Apple patent TV and 5D technology

So apparently, it wasn’t enough for Apple to innovate home computing, digital music and mobile technology. Sure, Apple TV has created a stronger connection between our monitors and the vast cloud of internet data, but this latest news could forever transform how we watch and interact with content in all forms. According to our friends at Patently Apple, the tech giant now has its sights set on virtual reality. Apple was granted a patent that details a way to literally connect people straight into their computers, using a mixture of touch screens, VR gloves and next generation sensor technology.

Although it’s only one patent, it covers a massive range of applications, including interactive gaming, 5D technology, video conferencing, and even the possibility of using an individual’s palm as a signature to start a car or turn on the television. The possibilities are staggering, and whenever this patent turns into an actual device, it could well change the entertainment landscape as we know it.

According to the patent, Apple expects this new tech may someday take the place of keyboards. On top of that, the screen the 5D monitor is made out of could potentially be any sort of material at all. One idea Apple suggested is a screen made of Kevlar, giving users the ability to shoot live ammunitions at the screen. Not something you’ll be doing in your living room, but if applied on a shooting range it could actually analyze where the bullets landed and with what amount of force.

And it won’t stop there. In fact, no screen may even be necessary. According to the details of the patent, this 5D tech could track simple resistance changes in the air, such as temperature or magnetic force. Break that down for a second, and think about manipulating programs just by moving your hands. It’s the game changer to top all game changers, as only Apple could come up with.

[images: Patently Apple]