Skype Plugin coming in one week

by editor @ on January 26, 2008


Brandon just posted a video demo of his Skype plugin.  Using a Skype USB headset, he was able to make calls to the Skype test service as well as using SkypeOut to call to his cell phone.  Very impressive, Brandon.

One important note I gathered from watching the video, you need to first install Skype on to the Apple TV before you can actually use the plugin.

At the end of the video, Brandon promises to get the plugin done in “maximum one week”.  Let’s see the video was posted on January 24th (Thursday) so that the latest should be by the last day of January.  Brandon, we’re holding you to it.

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  • Moviebuff

    Now what apple tv needs is sopcast plugin. Watch live tv around the world. thats would make it the best. Live blacked out sports, nba, nhl, football movies and all the good stuff you could ever want that you cannot access b/c its blocked out in your area. Man wish I knew how to start on that.

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