Apple TV 2 Software Update 4.4.1 – Released and Pulled (Updated)

by tomek on October 18, 2011

Apple has released a minor software update for Apple TV 2 on Monday. Version 4.4.1 (build 9A335A) was supposed to fix an issue that required a “small number of Apple TV units” to be connected to iTunes in order to complete the update. There were no new features in this release. Apple later pulled the 4.4.1 update after reports from the Apple TV users that the new update was causing even more issues (bricking the devices) than version 4.4. We will let you know as soon as the new software is out again.

Update: Apple has started pushing iOS 4.4.1 again. Let us know in comments if you have any problems with this update.

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  • Eauman

    Updated to 4.4.1 yesterday & ATV2 got stuck with Apple logo on screen & unit flashing. Connected to Mac (usb & power connected) & holding menu & play button on ATV remote itunes restore commenced but ended with error 1602 so repeated without power connected & it restored to 4.4.1 ok

  • Keller Roman

    I have bought it but I’m not able to update it on the device itself. Therefore I have connected it to my mac by a micro-usb cable but iTunes doesn’t recognize the ATV device. wtf?

  • Ksully456

    We’re having the same problem.  Did you figure it out?

  • Chris

    to update via iTunes, only plug in the micro USB. Do not use the power cord at all. It will then show up in iTunes.

  • Keller Roman

    I’ll check it out thx 4 advise!

  • Keller Roman

    Now it works well thanx

  • I update my Apple TV yesterday and in the version of the device are 5, not 4.4.1 or 4.4. The update was thru iTunes with micro USB cable.

    Is there any solution to jailbreak this update?

  • Adam Mcclelland

    just bought an apple tv 2 and download the software updates which has bricked it! great!

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