FireCore is today rolling out a big 4.2 update for Infuse, its powerful media player for iOS and tvOS. This is one of the major updates, and adds in some interesting new features including Library View on tvOS, trakt ratings sync, Spotlight search on iOS, improved Dolby audio, and a number of others.

Library View

Infuse will search deep within your folders to catalog every movie, TV show, and cat video it can find and group them all together in a slick new menu.

With a set of all-new Smart Filters, you can browse by genre, rating, release date, age rating, and even get an overview of all unwatched or recently added items.

Trakt ratings sync

In addition to playback progress and watched history, trakt ratings now also stay in sync between all your devices. Rated items are now designated with a set of distinctive orange stars that get updated from trakt automatically.

Ratings can be easily posted to trakt from Infuse on iOS/tvOS or through



The new Smart Filters can also be used to create Favorites that appear right on the Infuse home screen. It lets you customize Infuse to ensure your favorite content is front and center for whenever you’re ready.

Adding custom artwork for your Favorites can now be done right from the Apple TV menus.


Spotlight search (iOS)

Videos selected from within Spotlight will instantly start playing, and Infuse will pick up right where you left off if you happened to already start that video on another device.


Here is what’s new in Infuse 4.2 for tvOS:

  • All-new Library View with Smart Filters
  • New artwork picker for folder and library favorites
  • Personalized trakt ratings
  • Auto-select first unwatched TV episode
  • Episodes now grouped by season in Recently Watched
  • Streamlined sign in process for trakt
  • Recently used subtitle languages are now grouped together
  • Mark folders to use embedded metadata only
  • Resume prompt now displays resume time
  • Additional Continuous Playback options
  • Better support for 60+ fps videos
  • Apple TV ‘Dolby Digital’ option now works with 7.1 content
  • Improved universal remote scrolling
  • Improved indexing behavior
  • Improved lower shelf navigation
  • Improved double-tap browsing controls
  • Improved display of DTS-HD MA track names
  • Improved trakt rating prompt
  • Many, many other minor improvements and fixes

Learn more about Infuse 4 for Apple TV and check out the video showing the setup process and explaining how Infuse actually works on Apple TV 4.

There are 2 ways to download Infuse.

1. Search for Infuse in the App Store app on Apple TV.
2. Download Infuse or Infuse Pro on a computer or iOS device, then locate Infuse under the Purchased tab in the App Store app on Apple TV.

Note: The same features are available whether you upgrade to Pro via In-App Purchase, or purchase the standalone Infuse Pro app.


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