AirPlay-Enabled Apps: Air Video (review)

by Andrew Webster on April 14, 2011

I ask you the problem with the Apple TV, you (may) say the lack of playable video types. With Air Video, a great iPhone and iPad app, your Apple TV will be playing all of your video files (without conversion) in no time.

The app can stream video from your computer to your iPhone or iPad, which can then be streamed to your Apple TV in the new 4.3 firmware. Currently a beta version of the video server is required (or else only audio will stream through AirPlay). This beta is available for download on InMethod’s website. After you select the folders which you would like Air Video to watch, all videos within are accessible on the Air Video app on both the iPhone and iPad (the app is universal).

I tried the beta solely for the AirPlay with video support. It worked flawlessly. I noticed that the server continues streaming after the computer’s screensaver activates too.

When testing Air Video, I tried a very high quality MKV file and also an OGG video file (among many others). These both needed to be converted by the program’s live conversion feature and it worked just great – videos played smoothly while maintaining a good appearance.

This app will play anything. I downloaded a bunch of video files to test out but one wouldn’t play on my desktop computer. I figured that the file was corrupt but added it to my Air Video folder anyways. To my surprise, this app could play what QuickTime X couldn’t recognize. I was incredibly surprised.

It is possible to add most video files to iTunes and then stream to your Apple TV via Home Sharing, but this app is about convenience; just have Air Video watch your folders and you’ll always have up-to-date access to your video library (provided you have your iPhone or iPad to act as the middleman).

Air Video is available on the App Store for $2.99.

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  • Angelo Alberico

    Plex is 9,000 times better than Air Video, give it a try.

  • Ken

    Have both, neither will play a DVD rip in video_ts folder. Bleh.

  • reid

    streamtome is also quite good. very similar to air video. i use it to stream from my desktop (with streamtome server running) to ipad to appetv. works quite well.

  • RTMP

    Does Couch surfer support streaming ? ? vimeo ? or RTMP ? or any other Live Streaming sites ?

  • Andgar

    Their Airplay is extremely buggy, to the point it’s unusable.

  • Dvverga

    I assume it outputs stereo sound only?

  • chrisbox

    Waste of time and $2.99….get PLEX rather get XBMC 🙂

  • Bill_thompson

    Got the beta video, got the app, still only plays audio. What am I missing?

  • Zedlepplin

    works flawlessly

  • I’m actually sick to death of DVDs. They’ve become so unnecessarily complex, and while I initially thought menus were nice, having chapters and subtitles and extra audio tracks to switch to from within the video is fine for me. Some blu-rays can take up to five minutes just to get you to the damn menu. I say good riddance.

  • Max

    “The app can stream video from your computer to your iPhone or iPad, which can then be streamed to your Apple TV”

    Lol, three devices in action for one TV show. What a waste. As others have said, get XBMC and be done with it.

  • Jusitn

    you need to update the ios on your appletv to 4.3

  • APorter411

    Air Video works away from home, so you can take your Apple TV on the road with you. You need to have a computer or server running for XBMC and Plex as well. There’s not really three devices in action. With Air Video app you select if you want to watch on iPhone/iPad or Apple TV, so you have your computer and display device.

  • No one has time to watch entire videos on mobile devices, that is why the ClipClock mobile app is so great! Check it out:

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