciated. It’ s no fun!

  • Mike


  • BuntuFreak

    I don’t recall such posts for ATV2. Nor did I ever detect the same tone from the likes of NitoTV. I’m thinking the days of ATV hacking might be over. I have had an ATV1 for ages, and waited for ATV3. Now I wonder if I should have just bought at [email protected]:disqus 


  • Fab

    Dont do that ever again! How fucking frustrating!

  • Momentum300

    junior high school quality journalism. 

  • WvB22

    I’m so glad I bought the ATV 2 just before the release of the third generation. For the only reason I knew I could jb this one and the third might be hard. What I don’t understand: what makes the appletv so different then e.g. an iPhone or iPad. It’s the same processor and most components are like an iPod touch I would think. Of course no display but what is the appletv missing what’s apparently essential to jb?

  • Lee

    They did it to get the google traffic, pure and simple.

  • LakesGeek

    Wow, this article is quite the troll for Google traffic.  Good effort in the short term, but the site is now on my mental blacklist so I don’t think it’ll help in the longer term.

  • Steele

    Utter CUNTS

  • Killumounch

    fuck you asshole you troll tease

  • NotHappy

    Douche bag move on the intro line – clearly just trying to get google traffic. I’ve removed this site from google search results and blocked it on the firewalls at the Uni I work at. Now there’s 60,000 students that can longer access this site.

  • [email protected]

    Yep, I am going back to google to block this site from my search results.

  • webvictim

    Attack surface. Previous versions had a boot vulnerability that no longer exists and also ran more daemons and processes which could be used to find a way in. Now there’s just one process running which is pretty well locked down…

  • YouFuctUp

    What a scam!!!! Judging by the comments below, they made the wrong move.

  • Tutty_000

    fuck u guys, i read the first line and ran to mybfriends house u bitch.

  • Foo

    My google searches for Apple TV info bring me to this site frequently, and every time they do, I am disappointed.  This site is devoid of real information.  I’ll try to remember to exclude this site in future searches.

  • This

    I purchased an apple tv 3 after google threw up this…..
    I hope you trolls rot in hell!

  • This

    Then they are cunts!

  • UmOuch

    WoW! I never would have thought there would be this type of feedback. I truly had no intention to trick people or upset anybody! I have been writing for AppleTVHacks for about two months and I feel as though I have used the same play-on-terms as I have done here. I was just trying to be funny.

    I did the same thing on XBMC HUB a few months ago… just as a joke within out own site.

    For those of you who are truly offended… I truly apologize, I was just trying to have fun… 

  • UmOuch

    People… come on. I was just having some fun… I see now that many of you do not appreciate it… but if you are following the news from any of my other articles on this site you would know that we a re still a while off. I guess, if anything, I should keep in mind that you are not all regular readers. 

    As to there being no substantial news… we are sharing the news that is out there. That was the point of this article; to show the “little” information that is out there.

  • Teknic111

    You is stupid! 

  • Who


  • Samantha Reynolds

    Not cool, man. Extremely disappointing and frustrating. Will be removing this site from my search results for when I’m looking for this info in the future.

  • roots4x

    Wait are you serious?  At least be a man about it and admit you were just doing this for page views.  lol, what a liar.

  • John M

    What is wrong with you people ?? The title says status update and the first sentence does not say it has happened but that we would like to hear that it has.

    Anyway, funny to read your complaints made me smile

  • Yeah that was a douche move… I really doubt you didn’t know what you were doing by posting something like that as the first sentence.

  • Ghebache

    Guys c’mon it is Not the Admin’s fault just reporting what is out there patience is a >>>>>>

  • Solid_Sam

    Shoot yourself for doing this to me 🙂

  • Jack

     Hey Gheydouche stfu. I bet you are actually admin defending yourself under another name. I’ll report you site to google too. Totally manipulative to get page clicts.

  • Erik

    Wow, of course I was drawn to this article too because of
    the first sentence, but I did not expect there would be a jailbreak yet. IMHO,
    I do think it’s funny, but what made me laugh most were the comments on this
    post. Come on guys, why would you get this upset about something like this???


    I’m waiting for the jailbreak too, but I truly do not
    understand why you guys react like this. Is this really this important? And to
    block a site on your Uni-firewall??? That’s just childish. I’m a System Engineer
    myself but I would NEVER block a site for a personal grudge. Grow up man, that’s
    so unprofessional.

  • Jasonhuzina

    Thanx for the update if nothing else

  • AngryGuy

    You are such and asshole! this site is no longer a place to visit.  You knew what you were doing,yes, YOU KNEW!

  • scott

    you are all losers 

  • Azizfar

    Is this a business strategy. So apple tv3 jb truly arrives we remember your website.
    Anyway your website got millions of hit by now. Very clever!

  • Mr.Sleek

    thank you for the article, i hope the jailbreak for atv3 will eventually see light ; and dont mind the childish comments. keep up the good work. google is all about clicking anyways..

  • CaptainCommon

    *** I recommend everyone flag this web page as spam, as it is intentionally misleading in it’s google search results. This is against Google’s TOS.
    Report here:

  • Umrooprs

    What a waste of time. Completely misleAd the reader.

  • Pedrogamer

    People need to chill out

  • Fuck This Writer

    This writer is a stooge

  • Tom_dillon1979

    What a fucking douchebag..

  • Blogger214

    This is a major disappointment! I am not only going to remove this site from my future searches / bookmarks but will also tell all my friends and blog followers that this site posts bad information for attentionl

  • Peve123

    All these really bad comments from “disapointed people” makes me wonder….are you for real? are you really that sensitive and at the same time so triggerhappy? Jeeezzz…what did you do when you found out Santa wasn’t real….kill your mom and dad?

  • Fuckingshit

    The fuck?

  • TheMAN

    You suck!! It’s like winning the lotto and losing the ticket all for ratings and traffic? Ever think that once it was possible you would get the same if not more numbers you prick! They should fire you cause you pissed off a lot of people and know people are going to see your site as that bullshit site!!

  • michael card


    LOL!  I was thinking the same thing my self.  Come on guys, grow up a bit…  You know, while you’re waiting for a jailbreak you could try actually PAYING for some of this stuff…  Then when it’s jailbroken and you are stealing it again, the rest of the morally uncorrupt world does not have to suffer higher prices…  just saying.

  • Bsmith

    You are all wankers
    I’m black ban this site bloody fucken cunt
    Still your jailbreak
    It’s crap anyway

  • Mike Reardon

    that was the worst blue balls I’ve ever had – i’ll never visit this site again.  that was down right dirty

  • Stupidcomment

    Using this sentence to start an articule (“The Apple TV 3 has successfully been jailbroken and it is untethered,”) really sucks, actually you suck, I hope you loost both hands…

  • Keep moving all mates! We are waitting day by day!

  • kenj

    atv3 is a total waste on money no jailbreak will be found

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