Apple TV Software Update 2.3.1 available

by editor @ on February 25, 2009

Apple has just released its latest update for the Apple TV, version 2.3.1 breaks all the third party add-ons for the Apple TV as Boxee and will break functionality for most of the applications, as expected by this continued cat and mouse game between Apple and the hacking community.

This release has at first sight no additional features, looks like a maintenance release.

  • Holgi

    ..or preparations for some addtl. features regarding international buying/renting of movies. Some european countries are still missing…

  • Dj_Player

    I processed update by accident and now i lost all functionality of my add-ons.

    My bad. Now i’ll have to wait for a new patchstick.


  • Chas

    Apparently the existing patchstick still works.

  • MK

    No problems. Installed update, then re-ran patchstick, and boxee, etc., all working fine. No new patchstick required; the AppleTV update didn’t \break\ anything, it erased hacks but doesn’t block them from re-install.

  • Chas

    Just follow the instructions here to re-install Boxee on AppleTV 2.3.1 :

  • Brian Arthur

    i cant c my usb hard drive since the update, any way round gettin it to work and sapphaire isnt workin either

  • Dj_Player

    A huge thanks for all the given tips. I re-ran the patchstick and my system is up and running again. Just like Brain the system cant see my usb drive neither anymore. Just a minor sitback.

  • Patric Sundström

    Hi every one!

    I accendently updated my ATV and all the third party add-ons disapeard.
    But i re-patched it and everything works fine. The only issue is that my external hdd is gone. Just like Brian Arthur said. Any ideas how to fix this?

    Sorry for my bad english…


    Patric (from Sweden)

  • Patric Sundström

    The sulotion for your problems is nitoTV 0.7.1

    Good luck!


    Patric (from Sweden)

  • cecilia

    Hi all, i patched my aTV with this stick –
    No problems so far

  • hansito

    Hay alguien que sepa español!!!! necesito ayuda con el apple tv.

  • Hunter

    Si, hablo un poco espanol y tengo un apple tv tambien. Que neccesitas?

  • kevin

    looks like we have more plants pushing the “product” of a bunch of script kiddies (#10) Don’t waste your time with shoddy commercial “solutions” when something like is available for free with no “upgrades” that you have to pay for.

  • Roberandum

    I`m new with ATV. I want to use the atvusb-creator but I have a few questions that will by very helpful for me.

    Someone know where can I find the instructions to install?

    If not:
    1 Is it ok with a 1 GB pen drive?
    2 Have I need to make bootable the pen drive, or it´s ok in the way a bougth it?


  • Keith

    It does appear to break the software composite hack for getting full colour out of the green connector. I’ve been unable to restore full color via the software, but was able to apply the patch stick.

  • Samx

    I upgraded HD and this update can not be installed

  • Well, hopefully Apple TV will start showing up on my iMac as an AirTunes device. It disappeared after the last update.

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