Giveaway: aTV Flash (black) for Apple TV 2

by tomek on November 22, 2011

Last week, FireCore released aTV Flash (black) 1.0 to supercharge your 2nd generation Apple TV. New aTV Flash features all-new Media Player, WebKit based browser, radio, Weather, RSS feeds and gives you fast access to plugins like nitoTV, Remote HD, XBMC and Plex client. All new features are installed alongside the normal Apple TV features, so things like movie rentals, Netflix, and AirPlay will remain unchanged.

We are giving away 10 free copies of this fantastic piece of software. Here are the details:

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  • Simonepsp

    yeah 🙂

  • I love the Apple tv, Apple tv really helps me finding new cool hacks!

  • Bushi_us

    Great, hope the folders work better then in beta

  • I want to have aTVflash on my apple TV 2.

  • Denisvr

    A must have for each ATV owner !!!!!

  • Ratavaz

    Looks like quite interesting giveaway

  • Eric

    I hope I win

  • Scott Selva

    This is a great giveaway!  I’ve always wanted to try this out but was afraid to drop the cash.  I jailbroke my Apple TV and installed XBMC manually, but I think aTV Flash looks easier.

  • Madboy1973

    Always fun to use

  • Would LOVE THIS

  • Ikaria Power

    I want it !!!

  • Ivan

    This is a good opportunity. Looking forward to the result. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    Must have for ATV

  • diego

    I want that Apple tv ;D

  • Mike

    So glad I added Apple TV Hacks to my Google Plus circles. 

  • Tom Baird

    A must have for each ATV owner !!!!!

  • Cverdecia

    I want my atv flash!

  • Pristine Source

    I think we all want that apple tv, lol 🙂

  • Pick me!

  • Patrik

    This would be the perfect christmas gift to myself 🙂

  • Oh man this is too good to be true!!

  • Ali_s110

    ATV Flash is a great app for ATV2

  • Nyandrews

    This certainly would add to the Holidays.

  • aTV Flash (black) is the new black

  • Arseniclifeform

    aTV Flash looks awesome.

  • Daniel M. Farthing

    I’ve been meaning to try this out for a while, since it looks great. I would love a copy of it! 😀

  • Love to try this

  • MWillett

    Always love the source of information…..btw Go Niners!

  • Kalli

    Step one, Check 

  • Bartosz Kozlowski

    still waiting for txt subtitles 🙂

  • Aleksei

    The best

  • Traveling2

    Love AppleTVHacks!

  • Jeff DeWolfe

    I want some ATV Flash Black!

  • Ammonsphoto

    I did this!

  • Nicolas Mayne

    Would like to get my hand on this!

  • smd

    Me Please I want this badly…….

  • aTV flash for my puck?! Yes please!

  • Cacruz

    It would be great to own a copy!”

  • Sandalo Jhony

    Mine! 😀

  • ANON

    this is awesome!

  • Skuzzle

    I want to win

  • deth


  • Nathan McMahon


  • Netrunnerz

    Cool! I want one too!

  • Marcelo H.

    Awesome! Huge fan here!

  • Pedro J. Fernández García


  • Pedro J. Fernández García


  • Jowey

    My AppleTV is set to arrive today! I’d love to have a copy for myself! 🙂

  • D NElson

    I would love one. This might make the appletv whole.

  • Kim Bammo

    I just love ATV, and even love you more!!!!

  • Magnus Svantesson

    I would very much like to win!

  • Craig

    Firecore and atv flash Black rock it’s what brings atv2 alive

  • Carlos Portilha

    Thank you, for the contest 😉

  • Carlos Portilha

    Thanks for the contest 😉

  • Loving the contest. Thanks so much for having it! Can’t wait to get my hands on this awesome piece of software for ATV2.

  • Thanks for the contest!

  • slakboy87

    I’m too busy and I’d rather adopt an easy solution such as aTV for all my media playing needs.

  • Christian

    Like to win it 🙂

  • Łukasz Rossochacki

    I can’t wait to get it 🙂

  • Kalla

    I want it because I dont want to pay for it

  • Kristian Solheim


  • Dropbear13

    Thanks guys for a great resource, you are now my #1  source for finding out the latest information anhd instructions. Well done! PS I have already purchased my copy of ATV Flash Black but I am sure that I have many freinds who will appreciate it and your website!

  • Slainte9

    Great info on this site – and love the contest!

  • Rafael B. Conceicao

    A GREAT no fuzz or frills update to the AppleTV. Bought the software for my 1st Generation AppleTV and highly recommend this.

  • mayones


  • Rob Kille

    Hell yeah. Love this site… will love it a bit more if.. 😉 😉



  • Johan Brännmar

    Awsome i really want it 😀

  • djwill

    Great site.

  • Toby

    Heck ya! Thank you for offering this awesome contest.

  • Enrico_Rivera

    This is awesome…you guys rock!!!!!

  • fingers crossed! flash (black) looks awesome!

  • fingers crossed! flash (black) looks awesome!

  • Nacho_chz


  • GiantDwarf

    Wow, what a fantastic deal! 10 copies, awesome! Here’s to hoping for one my way!

  • I really enjoy my Apple TV 2G!  My friends are begging me to get them set up with one!  🙂

  • MacFanat!c

    Fun Fun Fun!

  • Vinod

    woo woo woo,, that’s called as awesome!

  • Vinod

    FireCore makes apletv complete,, thank you firecore!

  • Awesome, I just bought an apple tv yesterday!

  • Mtokar

    Pick me, pick me, yeah!

  • Ian

    Firecore, you make the AppleTV work how it SHOULD work.  THANK YOU!

  • Dave01568

    I like that it dont effect the native functionality

  • Kirby yap

    Thanks. Hope i win

  • Pnieto33

    Im gonna winnnn yeeeeeaaa!!

  • Hefffy5

    Looking for a little atv2 love!

  • Damian


  • Anders Kleve

    Yes please!

  • Awesome!

  • Benjami

    Thanks appletvhacks, the best blog ever seen…

  • Philledaraver

    Good news everyone!

  • I love this! Thanks!!

  • I love this!  This is a great enhancement to the Apple TV!!

  • mik

    Would love to win

  • Freddy

    I Love it!

  • David N.

    Good luck 😉

  • Best ever

  • This would be a GREAT addition to me new Apple TV…thanks for the chance to win!

  • Robert Greenberg

    Love firecore.

  • Gekkie

    I loved the RC2 release, and now I cannot wait to get hoe to install the latest version!

  • Feroz

    I love this app and hope to win it thanks

  • Ricardo Ramalho

    Love it! 🙂

  • WoW!!

  • Alynlambert

    Would love to open up my ATV2 with firecore

  • GULLY21

    I’m still trying this app and hope to win on copy. Good luck to me.

  • George Moldovanov

    Great blog – amazing source for Apple TV community!

  • AmgadFahmy1

    it would be wonderfull to get that softwear in my Apple TV2 . thanks alot for that support . with my best wishes .

  • Inkho

    great giveaway. thx.

  • Omel Maldonado

    atv flash black FTW!

  • dWolKo

    Great Job!

  • soooo waiting for my freeeeeeeeee copy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Metin Can

    Thank you for the great addons

  • Skull Skull

    Great blog! Great action! Hope to win my free copy!

  • Skull Skull

    Great blog! Great action! Hope to win my free copy!

  • Douglas Price

    If I won, could I get FireCore for ATV 1stGen?

  • markc

    Just got my first apple tv – would love this

  • Cr0ssed

    Just purchased my 2nd apple tv. I could really use this.

  • Tongswilung

    i’ve heard wonders about this and now i need to have this!!

  • Jeff Calloway

    Going to purchase my first Apple TV ever!  Going to jailbreak the weasel out of it and get rid of the CableMan!

  • Nice enhancement for the ATV2

  • Slyrobber

    I haven’t made the plunge yet but being dissapointed n’y OS5.XX i certainly will and winning this would help a ton.

    Thank you so much.


  • Mike

    ATV Flash Black is the bomb

  • Eflyfree

    i like atv flash

  • Onno

    Good times revisited! The possibilities of my old ATV Generation One now on my 2! Great job!!

  • Vaydos


  • gimme

  • Jmewright


  • nappingbat

    I’ve been looking for an excuse to buy aTV… If i win, this is it!

  • Yyh


  • Marco Dipentima

    Gonna pick up an aTV soon enough to use as an HTPC, firecore aTV flash black will be a perfect addition.

  • Marco Dipentima

    Gonna pick up an aTV soon enough to use as an HTPC, firecore aTV flash black will be a perfect addition.

  • Xverde

    Very good

  • DBE


  • Deleon460

    i need this

  • Anto


  • Dennis

    I expect super cool things from aTV

  • Thanks for the post & this wonderful piece of software!

  • Nilecobra

    excellent effort…

  • Costco888

    I like it!

  • I like it, :3

  • fritz boyle

    prbly the #1 reason to hack an atv2 is to get this installed.

  • Mocansorin

    for me apple tv is the best way to watch a movie or listen to music….now ith flash black it’s even better…i can’t wait to try it….greetings from romania! :))

  • ich bin dabei

  • Jose Cerrejon


  • Kareeka


  • Eddyimac

    i want this

  • ikoukou

    I want atv flash black too!

  • vctcv

    have used another for my apple tv 1st gen. Would rather have flash black for my new Apple TV 2nd gen.

  • Solomon

    I want this

  • i want it !!!

  • Nelson

    Thanks for the contest!

  • Rafael

    Hope I win!

  • Dany710


  • Guido Godrie

    Pick me! 😉

  • This looks great just got an AppleTV and these features seem to be just whats missing

  • Adsmell

    looks damn good. I wanna taste it.

  • Heikki

    Will this giveaway include unlimited maintenance as well or just one year license?

  • Vinod

    Apple TV + aTV Flash = Awesome!!!!!

  • Finally the reason to buy the ATV2!

  • GP

    want more power out of my Atv2

  • Chiclin

    give me the chance to win the free copy

  • k0rn

    Thanks for this contest

  • chs_cracker

    thank you for all the opportunity…you guys rock

  • Jobvanderheijden

    Best ATV info site!

  • Tom Shellhart


  • Paul

    Good luck to me and people haha

  • Ra

    Sounds wonderful!

  • Mattyb54

    Very nice!

  • lifeform

    it’ great opportunity

  • Imans Iphone Mail

    this is awesome, hoping im one of the winners

  • Jrudman84

    This is a great hack…I’m really looking forward to winning!!

  • woot!

  • woot!

  • Ahmed Osman

    Firecore, you are the best. i wannnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaa wiiiiiiiiiiiiiin

  • Hendora

    Firecore is the best ever!

  • Anonymous


  • sign me up! I think this is great!

  • Bill Rios

    This looks awesome, I hope I win a free copy!

  • this sounds totally neat.  i’ve never tried hacking my apple tv, i just found this when trying to figure out how to watch hulu on it.  i want!

  • awesome app. I like it

  • Azul

    I already have flash black I need the 1rst gen flash!

  • Yoavaya

    AppleTV is the best…Thnx

  • Toprobin

    Im new on this and I reall want to use my computer as server for all movies for apple tv. I think ATV flash is what I need in Bangladesh , as here we can’t use high speed Internet for YouTube or other server. So I need this more then anyone here.

  • Anonymous

    This looks like a great piece of software.

  • Thanks for the contest 🙂

  • Andy

    JB rocks

  • Jesus Alan Ramos Rodriguez

    Super like =)

  • this is excellent! I’m curious to see more work adding on to Atv2 just as the original was nicely modded!

  • Seanleroy77


  • I am still emperor!!!

  • Wouter

    Yes, wanna have for my black shiny box!!

  • Khitomer

    Great idea to promote a great product, thanks Firecore!

  • Rickywillis

    I would love this for my apple tv2.

  • Really great, i’ve got the apple tv for 2 days now and I love it!

  • Apple

    LOVE to install the new ATV flash black!

  • Danirup

    Great soft, the problem is untethered jailbreak … Thanks

  • aabbas2000de

    FireCore releases aTV Flash (black) 1.0 is super

  • Makejason

    I wouldn’t mind adding this to my new ATV

  • Anthony C

    Great software

  • Benjoeg

    Looks awesome

  • Lucho


  • Alfredo

    I wanna win XD

  • Simonettialex

    aTV Flash Black is the best!

  • Anonymous

    aTV Flash Black has a nice collection of “apps” and a proprietary browser. It is a tinkerer’s toy. Thanks for giveaway. Happy Cyber Monday.

  • Peter neulinger

    aTV rocks!

  • zgall1

    Would be nice to win this

  • Luisfernandolins

    i neeeeedd thiisss!!

  • dp


  • Matt Hotchkiss

    Can’t wait to play with this

  • Rob

    AppleTVHacks Rocks!

  • Rob


  • Mike

    AppleTVHacks king of hackers!

  • Michael Peluso

    I want this.

  • Michael Peluso

    I want this!!!!

  • Paul Martorano

    AppleTv black would be great for my AppleTv

  • I want one!!

  • Would love to try this software out. Great contest.

  • Niclas Jensen

    Sweet, could be nice to win!

  • Bennie

    Just bougt an Apple TV. So it would be nice to win 😉

  • I would love to try ATV flash black for my ATV2

  • YL Low

    I would love to try this, just bought a apple tv2

  • Pgino

    wow that’s the @tv we want

  • Kauppila

    Very nice

  • Jake

    Wow, aTV makes AppleTV perfect mediaplayer!

  • Antony

    I have been reading about this first release for quite a few months now, really excited to see it in action!

  • Jon Shaulis

    I hope I can get a copy.

  • I hope I can win .. Thanks!

  • Ian_iimac13

    To me the ideal SW pack for the AppleTV would be to have all ‘hard’ features as individual add-ons or plug-ins, that way for example I could just get the web browsing addon without having to fiddle with the dvd files/other video codecs player thing. It would also make sense to have them individually as they should be cheaper than the complete pack and easier to debug.

  • david spake

    ohh.. pick me 😉

  • chrism238 chrism238

    Yes please; I’d love  copy of this very useful app.

  • Foxcaptain

    Can’t wait to try it out

  • Nice give away, Hope I win!!

  • Nice give away! Hope I win a free copy of aTV Flash (Black)

  • Stegg1

    I needed!!

  • Cabalen2

    randomly pick me, loved this tool and the plex support

  • Vladiny

    Let me have it.

  • Great! just boucht an ATV2 here in Holland

  • Super! just bought an Apple TV2 here in Holland..

  • Bill B

    Sweet, I can hack and have AirPlay? Yes Please!

  • koen kofflard

    Nice one, finally a good software patch for atv

  • Derek

    I would love to win a copy of aTV Flash (Black) for my Apple TV 2.  Thank you!

  • SFeren Ladegaard

    Yes. I’m defo going to win a copy!

  • Taz1967

    Love to win a copy!

  • Matt

    I would like this very much!

  • David

    looks good.

  • Neirgamer12

    sounds like a good chance to win!

  • Tina Ladegaard

    Would love to win this for my husbond.

  • ddigital

    Stoked to win!

  • Maclac

    Apple TV incOming for my Christmas so this is a must!!!

  • It sure looks promising!

  • Tuankm

    I really like aTV Flash (black).

  • I would love to win it!

  • love to win it

  • Hot Dang!

  • TheWalt

    In it to Win it!

  • Paul Sapiano

    Oooh just resurrected my Apple TV from the storage box and would love to add more functionality to it!

  • Travis

    i would love win a copy. Love ATV!

  • Shawn

    Sign me up!

  • Bud

    Have 2 ATVs.  Thanks for your great coverage of ATV issues!

  • CW

    best support site for aTV

  • CW

    best support site for aTV
    long life

  • Skullcrushers

    i’d love to win that;-)

  • JO


  • Blueron

    This would be really awesome ! Can I has it please ? 🙂

  • Enosha

    i want to win

  • Would definitely like to check this out

  • Boo08

    just got an apple tv, now i want to make it better.

  • mike

    Need this =)

  • Tom Britt

    Would love to win this!

  • Eddie_j_smith

    New apple tv. Need this

  • sockofjustice

    Yes plz!

  • Brent

    I’m in…

  • Roman/2

    wondering how FireCore Media Player is bettar then free XBMC one. I’d like to get a copy to play around.

  • E1allen2

    aTV R U L E S !

  • Getting an Apple TV 2 for Christmas and need this 🙂

  • Jim G

    This will be a great enhancement to my ATV2

  • Max

    Very need!

  • Max

    I left it!

  • Max

    I left it!

  • Ben

    I just had a baby girl. Im on a budget. This would make a great baby present!

  • Scottbeckerle

    Just got my apple tv and would love to try this

  • Moondark

    Wee, I like aTV Flash. 🙂

  • Adam Amoroso

    i would love to win!

  • SuBethJimBob

    This looks interesting!

  • Cathy D

    I love fireCore!

  • lwamp

    Would seriously like to see my recently purchased ATV2 play by more common sense, user-centric rules. aTV Flash (black) sounds like just the ticket!

  • Cleveland Snow

    good luck everyone!

  • Yan

    Nice to know

  • Cleveland Snow

    yes please!

  • Yes!

  • Synergy012


  • Anonymous

    pleeeease!! 😀

  • Aceedburn

    I’d really really like this please.

  • kevsteelio

    Man I love this place!!

  • Dmark

    sounds great!

  • jmbr0cks

    Looks like a great program, I wish there was a free trial

  • Anonymous

    1264 entries. So popular! You have a winning product here.

  • Bud

    Any resullts for the aTV flash contest et?

  • Rockstar14sg


  • Jeffcbm

    Awesome! I want it for sure!!

  • fritz boyle

    So I am listed as a winner:
    Entry #543 fritz boyleOnly, I didn’t get any kind of communication. What gives?

  • fritz boyle

    So I am listed as a winner:
    Entry #543 fritz boyleOnly, I didn’t get any kind of communication. What gives?

  • Kareeka

    same for me, i think they will send some email or whatever, just wait and see 🙂

  • Whose the 10 winner?

  • Kavianr

    I need it soooooo bad please!!!

  • Kerry2012

    Hi. I just got an apple TV 2nd gen. I love the idea of what I can do with it. TV Flash black seems great.

    Thanks. Kerry

  • Wyattfw

    Yes, Please, Coupn code for ATV Flash, what, when or where can I get? Please advise, have ATV 1 n 2

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