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by tomek on September 23, 2010

aTV Flash, a great Apple TV enhancement that turns your device into powerful streaming media center for your living room has just been upgraded to version 4.2 that brings and many more amazing features to your atv. On this occasion, in cooperation with FireCore, we’are giving away 5 licenses of this amazing software.

To enter the contest follow us on Twitter and retweet the contest message:

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The winners will be announced next Thursday (September 30th).

To increase your chance to win you can post a comment below sharing your ideas on how the old and the new Apple TV could peacefully coexists in your living room.

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  • Dave Roiz

    i can use both, one for media and the other for on demand

  • Tmoss

    Wait a minute, wait a minute – you say that version 4.2 'brings to your atv'. Not so at all. What is does is bring you the opportunity to subscribe to on a monthly basis – but without the subscription there is no service – unlike the situation on every other machine I own. So – beware.

  • I hope that new AppleTv could be jailbreaked and use software like AirVideo for streaming content that´s isn´t Itunes Compatible,now I have a AppleTv on 1 of my tv´s and a old laptop that the monitor crash onm my new lcd screen, i would like to install new apple tv on this tv, streaming from hulu, isn´t a good option in Mexico

  • Brian

    Old aTV would be for movies for our daughter. She can navigate and find movies and TV shows that we have on DVD. New aTV would be for the adults…but it will compete with our Roku to get in the door first. 🙂

  • I love the idea of having an old aTV for content stored on the device- such as when I'd like to just turn it on and browse music- along with a new aTV for Netflix and other streaming.

  • joshua305

    One is going to be hacked and used for stored item and some streaming. The new will be used the way SJ intended (permitted?)

  • I expect to be able to use both the old and the new quit differently. Have a disk on the old one allows me to use all the previous know hacks to run things like Boxee and to store movies for the kids on it directly instead of having to save them on my main system. Both boxes will stream so the real difference seems to be the ability to run apps on the new one and hacked software on the old one

  • XBMC is amazing, it will be great running in my old Apple TV

  • Londa8719

    I will love having both the old and new apple tv in my home because I will have both the original OG and the new, however the process of hacking into the new apple tv seems a little complex, however it will have a mini usb, when I looked up mini ubs drives I found The Omega Mini which states that you can install software to run on your, I also found the pinnacle video capture which will support apple tv. I also heat the new Apple tv will use AMD Fusion. So hopefully something here will work for us. If not I hear that Google is coming out with GOOGLE TV, I would love to purchase another Apple Tv but more then that, I would love to continue to use Atv-Flash so no matter what console is used, rather its Apple Tv ( New) GOOGLE tv, or Ruku I will be happy. I mean guys lets look at it this way..They use to have 8 track tapes, then cassette tapes, now look at it. So who cares about the box, as long as it works. lololol Rediculous thought…does the court system care about who makes the box for home monitoring ? As long as it works..However the software is the greatest attribute to watching movies. lololol

  • Vanfanel1000

    firstable i love the word tech, and i always improve new skills on this kind of device, i'll love to watch my favorite movies ont tis.

  • The new Apple TV won't really be useful until someone jailbreaks it, or at least until Apple lets users put apps on it. Until then, I'll stick with my hacked 1st gen Apple TV.

  • I currently do not own a Apple TV, so I am real excited about the new affordable Apple TV coming out. I already canceled my cable in preparation 🙂

  • ted

    The new appletv would make a wonderful pedestal for the classic ATV – elevating it in a manner fit for the superior product.

  • Davis

    as long as they dont put onboxing gloves they can peacefully coexist!

  • Raempi

    Skype via IPhone or Mac would be nice, Android apps?

  • Jplappo

    I still have a 40GB 1st generation Apple TV. I would love to put the new software on it.

  • Both apple tvs will coexist just fine now. However once the new one can stream from any source NAS and open various files types it's hard to find a real useful way of employing both for those who stream everything from any NAS.

    Now those that have use for the HD inside the old AppleTV will find that both will continue coexisting just fine for a long time. You use the new apple tv to stream netflix and rentals, the old Apple TV to play synced content without having a PC running. Most users won't want to have a computer running at all times, and this will keep the old Apple TV alive and in harmony with the new one.

  • addrienne
    old and new? i havent even seen one in real life. someday?

  • Patty H I think they could coexist fine just the way they are.

  • Nohant

    And … who is the happy winner ?

  • The new apple TV can be hacked and upgraded in size (from the current onboard 8gb) to become a full fledged streaming device. Additionally it can use Apps like the iphone/ipad to be a groundbreaking living room system. Cable companies would have apps, and there would be no reason to have a separate cable box. I even see a push by TV Networks building apps and monetizing so you could stream their programming, bypassing the criminals at Comcast/DirecTV

  • editor

    aTV Flash winners: @p_amlin, @natedlee, @mneylon and Kristina and Ted for comments Gongrats and thanks for participating!

  • Ben Quinn

    Im very interested in aTV, Im more interested in the 2nd gen Apple TV hacks.

  • Cadillacjoe

    I’d like to have the AppleTV 2G

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  • Gerardo G.

    Can be upgraded an AppleTV2 in size??, please tell me how, I’m really interested on doing this, cuz I wanna buy some of this in order to have a Media Center for my living room, thanks

  • Cody

    I’d like for my ATV2 to be useful… so it needs to be jailbroken and have aTV Flash installed.

  • david

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