Dance Party game for Apple TV

Rolocule Games, the company behind Motion Tennis for Apple TV, is currently in the process of adding some final touches to its next motion powered game, Dance Party. Their award-winning rolomotion technology has been vastly improved and the developers are boasting console quality precision and performance for their new release.

Dance Party is basically a multiplayer game where users can dance along with an on-screen artist while your iPhone or iPod touch analyses how well you’re doing. Of course, the best dancer wins but all users will get a count of the calories they burned during the last dubstep. In short, its a mix of game, dance and workout.

Watch the video below for a better idea:

Dance Party is a multiplayer rhythm game where users mimic the movements of onscreen dancers using their iPhone or iPod Touch, while rolomotion precisely tracks their movements to provide real time feedback. [..]

Dance Party allows users to connect multiple iOS devices together and dance simultaneously in front of big screens like HD TV, Mac or PC using AirPlay Mirroring. Moreover, all personal statistics like calories burnt etc. of each user during multiplayer dance will stay on their iPhone as opposed to traditional motion controllers, which are merely used for detecting gestures.

Besides huge performance improvements to motion gaming, Rolocule also confirmed that they’re working on enabling iOS 8’s peer-to-peer gameplay for Apple TV and integration with the HealthKit.

Dance Party will also feature turn based multiplayer for local dance tournaments, blind mode for expert dancers, single player mode to just dance and online dance offs.


The game is set to be released on the App Store in July but you can already sign up here for an early free access.

The game will support iPhone 4S and up or iPod touch 5 with Apple TV 2nd or 3rd gen. So if your devices are supported, head over to Dance Party’s official website for more info and a free copy.


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