Well Apple TV fans, global warming is upon us all and if you’re feeling like us and your brains are starting to bake in the summer sun then why not relax indoors and enjoy all the comforts of your A/C’ed home as you soak up a weekend fix of soothing cool pix. And let’s start the chillaxin’ right now! Here are this Week’s Top Choices for the movie services available on the Apple TV.


  • TV Pick of the Week– 2013’s British crime series, “The Fall”.  You’ve got one season with five (5) 60 minute episodes featuring the cosmically gorgeous Gillian Anderson as the Lead detective hunting a Belfast killer and while we know that’s not near enough Gillian, it will get you through the weekend just fine.
  • After all that heavy drama you may be in need of some chuckles so why not click on 2003’s uproarious finale to the “American Pie” series (let’s all agree to ignore “American Reunion”), “American Wedding”.  This third entry in the series is arguably the funniest and undoubtedly the finest as the laughs come full circle and Eugene Levy once again gives us the Greatest Movie Dad Ever!
  • It is baseball season (thank the Gods) and maybe it’s the sun but if you’re in altered state of mind or are craving something very different in the sports genre then check out the 2011 Japanese horror/comedy “Deadball”.  If you enjoy geysers of blood and samurai strippers to go along with your peanuts and crackerjacks then this is the flick for you.  Our advice- you don’t have to be stoned to watch this movie, but it helps.
  • And if you’re suffering from summer superhero fatigue then give 2011’s “Super” a look for a wildly different spin on the standard Good-Guy-battles-Evil story.  Starring Raiin Wilson, Ellen Page and Kevin Bacon this one absolutely does not pull any punches!  Gratuitous violence, adult language and one freaky-deaky, costumed sex scene (thank you Ellen, thank you so very much) are included in this wickedly weird tale of a lonely loser desperately seeking the big payback.  WARNING: This film is absolutely, positively NOT for children so if you make the mistake of letting the kids watch then be prepared to answer lots of awkward questions afterwards.
  • Alternative TV Pick of the Week– 2011’s American version of the Australian comedy series, “Wilfred” with Elijah Wood and creator Jason Gann in a very simple look at the twisted life of a Boy and his Dog.  Adults Only please.

Hulu Plus:

  • TV Pick of the Week“Cheaters”. If you’ve ever wanted to wander through the privacy of a neighbor’s relationship gone horribly wrong then allow obnoxiously righteous host Joey Greco to escort you through the hilariously sordid wreckage as he offers faux solace to the cuckolded dupes of this reality train wreck.  Thanks Joey, we LOVE this show!  And remember to keep the van running just in case.
  • While you’re scarfing down your movie night pizza you may want to take another look at Morgan Spurlock’s intriguing 2004 documentary, “Supersize Me”, a cautionary look at the American Fast Food industry and all its wonderful benefits.  While some may argue the veracity of Morgan’s film, we say- there’s a reason McDonalds offers salads now folks and it ain’t ‘cuz of their popularity!
  • In the mood for something along the lines of a wacky comedy?  Then try the overlooked 1980 Robert Zemeckis classic, “Used Cars”, with Kurt Russell as a riotously unscrupulous salesmen just trying to move some iron and make a buck.  It’s all Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll and you’ll laugh until it hurts, especially if you’ve ever bought a used car.
  • Alternative Pick of the Week– 2003 documentary, “Born Into This”.  An absolutely enthralling examination of the soul of writer/poet Charles Bukowski.  Full of interviews with numerous collaborators, friends and women, all we can say is- Buk, we miss you more and more everyday…


  • Available for your viewing pleasure this week, 2013’s “Oz- The Great and Powerful”. Director Sam Raimi’s take on the Oz legend with TKO Mila Kunis, Rachael Weisz and Michelle Williams as Witchy women and James Franco as the Wizard of you-know-where.  This one offers us the background info we may or may not have been waiting for but with Mila in tight leather pants…it’s just got to be worth it!
  • Want to watch some stuff blow up real good?  Of course you do.  We all do so check out 2013’s “A Good Day to Die Hard” and revel in all the over-the-top gun battles, fistfights and explosions that Hollywood money can buy.  Say it with us- Yippee Ki Yay M*****F****R!
  • And one for all you smoking enthusiasts out there, 2009’s “Pineapple Express”.  This hilarious time sinker features Seth Rogen, James Franco, Danny McBride, Rosie Perez and a very good deal of liberating laughs in this seminal stoner comedy for the ages.  Indulge.
  • Free App of the Week“ToonCamera” by Code Organa.  Because haven’t you always wanted to see what you and your friends look like as cartoons?  We thought so.

That’s all for now.  See you next week!