Safari HD Updates

by editor @ on February 19, 2008


Even more love from Brandon.

He has just updated Safari HD with the ability to access http password protected sites. So for those of you that have already downloaded the previous version, try again.

The URLs are still the same:

  • Safari HD Installer for version 1.1
  • Safari HD Installer for version 2.0
  • Safari HD 1.1 core files

Now go and get some sleep, Brandon. Don’t tire yourself out.

[Update] All links removed to comply with Apple’s lawyers requests.

  • Uhmm this is cool. I tried it but it did not work for me. Maybe im doing something wrong. Ill post if i do get it right.

  • zokete

    Works perfectly on hacked ATV take 2. My only problem is “painfull” virtual keyboard. Is it possible to use a usb keyboard?

  • john

    Can you see site where Flash is required? like watching abc, hulu, fox episodes?

  • V

    Unable to view flash sites on Couchsurfer.

    Any idea where I could get CoreAudioKit Framework from Mac OSX Tiger?
    I have Mac OSX Leopard. And apparently CoreAudioKit Framework from Mac OSX Leopard dosent work.

    Pls advise

  • Como descargo el safari hd para aple tv 2.2

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