How to install XBMC 11.0 Eden on first-generation Apple TV

by umOuch on April 5, 2012

XBMC 11.0 Eden for Apple TV 1

Just in case you were unaware, XBMC has finally released an Eden copy of XBMC for your old Apple TV (1st generation). Though this 1st gen device is not the easiest to load XBMC on to, it is by no means impossible. If you simply follow these steps, from beginning to end, you will be enjoying unlimited multimedia goodness in no time.

Before we start, there are some basic requirements that are absolutely necessary for this installation process.

  • Computer (Windows or MAC)
  • USB port and ATV USB Creator  (grab it from the link provided and download it to your machine)
  • A Flash Drive (USB Stick) that is a minimum 512MB.
  • A 1st Generation Apple TV that has been updated to the latest software, version 3.0.2!

BE SAFE: To be on the safe side, make sure that you have unplugged all other USB drives from your computer before continuing. USB Creator does erase whatever drive you are using, so you want to make sure there is nothing vital loaded on any devices plugged in once we begin.

1. Download the ATV USB Creator and save it onto your system.

2. Insert your flash drive into your computer and format it to FAT32. Be aware that this step will erase anything located on your USB stick.

3. Open and run the ATV USB Creator software that we downloaded in step #1.

4. Once the software opens up, select the following options:

– Where you see “Choose an Installation” select “ATV-Patchstick”

– You don’t need to do anything for “Download AppleTV Update DMG or Choose a DMG”. ATV USB Creator will automatically download this file from Apple’s servers, so you don’t need to do anything there.

– For “Installation Options” you should not need to change anything. “AppleTV version 3.x” should already be selected, and there should already be check marks for “ssh tools”, “bin utils”, “SoftwareMenu”, and “XBMC/Boxee for Mac”

– For “USB Target Device” select the USB drive you plugged into your computer in step #2. You may need to hit the refresh button for it to show up. Now you can click on “Create Using ->”

– When the USB drive patchstick is done being created you can then remove it from your computer.

5. Unplug your Apple TV and insert the USB drive patchstick into the back of your device.

6. With the flash drive plugged into the back of your Apple TV, plug the power cable back in. As the Apple TV begins to power up it should now be loading from the flash drive. Now we will wait for the picture of a Penguin (Tux) sitting on an Apple TV. If you do not see this picture when you boot up, and the Apple TV 1 just boots up normally, you likely need to create a new USB drive patchstick using a different USB drive (preferably using a different brand). This problem isn’t often, but it does happen.

7. After the installation is finished, the screen will say that you can reboot. When you see this screen, remove the USB drive patchstick and then unplug (& then) re-plug the power chord to your Apple TV. This will reboot your device.

8. You now have ALL KINDS OF GOODNESS installed on your Apple TV. This is most noticeable in the fact that you now have a new option on your HOME SCREEN Menu Bar named “Launcher”

9. From your Home Screen, navigate to the option labeled “Launcher”. Once there continue to “Downloads”, and then select XBMC. This may show more than one entry for XBMC, if so, select the option that says “Stable”.

10. If you are one of the lucky people who have opted to install a new Crystal HD card you should visit to get more information on Crystalbuntu. It is a different software… that is installed in the exact same manner as the steps listed above.

11. Finally, from the “Launcher” section, head “XBMC” in the sub-menu to start XBMC.

12. Enjoy some amazing new features.

umOuch (Andrew Brasher)

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  • do you know the max resolution you can play using xbmc on the first gen?

  • with crystal hd u can display up to 1080p, without you might be limited to 480p

  • Mistah51

    unless all your content is 720p or less, don’t bother with a gen1 even with a chd card.. been there and unsuccessfully was able to play 1080p content without studdering.. but the above hack does work beautifully nonetheless,

  • Cuz_i_can

    Does the Apple TV need to be jailbroken or will it work on a regular one?

  • Tracii

    Tried to update my 10.1 (Dharma) to Eden using this method – did the install but when I got  it finished and rebooted I was still on the old version.  Do I need to uninstall first?

  • BCrowie

     Same thing here. Does anyone know how to correct this?

  • Sitab U

    Hi, the user interface is different for windows. when creating the patchstick do i need to check ‘ssh’ or ‘launcher’ or both?

  • Scott

    I received an error at step number 9:  “Error: Cannot launch XBMC/Boxee from path: /Applications/

  • Gitte

    I get the same message, how did you fix it?

  • Gitte

    Had the same problem.. had to “Restore to factory default”, update to 3.0.2 and then boot from the new patchstick.

  • djm

    Tried this on my first gen on latest software, doesnt load the “penguine” screen just bootslike normal! Bit of a beginner, any tips?

  • LucaM

    I can get it to worked, I tried 7 usb sticks and still can’t create the patchstick, any hint?

  • mattb

    reformat the usb stick with a differnet fomat to Fat32 or NTSF

  • venom

    same problem here. I guess we have to learn how to manually install the Boxee app?

  • zab

    Downloaded USB image tool. Interface looks nothing like the one displayed in the article.

  • heyo

    My update is stuck at the SSH username and password. Any idea why? This is the second time.

  • Jocsan Quintero

    I tried to reformat the stick but still says insall_recovery failed any help?

  • friskus73

    do anyone no what this message is when you installing atv usb creator
    on the stick???

    GetMasterBlock: Error 13 opening /dev/rdisk1s2

    mount_hfs: Permission denied

    install_recovery failed

    Failed! (0:00:39)

  • princedoudou

    Hi, I try to set up a 2nd Apple TV 1st gen to work with XBMC. I use a patchstick (about 2 years old) which worked wonderfully until at east a year ago. Now, when I try to install “Eden” it doesn’t seem to be possible to download “Eden” anymore. My question is: Is there any other source for Eden so I can upload it to the Apple TV via Cyberduck? Please help, XBMC is such a wonderful thing on the Apple TV…..
    Any advice is greatly appreciated

  • jumbybird

    How can I get it to download the boxee? It says can’t run boxee, then when I go to the downloads menu there is no option for boxee

  • billy

    I did all as here seed but it is not working… this is what i get at the end…
    4290381 FYT3-fs error (divice sdb3): ‘ext3 find entry’ reading directory #74123 offset 0

  • Chris Nochance

    So what are we supposed to do when the files don’t come down anymore 🙁 is all the fun over? 🙁

  • Clive Thompson

    ive tried this over & over, I reboot, go to launcher, but on XBMC & Boxee, get the message that they cant be reached…..Im pulling my hair out….

  • surfgufi

    I have the Apple TV first-generation I went through the steps with the thumb drive once it showed up on the screen at the very and I had this penbuntu loginafter I take the USB out and plug the power cord backI just have regular Apple TV first-generation with nothing on it what is going on

  • Guest

    i lost my admin password for APTV1 .. someone could tell me please!!!

  • broadwayal

    is there any up to date info about this creator stick? I installed and so many features don’t work I wonder if it was worth hacking. It won’t even accept “frontrow” as the password.

  • Nor

    Hello, I need some help.
    I’ve gone all the way till step 9 where I’m stuck. I update the launcher ok and the white apple appears for some seconds while the launcher update installs ( I suppose..) and when I head to xbmc Dharma or Eden it gives back an error saying “An error ocurred”, and that’s it…
    The same happens when I go in to the Boxee folder..
    Can anyone help me out here?

    By the way. Crystalbuntu’s web page seems to be done, or has it moved to another site or project?

    Thank you

  • Norberto

    Problem: Error on downloading XBMC


    It updates the launcher ok, but after there’s no way it will install XBMC or BOXEE…


    i GUESS THE LINKS ARE DOWN… Perhaps some one knows how to install via SSH..

    Regards to all

  • Paul

    Hi trying to jailbreak an apple tv 1g. got all the way to loading the patchstick and i se all the code loading to the end..
    Q should the atv reboot at this stage….mine doesn’t ?
    I then remove usb stck and try to reboot using menu+”-” keys but no matter how long i press them it doesn’t reboot.
    So I unplug power and then reinsert, then it just boots up on the old system.
    Whats happening am i doing something wrong..
    Tried 3 diffrerent usb sticks now so i’m sure its not that .
    Any help gratefully recieved..

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