We all know well that the cause of delay in the launch of next Apple TV is the fact that Apple wants to bring both online media as well as cable content to the set top box, and the talks of partnerships in this regard weren’t reaching anywhere.

Many believe, the merging of cable programs into online streams is what Steve Jobs meant when he said that he “finally cracked” the code for the ultimate television experience. Though we, cord cutting fans, would love such a set up on Apple TV, this seems to be almost impossible to achieve, as cable providers refuse to give up their monopoly over television screens.

But this may change soon.

FCC chairman, Tom Wheeler proposed a rule change by which cable companies would be mandated to open their content for sale and share it with any company that wants to be a TV provider. Wheeler says that a similar action in 1992 is what lead to the flourish of satellite providers and that the current situation demand such a rule change.

This would make all the contents available to every provider, resulting in more competitive rates and services. Also this, Wheeler hopes, would result in internet services offering small bundles of content (instead of a fixed subscription charge), so that users can view and pay for only the channels they like.

However, simple it might sound, getting this rule approved is a huge hurdle before Wheeler. It is too early to smile as this proposition is bound to attract strong opposition from cable providers.

Anyway, if such a law comes into being, users will no longer need multiple subscriptions and cumbersome login procedures to enjoy the content they love.

Besides, this will be the nitrous for internet streaming devices like Apple TV, which would be able to boast all your favorite shows ready to be streamed with just a click.


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