AirParrot for Chrome OS

Squirrels, the company that took AirPlay mirroring to the next level with AirParrot, has just released AirParrot for Chrome OS that adds wireless display mirroring to any Chromebook.

According to the developers, AirParrot is the only mirroring solution available for Chrome OS devices that allows mirroring the entire screen (not just a tab or a specific application) to AirPlay receivers like Apple TV and Reflector.

The Chrome OS launch of AirParrot includes features not seen in Mac and Windows versions. Entering a Quick Connect Code or IP address allows users to connect to destinations when networks might not support discovery. Recently connected devices also appear at the top of the receiver list if they are available.

Like AirParrot for Mac and Windows, the Chrome OS version can still find devices automatically if networks support discovery.


AirParrot for Chrome OS is believed to be a great tool for business and educational purposes:

Wireless screen mirroring is an advantage for anyone using Chromebooks in large groups. There’s no need to move around, find the correct cable and input or locate dongles. Simply select the destination and begin mirroring.

AirParrot is a great tool in the classroom. Students can share content with the entire class, and most classrooms already have the equipment needed to do so. Adding AirParrot to the mix increases engagement and understanding.

When a Chrome user begins mirroring, the username will appear with the stream. It eliminates confusion and it’s also a deterrent for users who might want to stream inappropriate content in front of large groups.”

AirParrot is available in the Chrome Web Store for individual purchase at $9.99. Anyone wishing to purchase the software can search for “AirParrot” in the store and download instantly. A free seven-day trial is available. The trial is tied to a Google user account and will move with the user as he/she logs in to different devices.

AirParrot for Chrome OS can also be purchased in bulk through the Squirrels sales team.

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