Repurposing the Apple TV

by editor @ on December 11, 2007


Poor Apple TV.  Apple did very little to promote or support it.  The hackers who once were eager to find new ways to use it now flocked to develop for the iPhone.  Worse, the movie studios are pulling their content out from the iTunes Store left and right.

It’s a sure death for Apple TV if it continues the same path.  It can no longer by defined by its content but rather by its features.

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  • Mr. Blister

    It’s a shame that Apple was unable to deliver movie rentals on demand the same way that movie trailers are served up.

    That said, I’m loving my AppleTV for Video Podcasts and Handbraked DVD’s. Guess that does make me a hobbiest.

    As soon as the AppleTV is discontinued, I’ll snap up a couple more. It’s such a sweet solution.

  • Apple TV is far from dead, just wait untill 2nd quarter 2008 and the nay -sayers will falll off theirchairs. I have been a proud owner of an apple TV and development will continue once the SDK is released in 2008.

    Keep hope alive…..

  • Marko

    All we need now is for apple to put an LCD screen on it…. NOT! 🙂

    All we need is a touchscreen remote with an interface similar to the ipod functionality in the iphone/touch to navigate the library more easily.

    And more RAM to run rtorrent more easily, but I wouldn’t count on this :).

  • Steve K.

    The hacking community has far out delivered usefulness than Apple has done. Hat’s off to them. Two things that have kept me away from AppleTV are the low quality content in iTunes and the lack of rentals.

    Just like Mr. Blister above, I’ve been watching h.264 HD podcasts (also photos, music, etc.) all from my Mac. They look fantastic. But I’ve been using my XBOX 360 rather than an AppleTV using Connect 360 from Nullriver. No need to rip DVDs since it has a DVD player. Not nearly as slick as an AppleTV, but it delivers practically the same features in a MS cluttered kinda way. Even HD content and rentals. Not the greatest selection in the world, granted, but it delivers as well as offering Halo 3 and Portal.

    I was really waiting for something to happen with AppleTV all year. Nothing happened. No rentals, no HD. If I got one at all, it would be for all the great features the hacks offer, not for anything Apple offers.

  • Marko

    I think the four comments in this thread tell enough about the whole appletv storey!

  • Nick D

    Hi Guys, first of all wow, this site is amazing. I have just completed the HD upgrade, next is patchstick, then nito TV & firefox & USB enabled if i’m lucky. I had to partition a small drive for tiger, as i have leopard, works great. I will keep it until you guys figure out how to get around that.

    I’m just putting this out there, i’m sure it probably wouldn’t work and i have no clue as i just follow what you guys post here, but… would it be possible to use the XBOX 360 HD DVD drive with the apple TV, that would be amazing.

    One last thing, using a bluetooth keyboard or mouse, would it be possible to get a little more clarification on that. From the enabling procedure, and then, Once enabled how do you pair. and what does it work with, the whole ATV menu or when using an application like firefox. ….. or is it a waist of time and just use a usb keyboard and mouse.

    has anyone actually done it?

    I don’t want to load the whole mac os but just run specific programs from ATV os, and use the wireless keyboard and mouse.



  • We are looking for a solution and W’ew wondering if ATV might be it.

    We are a public organization and we have 3 HD video screens and a 20′ HD projection systems in our atrium. There are 3 separate programs going to these 4 devices. The content loops continuously and runs all evening, everyday.
    Right now we are sourcing each of them with G5 computers.
    All content is 1080i produced using Final Cut.

    Because the content is regularly updated, we are looking for a efficient way to do this more centrally — hopefully by using devises like ATV hook to a central computer.
    I understand that Atv is limited to 720p

    Any suggestions?

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