AirPlay Streaming Hacked into the Old Apple TV (updated: giveaway!)

by tomek on January 5, 2011

Old Apple TV is not dead! Remote HD has just released a new plugin for the old Apple TV that adds the missing AirPlay functionality. AirPlay can now be added to any first generation Apple TV by installing the Remote HD plugin and activating it using Remote HD iOS application. Once the plugin is activated, any AirPlay enabled application can be used to stream video and photos to the Apple TV.

According to the developer, all existing Remote HD customers get this functionality for free. AirPlay audio streaming will be added soon.

Remote HD’s AirPlay supports:
– Video streaming from YouTube iOS app
– Movies and Podcasts from iPod iOS app
– Photo streaming from Photos iOS app
– Video streaming from iTunes 10.1.

Installing/Upgrading Remote HD plugin manually

Remote HD’s Apple TV plugin must be installed and running on the Apple TV before you can control it with Remote HD. This part explains how to unlock your Apple TV using free opensource tools and install/upgrade Remote HD plugin on it:

Unlock your Apple TV using opensource atvusb-creator.
Step by step instructions can be found here and here.

Connect to your AppleTV using your preferred SSH client:
Host: appletv.local
Username: frontrow
Password: frontrow

Recommended SSH clients are:
OS X: Use the buit-in SSH command line client using
Windows: Putty Download putty.exe from here

Here’s an example of how to connect to the Apple TV using on OS X:

ssh [email protected]
Password: frontrow

Once connected, run these commands one by one.
These commands will download, uncompress, install/upgrade Remote HD plugin and restart the Apple TV interface.

scp RemoteHelper.tar
tar xvf RemoteHelper.tar

“frontrow” without the quotes is the default password.
If prompted with a security prompt to confirm connecting, type in yes.

Thats it, you’re done! Now grab your device and have Remote HD scan for available connections. Your Apple TV should show up in the list of available WiFi-connections – just tap to connect!
The default password is empty.

Installing Remote HD plugin using aTV Flash

Looking for an easier install option?

Use aTV Flash to unlock your AppleTV.
Then enable Remote HD from Maintenance > Install Extras.

Get the Remote HD from the App Store ($3,99 with 50% discount).


We have 5 licenses of Remote HD to give away! Follow @appletvhacks, RT and join us on Facebook for your chance to win. There will be one winner each of the next 5 days.

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  • Drgrafix

    Can you update the AppleTV system software on a jailbroken Gen1 ATV or do you have to go back to OEM setup first?

  • FirstFlight

    Does this hack allow NetFlix content to stream ‘a la aTV Gen2?

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  • Hansingehagen

    … airplay on ATV 1g will not work with audio ..?

  • Matthew

    Just need someone to add this to XBMC now 😉

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  • Do you still get the functionality of the HD on the old ATV?

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  • Griz

    i keep get an error occurred loading this content with ipod touch 2g and old apple tv. I have jailbroke both of them. Both are updated all the way

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  • Mplsboywonder

    I would like to know this answer as well…..

  • Pratik Kumar

    To upgrade the AppleTV system you need to use the regular Apple software update first and then re-crack the AppleTV again using a usb stick.

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  • Will this work with Airflick without the HD remote app?

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  • Williesleg

    Nope, doesn’t do real airplay, only their own proprietary stuff.

  • Pratik

    A new version of Remote HD Plugin has just been released:

    Release notes for 4.3.0:
    – Improved AirPlay compatibility with iTunes on Mac and Windows
    – Added AirPlay compatibility with DRM/FairPlay protected iTunes content
    – AirPlay Photo slideshow crash fixed on AppleTV’s running < 3.0.2
    – Improved remote performance

  • Pratikk

    Remote HD´s AirPlay in action:

  • Pratikk

    Not true. Remote HD does not do any proprietary stuff. It behaves just like the Apple TV black.

  • Dmsabath

    unable to change sound track when airplaying movie from iTunes to appleTV 1g. Only original sound (English) and I need Russian(

  • Takes a little bit to get working but it’s highly configurable.

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  • Deney

    anyone know how to uninstall it? as my appletv is really slow now!

  • Jonny

    I have hd remote hack installed on old hacked apple tv but I have not installed hd remote on iPad,I downloaded a free tv episode from iTunes and played it then hit the airplay button and selected apple tv and it played on tv through stock video app on iPad.
    I thought you needed hd remote app to do this.

  • Johnny5k

    This works great! Just 1 problem – still no audio AirPlay support? If you guys could get that working, this would be absolutely killer, and $3.99 well spent! Thanks for all the work on this!

  • Stwer

    The SCP command you list now downloads an intel binary, this does not work on the first gen apple tv. is there a new link?

  • BumbleB

    i thought my 1st gen apple was done for.. thanks for the hook up

  • this is stupid you need to buy their crappy app to make airplay work. Their remote control app is worthless…

  • It allows me to stream video to my original AppleTV from other apps on the iDevice; not just their remote control app. Maybe it doesn’t do everything you want it to, but it’s far from worthless.

  • baba

    which version of appletv os has to be installed? My atv1 one is not up-to-date and remote hd does not seem to work…

  • baba

    even better, I can’t see my atv menu any more!

    How to uninstall?

  • it works great !!!! thank you

  • Ipaston


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  • TJ

    I love Remote HD when I’m using it to control my Mini connected to a projector. However I tried the solution listed here for Airplay and I no longer have video to my ATV Menu. I suspect the Remote HD install might have something to do with this.

    My question: How do I uninstall Remote HD from the ATV?

  • Tjx1444

    I should add to the question, how to uninstall the app via CLI?

  • Anonymous

    The remote app seems pretty cool here.  I don’t seem to be having any of the problems mentioned and audio, video and picture streaming all work with my two Gen1 AppleTV units once the plugin was installed through a terminal with SSH (both are already hacked).  This is what I bought it for (Airplay on old Gen1 AppleTV units).

    The really cool thing is that I can view what’s on my AppleTV’s screen.  It’s not 30fps, but I’ve never seen anything else be able to remote view AppleTV (same can be done for the Mac/PC).  The trackpad mode was smooth on my iPodTouch 4G.  I can actually use mouse mode on XBMC with it (like having a blue tooth trackpad).  

    I did have a lockup using some button I wasn’t even sure what it was for (think it’s fullscreen/window button), but other than that, it seemed to work well so far.  The app works in XBMC mode as well which means I can finally control XBMC on my AppleTV from my iPod Touch.  The remote control app works on my old Gen1 iPod Touch as well, but Airplay doesn’t work there since iOS 3.x doesn’t support it.

    I’m not crazy about the $8 price given the site for it still says it’s on sale for $4, but it was worth it to get Airplay to work on my two old Generation 1 AppleTVs.  There’s even a keyboard mode for text (something Apple’s own Remote App can’t do) and it works in XBMC and AppleTV. 

  • Postmaster

    Brilliant!!! Thanks, screw Apple for not providing these features on ATV1

  • Tom

    Seems to have disabled the iPad Apple ‘Remote App’ for me. I miss being able to use this. Anyone else have this happen?

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