Before I say anything, you need to see the above video. I swear, it’s awesome.

So that’s a promo video of the Israeli company PrimeSense. This is how they imagine future would be, thanks to the awesome 3D sensing technology they have devised. If you think this technology is years away, you’re mistaken. The first implementation of the technology was seen in the Microsoft Kinect and seemed to work very well.

And, Apple is rumored to be in acquisition talks with PrimeSense. Representatives from this 3D pioneers have been reported to be frequently visiting Cupertino. Our doubts are tightened when we remember the patents Apple filed recently on a similar front.


Seth Feigerman from PrimeSense has denied these rumors. But if past is any guide, such declarations are as good as nothing.

Apple will surely be looking to get their hands on the fresh technologies before its too late. Maybe a few years down the road, we’ll see an Apple TV doing the things in the above video.