OK, it is officially Hallo-Weekend, time to let your costumed freak flag fly and we’re guessing that you’ve already got all your scary/sexy party tricks planned so we’re just going to stick to handing out the tasty cine-treats for this mass masquerade.  Don’t get greedy now, there’s something for everyone.


  • Halloween Pick of the Week– 1987’s Sam Raimi directed, Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn”,is our top choice for some freaked out weekend fun. Ash is back and you got ‘em right here! B-movie horror flix (and sequels for that matter) just don’t get any better than this one as Ash kicks ass and takes names all while sporting the best chin in the business. Bruce Campbell for President!


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  • Halloween TV Pick of the Week– 8 seasons (that’s about 160, 43 minute episodes to keep you busy) of beefcake heartthrobs Jared Padalecki and Jason Ackles as brothers who’ve been charged by their long-lost father with hunting demons, devils, ghosts and everything/anything that goes bump in the night or is otherwise, Supernatural”. And they hunt down the spooky specters while rolling in a truly kick-ass ’67 Chevy Impala too! If you’re in your teens to mid-20’s you’ll no doubt enjoy all the attractive bodies bouncing around as the Boys fight baddies from beyond and crush hearts along the way. If you’re older you’re certainly going to enjoy all the beautiful youth on display even more and there’s plenty for everybody too.


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  • One for the Whole Family– Well, it’s been 30 years now and what better time to reload the Ivan Reitman directed comedy classic, 1984’s Ghostbusters”. Bill Murray, Dan Ackroyd, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson are the Guys you’re gonna call for all your NYC paranormal pest problems with Sigourney Weaver as the love interest and Rick Moranis as her geeky neighbor caught in the messy mix. This juvenile joyride truly has something for everyone (a dash of romance, a blast of 80’s F/X and lots of laughs) so treat the little ones to their first taste and enjoy all the goofy fun all over again.  Why?  ‘CUZ BUSTIN’ MAKES YOU FEEL GOOD!


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  • Halloween Pick of the Week– 2011’s, Bonnie and Clyde vs. Dracula”. Written and directed by Timothy Friend (sounds pseudo to us but…) and starring absolutely no one you’ve ever heard of before this is more like a “D” Movie but with a title match-up/genre mash-up like that…How can you go wrong? We also suggest that if you enjoy the use of alternative medications in the privacy of your own home, please indulge your fancy before you tune in so that you may joyously enhance your viewing experience.


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  • Halloween TV Pick of the Week– 3 seasons (43-50 minute episodes) of legendary Writer/Host Rod Serling’s, Night Gallery”. An anthology show from the creator of “Twilight Zone” that focuses on the macabre as the brilliant, prolific TV writer once again delivers the chills along with some unsettling lessons about life and…death. For you older folks, extra points if you can name all the “A”-List movie stars slumming it on TV!


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  • One for the Kids– Not a Halloween fave but please treat that uninitiated little crew of yours to 1983’s popular hit, War Games”. With Ally Sheedy and Matthew Broderick as adorable, clean-cut, All-American, suburban kids who get up to some early 80’s computer hijinks then get in way over their little tweeny heads. Your little ones will very likely enjoy the peek at the quaint computer “technology” this film features as mischievous but good-hearted hacker Matthew gets into deep trouble with his trusty gal by his side. Wholesome fun for everyone.


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  • One for the Kids– 2013’s delightful DreamWorks animated adventure, The Croods is ready to roll and it’s a fast, fun and uplifting tale of family adventure, loyalty and coming-of-age that will rock their little socks off!  Great voice work from Nicolas Cage as the perpetually terrified but loveable Cro-Magnon man out to protect his family at all costs, Emma Stone as his curious daughter who just wants to have fun as she tests the big, bad world and Ryan Reynolds voicing the good looking hunk who wants to help her explore. Don’t be afraid to sit in and enjoy this one with the shorties but try not to let them see you getting choked up by all the love.

The Croods

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  • 2013’s Hangover III  is available and the Boys are Back…again…to get into their usual, unusual mischief and mayhem with all the usual suspects (yes, Ken Jeong is there along with John Goodman this time) present for the line-up.  What the hell…make it a drinking game (shots every time Galifinakis says-“wolfpack”) and you know you’re going to enjoy the Hell out of it!


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  • Ready for some love and heartbreak over your hallo-weekend? Then check 2009’s under the radar, touching romance, (500) Days of Summer  with Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in an off-center but straight-from-the heart examination of the Ins, Outs, Ups and desperate Downs of the modern relationship dance. Well worth your time just to see JGL falling in lovely love.

500 Days Of Summer

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That’s all for this week…and don’t even think about ringing our bell!