iTunes competitor, Joost, running on Apple TV

by editor @ on March 28, 2007

Joost, an iTunes competitor can now be run on an Apple TV. Joostteam and ars technica both have articles.

Joost, though still in beta, is the brainchild of the same people behind the Kazaa and Skype. It will offer Cable TV shows straight to your computer, via the internet by way of (legal) peer to peer filesharing. Obviously, this could be a brilliant function to have on your Apple TV!

  • LinkTree

    That is cool!
    With the fast hacks appleTV gets I’ll soon even consider to get one.

  • celebi23

    Could someone send me a Joost invite please? I’d greatly appreciate one

    alexbttf (at) gmail (dot) com

  • mysteriousmind

    Coudl someone also send me an invite for joost…im curious about it and id like to try it more.

    Thanks it is apreciated.

  • JP!

    I’d like one as well :) jp (@)

  • Roman

    Please invite me: smartphoner at gmail dot com

  • alex

    Could someone send me an INVITE ( to try this out as well….cannot wait to play with hacking the AppleTV

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  • Biggsy

    Joust invite would be nice here too.

  • DB

    Could I also have an invite?
    bunrhamd (at)

  • DB

    Could I also have an invite?
    burnhamd (at)

  • Larry

    Can someone send me a joost invitation? I really want to test joost on apple tv. Thanks.

  • Jason3500

    Could someone please send me an invite for joost to

    thanks so much :)

  • dcass

    If someone can hit me up with an invite, that would be awesome. thanks!

    dcassidy at dcass dot com

  • bizzle

    Would love a joost invite as well if possible…

  • cuvtixo

    Joost does not work very well on Mac OS X, and the AppleTV 1.1 update seems to interfere as well.
    Check carefully on the (rather slow) development status of Mac OS X Joost before getting your hopes up too high.

  • Andreas

    Cool, but I’d like to watch real tv on the apple tv. anyone ever tried to install zatoo on it. this is the future for me. Zattoo so far only available in some european countries.

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